Yemen war: People of Hudaida caught in the middle of the fighting

aljazeera قبل 33 دقيقة

residents struggle as they face dwindling supplies while troops backed by saudi led coalition stormed an airport in hudaida part of a crucial...

Japan to halt missile attack drills after Trump-Kim summit

aljazeera قبل 51 دقيقة

japan had began to hold evacuation drills after north korea launched two missiles that flew over japan in 2017

Japan to halt missile attack drills after Trump-Kim summit

aljazeera قبل 51 دقيقة

japan had began to hold evacuation drills after north korea launched two missiles that flew over japan in 2017

UK: More than 450 patients died from opiate prescriptions

aljazeera قبل 11 ساعة و 44 دقيقة

new report says the institutionalised practice of prescribing opiates without medical justification led to the deaths

EU to begin counter trade tariffs against US on Friday

aljazeera قبل 12 ساعة و 2 دقيقة

eu retaliatory tariffs will initially target a list of us goods worth 3 24 billion dollars

What is behind US decision to abandon UN Human Rights Council?

aljazeera قبل 12 ساعة و 48 دقيقة

washington pulls out of the un human rights council calling it a cesspool of political bias

British Museum offers to loan stolen Benin Bronzes to Nigeria

aljazeera قبل 19 ساعة و 38 دقيقة

curators from europe and the united states are negotiating an agreement to set up a permanent exhibition in nigeria of the benin bronzes looted by...

Philippines: Thousands flee as army hits ISIL-linked Maute group

aljazeera قبل 20 ساعة و 32 دقيقة

more 2 000 families flee towns near marawi affected by the latest fighting targeting maute fighters in lanao del sur

Northeast Nigeria threatened by critical food insecurity

aljazeera قبل 20 ساعة و 46 دقيقة

almost 3 8 million will face critical food insecurity and 7 7 million need life saving assistance this year

US withdrawal from UN Human Rights Council: What you need to know

aljazeera قبل 21 ساعة و 51 دقيقة

the us is not alone in levelling criticism at the un human rights council over alleged abuses committed by its members

Eritrea to send delegation to Ethiopia for talks - diplomat

aljazeera قبل 23 ساعة و 10 دقيقة

move by asmara comes after addis ababa said it will comply with peace deal and withdraw from contested border regions

Rockets fired out of Gaza as Israel strikes Hamas targets

aljazeera قبل 23 ساعة و 20 دقيقة

exchange of israeli air strikes and palestinian rockets over gaza border has been one of most intense in recent weeks

World Refugee Day: UNHCR head flies to Niger with abused migrants

aljazeera 2018-6-20

the unhcr chief travels from libya to niger where asylum seekers wait to be resettled in europe or north america

US withdraws from UN Human Rights Council

aljazeera 2018-6-20

announcement by ambassador nikki haley comes a month after body votes to probe killings of palestinians in gaza

Saudi Arabia sacks chief of General Entertainment Authority

aljazeera 2018-6-19

a video circulating on social media showing a female circus performer in tight costume drew outrage from saudis

Trump doubles down as anger grows over child separation policy

aljazeera 2018-6-19

officials scramble to defend policy of separating families at the border after audio of crying children surfaces

Syria constitution: Turkey, Russia and Iran start Geneva talks

aljazeera 2018-6-19

representatives from three nations meet in geneva to discuss committee tasked with drafting syria s new constitution

UN refugee agency: Record 68.5 million displaced worldwide

aljazeera 2018-6-19

calling for a new approach to tackle the issue unhcr says 53 percent of the 68 6 million people displaced are children

The last salt miners of Morocco

aljazeera 2018-6-19

the ancestral tradition of salt mining is on the verge of disappearing in the country

Why Erdogan is entering key June elections with a far-right ally

aljazeera 2018-6-18

the unconventional alliance between erdogan s ak party and mhp seeks to make him turkey s first executive president

Coalition of 50 US schools collects supplies for Syrian refugees

aljazeera 2018-6-18

a retired school teacher in the us state of new york is attempting to both teach american school children about the syrian refugee crisis and bring...

Dambe: How an ancient form of Nigerian boxing swept the internet

aljazeera 2018-6-18

dambe has evolved from a sport belonging to a west african caste to a sensation enjoyed by tens of millions online

Iran executes Sufi man over Tehran bus-ramming attack

aljazeera 2018-6-18

death sentence widely criticised with many saying that 51 year old mohammad salas did not receive a fair trial

Anger mounts against Trump over child separation policy

aljazeera 2018-6-18

hundreds protest against policy of separating children from those caught crossing the us mexico border

Israel strikes Hamas targets in Gaza over flammable kite flying

aljazeera 2018-6-18

palestinians have been protesting israeli occupation along the border by sending flammable kites to the israeli side

Libya: Haftar forces launch push against militia in oil crescent

aljazeera 2018-6-18

haftar s forces in bid to regain control of ras lanuf and al sidra oil terminals in libya s northeastern oil crescent

Russia, football World Cup and rising homophobia

aljazeera 2018-6-18

lgbt football fans going to russia receive threats as groups voice concern over increase in anti gay chants in country

Afghanistan: Taliban resume fighting as Eid ceasefire ends

aljazeera 2018-6-18

taliban announces they will resume fighting on monday as the three day ceasefire on eid al fitr comes to an end

Dozens killed in suspected Boko Haram attack in Nigeria

aljazeera 2018-6-17

at least 31 people killed after twin suicide blasts hit northeastern part of the country according to a local official

Can China innovate?

aljazeera 2018-6-17

china s innovation path does not follow the western one and it doesn t have to

What is behind the Aquarius refugee ship crisis?

aljazeera 2018-6-17

the eu has to recognise that its war adventures caused the refugee crisis and start working on a real solution

Greece and Macedonia sign agreement on name change

aljazeera 2018-6-17

foreign ministers sign deal in greek village that would see macedonia change its name to republic of northern macedonia

Greek PM Tsipras survives no confidence vote over Macedonia deal

aljazeera 2018-6-16

greek mps reject censure motion brought by the main opposition party over a deal to change the name of macedonia

Are US and China on the brink of a trade war?

aljazeera 2018-6-16

the world s two biggest economies clash following us president donald trump s new batch of tariffs

Tear gas explosion in crowded Caracas club kills minors

aljazeera 2018-6-16

tear gas device detonated as middle school graduation party descends into a brawl and sets off a stampede

World Cup: High hopes for Messi

aljazeera 2018-6-16

ita s been over 30 years since argentina won the cup and all supporters have high hopes for the 2018 world cup performance

Roma family takes eviction case to European Court of Human Rights

aljazeera 2018-6-16

ljubisa selimovic s fight against eviction order indicative of institutional discrimination in balkans activist says

UK returns confiscated medical cannabis to epileptic boy

aljazeera 2018-6-16

billy caldwell obtained the cannabis in canada to help control his epileptic seizures

Colombia election: Ivan Duque may jeopardise FARC deal

aljazeera 2018-6-16

critics fear duque will be little more than a puppet of a former president with a questionable past but those in the business community welcome his...

Paul Manafort jailed following obstruction of justice charges

aljazeera 2018-6-15

a federal judge sends paul manafort to jail pending trial after he was accused of attempting to tamper with witnesses