The most important number in finance is going away. Wall St. isn’t prepared.

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libor a crucial interest rate benchmark could be gone by 2021 the new york times reports

Investment guru Charley Ellis reveals how fund companies hide poor performance

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investors beware thousands of actively managed mutual funds and etfs have closed over the years or have merged many are merged into existing funds...

US weekly jobless claims drop to more than 48 1/2-year low

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the number of americans filing for unemployment benefits unexpectedly fell last week

The EU is making a retaliation list to strike back if the US hits European cars with tariffs

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the european union is making a list of goods it could target as a way to retaliate against potential tariffs on european cars an eu official said...

Trump thanks Novartis, Pfizer for not raising drug prices

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u s president donald trump thanked two major drug companies on thursday for not raising their prices

Family of KFC’s Colonel Sanders defends him amid Papa John’s racial slur scandal

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the family of kfc s colonel harland sanders has come to his defense after papa john s founder john schnatter suggested the colonel had used the n...

Tesla shares fall after Needham downgrades to sell, citing possible increase in Model 3 cancellations

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tesla shares fell on thursday after needham co downgraded the stock to sell from hold citing a possible pick up in model 3 cancellations

New York governor opens the door to a criminal case against the Trump Foundation

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new york governor andrew cuomo on wednesday opened the door to a possible criminal case against the donald j trump foundation

Farnborough Airshow: Six aircraft that are grabbing attention

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aerospace defense manufacturers are vying for business at the biannual trade show

Britain has reportedly identified Russians suspected of Skripal nerve attack

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british police have identified several russians who they believe were behind the nerve agent attack on former double agent sergei skripal and his...

Silicon Valley taught me this secret about great business ideas, says Hong Kong entrepreneur

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ideas are a dime a dozen or so they say but finding one that can go the distance is a different story 9gag s co founder and ceo says silicon valley...

Before inauguration, Trump reportedly saw evidence Putin personally ordered election interference

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trump sounded grudgingly convinced when he was shown the findings of putin s interference on jan 6 of last year just two weeks before his...

Chinese tech giant Tencent plans to expand its US footprint — despite ongoing trade war

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tencent hinted at signing more merchants up to wechat pay in the u s despite the ongoing trade war between the u s and china

Ethereum may drive blockchain to be as broadly adopted as the Internet, fintech CEO says

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ethereum could be a major driving force for blockchain and cryptocurrency says circle ceo and co founder jeremy allaire

Electric scooters on collision course with pedestrians and lawmakers

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the electric rideable phenomenon is very new but growing rapidly so the need for research on electric rideables is as urgent as the need for action...

Big banks like Deutsche choose IBM to run their blockchain for 3 reasons, IBM executive says

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jim cramer sits down with martin schroeter senior vice president of ibm global markets who says ibm is a leading choice for blockchain...

Video game industry is booming with continued revenue

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the video game industry is growing with new products and technology and could be worth nearly 138 billion by the end of the year

Trump says he holds Putin personally responsible for election meddling

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president donald trump said on wednesday he holds russian president vladimir putin personally responsible for russia s meddling in the 2016 u s...

Court blocks measure asking voters to split California in 3

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a measure that would divide california into three parts won t appear on the ballot in november the state supreme court decided wednesday

Steve Bannon says he owns bitcoin and is working on his own cryptocurrency

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his comments came from the delivering alpha conference in new york

Steve Bannon says he owns bitcoin and is working on his own cryptocurrency

cnbc قبل 15 ساعة و 32 دقيقة

his comments came from the delivering alpha conference in new york

Facebook will begin taking down fake news intended to encourage violence

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facebook will begin taking down fake news and misinformation is intended to immediately incite violence and other physical harm

If the first men on the moon had become stranded, President Nixon would have given this speech

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white house speechwriter bill safire penned the address quot in event of moon disaster quot on july 18 1969

CSX shoots up 7% to all-time high after strong second quarter results

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shares of rail transportation company csx climbed more than 7 percent on wednesday after the company beat analysts expectations on both earnings...

When end-of-life planning is suddenly a lot closer than you thought

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a sudden medical diagnosis can mean the need to plan your finances here s how to keep calm and organize some top considerations

IBM set to report earnings after the bell

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ibm reports second quarter earnings

Billionaire Marc Lasry doubled his investment in an NBA team—here’s why he won’t sell

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it s one of the most fun things i ve ever done he tells cnbc

Is United Airlines ready for a trade war or recession? Investors want to know

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geopolitical risks like rising trade tensions between the u s and other nations could crimp demand for corporate travel

Prosecutors: Alleged Russian spy used sex as a bargaining chip in her bid to infiltrate an interest group

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butina is charged with conspiring to act as an agent of a foreign government and is accused of conspiring with russian agents to infiltrate a u s...

Manufacturers are concerned about impact of tariffs: Fed

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a number of districts detailed how the uncertainty over escalating trade disputes between the united states and china europe canada mexico and...

Say hello to the No. 1 threat to your $11 million inheritance

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disgruntled relatives not taxes are the biggest danger to the best laid estate plans

Trump says US may pursue separate trade deal with Mexico

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it puts in question the future of the north american free trade agreement which trump has frequently criticized

‘There’s not much to dislike’ about Dow stock Visa, says trader

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one trader is betting on dow stock visa to rally on earnings

What criminal conspiracy charges against an alleged Russian spy might mean for the NRA

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u s authorities have arrested an alleged russian spy who is accused of illegally funneling russian money into donald trump s presidential campaign...

Self-made millionaire Barbara Corcoran asks herself one question before buying anything

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anyone can follow her rule for spending

Behind the scenes as Intel sets a world record for flying over 2,000 drones at once

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in the early morning on sunday july 15 intel broke the guinness world record for simultaneously flying 2 018 unmanned aerial vehicles the previous...

Barack Obama suggests cash handouts be considered to address workforce challenges

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the former president says we re going to have to consider new ways of thinking as technology threatens current labor markets

Health insurers are collecting data on you—what you buy, what you eat—and it could raise your rates

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without any public scrutiny insurers and data brokers are predicting your health costs based on data about things like race marital status how much...