Qatar vs Saudi Arabia: Football, blockade and piracy at Asian Cup

aljazeera قبل ساعة و 28 دقيقة

qatar to take on saudi arabia at asian cup their first football match since the start of the 2017 gulf crisis

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras wins confidence vote

aljazeera قبل ساعة و 48 دقيقة

victory clears major obstacle for greece s approval of a deal to end macedonia name dispute

Indonesia presidential candidates to face off in first TV debate

aljazeera قبل 2 ساعة و 14 دقيقة

incumbent joko widodo and rival prabowo subianto will answer questions on human rights terrorism law and corruption

British PM Theresa May survives no-confidence vote

aljazeera قبل 3 ساعة و 33 دقيقة

prime minister invites all opposition leaders for brexit talks after narrowly escaping defeat with 325 306 margin

Despite crackdown, Zimbabwe fuel protests continue

aljazeera قبل 5 ساعة و 6 دقيقة

prominent protest leader mawarire arrested as part of security crackdown after clashes enter third day

DR Congo ethnic violence kills nearly 900 in a few days: UN

aljazeera قبل 7 ساعة و 53 دقيقة

un s rights office says at least 890 people killed in ethnic violence over a few days in mid december

Sudan police fire teargas at protesters in Kassala: Witnesses

aljazeera قبل 8 ساعة و 45 دقيقة

people take to the streets in eastern city for the first time since protests began against president bashir in december

Brexit: UK parliament disappoints some voters in Derby

aljazeera قبل 10 ساعة و 17 دقيقة

back in 2016 57 percent of people here voted to leave opinion now about the countrya s future is still divided

Uneasy calm in Zimbabwe amid stay-at-home fuel price protest

aljazeera قبل 13 ساعة و 48 دقيقة

internet blackouts and business closures follow days of deadly protest in zimbabwe s major cities

Automakers urge to end US-China trade war

aljazeera قبل 17 ساعة و 12 دقيقة

two of the biggest automakers here at the show say tariffs are cutting 2018 profits by a billion dollars each

Gunmen kill 15 at Nairobi hotel in attack by al-Shabab

aljazeera قبل 19 ساعة و 34 دقيقة

al shabab claims coordinated assault on upscale hotel complex in kenyan capital with reports of at least 15 killed

One third of UN workers say sexually harassed in past two years

aljazeera قبل 20 ساعة و 18 دقيقة

un secretary general describes survey findings as sobering and promises action on sexual harassment

Zimbabwe soldiers patrol streets after deadly protests

aljazeera 2019-1-15

at least five dead in latest demonstrations that erupted after government hiked fuel prices by 150 percent

Northern Ireland prepares for worst-case Brexit scenario

aljazeera 2019-1-15

many fear the return of a hard border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland which is in the eu

Pentagon prolongs US troop deployment at Mexico border

aljazeera 2019-1-15

active duty us soldiers to remain on unusual mission until september 30 with pentagon adding surveillance to their tasks

Kuril islands sovereignty not for discussion, Russia tells Japan

aljazeera 2019-1-15

remarks by russian foreign minister after talks with japanese counterpart set stage for upcoming putin abe meeting

Thousands of New Zealand doctors strike over pay, work conditions

aljazeera 2019-1-15

over 3 300 government employed junior doctors of a national tally of 3 700 stay away from hospitals and clinics

Erdogan speaks with Trump, says Turkey has no issue with Kurds

aljazeera 2019-1-14

trump stressed on safety of its kurdish allies as the two leaders agree on setting up of secure zone in northern syria

Erdogan speaks with Trump, says Turkey has no issue with Kurds

aljazeera 2019-1-14

trump stressed on safety of its kurdish allies as the two leaders agree on setting up of secure zone in northern syria

Jailed British-Iranian begins prison hunger strike protest

aljazeera 2019-1-14

dual citizen nazanin zaghari ratcliffe to protest for 72 hours over lack of access to medical treatment husband says

Ex-guerrilla returns to Italy to serve life sentence for murder

aljazeera 2019-1-14

the 64 year old cesare battisti who was on the run for four decades was sent to a high security prison in sardinia

Zimbabwe fuel hike sparks national shutdown

aljazeera 2019-1-14

the economic situation in zimbabwe is getting worsens as trade unions and protesters call for a three day strike

Fatal blast rocks Afghan capital Kabul

aljazeera 2019-1-14

scores injured in explosion near compound housing international company and ngo offices officials say

US Secretary of State Pompeo in Riyadh for talks with Saudis

aljazeera 2019-1-14

top us diplomat is expected to bring up killing of journalist jamal khashoggi and the blockade on neighbouring qatar

Tunisia: Socioeconomic injustice persists 8 years after uprising

aljazeera 2019-1-14

economic malaise that sparked the revolution continues on the anniversary of the 2011 arab spring s beginning

Indonesia: Calls to include disaster education at schools

aljazeera 2019-1-14

among 6 000 schools in jakarta only 165 have been taught how to respond in case of an emergency

Rejected from US, Haitian migrants form community in Mexico

aljazeera 2019-1-14

with nowhere else to go the haitian community in tijuana now consists of around 4 000 people

Indonesia finds cockpit voice recorder of crashed Lion Air plane

aljazeera 2019-1-14

the cockpit voice recorder is one of the two so called black boxes crucial for the investigation of a jet crash

Doctors fight to save Polish mayor stabbed on stage

aljazeera 2019-1-14

convicted criminal with a knife rushed on to the stage during charity event and attacked gdansk mayor pawel adamowicz

World Food Programme cuts aid for Palestinians

aljazeera 2019-1-13

some 27 000 palestinians are no longer receiving food aid through the un programme amid funding shortages

Funeral held for Kashmir rebel leader killed in clash

aljazeera 2019-1-13

the government suspended train service and reportedly blocked internet access in the india administered region trying to halt thousands of mourners...

Regional body SADC calls for DR Congo election vote recount

aljazeera 2019-1-13

southern african development community says kinshasa should recount votes of the disputed december 30 election

Should ex-ISIL fighters be rehabilitated?

aljazeera 2019-1-13

as isil clings to its last stronghold in the country syria must decide what to do and how to handle the armed group s former fighters

Pompeo pushes for end to Gulf dispute during Qatar visit

aljazeera 2019-1-13

us secretary of state on a visit in qatar urges an end to a diplomatic rift between washington s gulf allies

Canada: Saudi accused of sexual assault disappears before trial

aljazeera 2019-1-13

authorities fear mohammed zuraibi al zoabi 28 may have left the country with help from the saudi embassy

Israel says it has found all Hezbollah tunnels on Lebanon border

aljazeera 2019-1-13

israeli army says its troops have found six tunnels since an operation was launched in december

Qatar Investment Authority targets $45bn in US investments

aljazeera 2019-1-13

qatar to raise us investments to 45bn in next two years from around 30bn now fund s chief executive says

Qatari artist Yasser Al Mulla: Drawing a Sufi controversy

aljazeera 2019-1-13

agricultural engineer by day artist by night yasser al mulla depicts philosophies of sufi tradition in his drawings

Lebanon: Syrian refugees brace for more floods as new storm nears

aljazeera 2019-1-13

refugees seek shelter in incomplete housing units garages or evacuated schools after storm norma hit last week

What does Maduro have to offer? - Inside Story

aljazeera 2019-1-12

nicolas maduro begins a second disputed term as venezuela s president