These are the best cities in Asia for millennials to live and work

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asia is the world s millennial hub but these five cities are where you want to live

UAE announces new international weapons deals as Middle East military spending soars

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the united arab emirates is setting its sights on building a domestic defense industry as arms spending is set to soar throughout the middle east

Aging Americans are a big market for tech investors, who also want to track their parents

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techies are finding new uses for consumer devices to help monitor their aging parents who are increasingly opting to live independently

Democrat, ex-congressman Anthony Weiner released from prison, begins federal reentry program

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anthony weiner s attorneys are expected to ask for probation when he appears in u s district court nbc news reports

Review: 2019 Maserati Levante GTS is an SUV with a Ferrari V-8 engine that delivers on speed

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while it doesn t have the best interior the levante gts lives up to the driving experience that a maserati badge promises with a roaring ferrari v...

Tech bankers are making their money in the enterprise while Facebook and Google stay quiet

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last year microsoft bought github ibm bought red hat adobe bought marketo and broadcom bought ca while the consumer companies were quiet

Where Steve Bullock, the latest Democrat flirting with a White House bid, stands on key issues

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montana gov steve bullock is showing increasing signs he is getting serious about a white house bid as he visited with voters and democratic party...

Rocket start-up Relativity quadruples resources in a year, adds former SpaceX leaders

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there are hundreds of young companies in the growing private space industry but one of them is landing impressive talent and keeping its foot on...

Airlines to add nonbinary gender options for tickets

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u s airlines will soon add nonbinary gender options for travelers when they book their tickets an effort to bring airline booking systems in line...

7 in-demand jobs paying more than $55,000 a year that you can get without a college degree

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each of these jobs pays well above the 35 256 high school grads typically earn

Trump urges European allies to take back hundreds of ISIS figthers captured in Syria

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the united states is asking its european allies to take back over 800 isis fighters that have been captured in syria and put them on trial...

Ex-Fox News anchor Heather Nauert withdraws from consideration as UN ambassador

cnbc 2019-2-17

u s president donald trump s choice to be u s ambassador to the united nations heather nauert has withdrawn from consideration for the job for...

A money manager is urging investors to shift their portfolios out of stocks amid the rally

cnbc 2019-2-17

russell investments douglas gordon is worried investors are too invested in stocks right now

A big change in accounting will put $3 trillion in liabilities on corporate balance sheets

cnbc 2019-2-16

2019 marks the first time companies have to put operating leases onto their balance sheets

Keystone XL suffers another setback as judge blocks most work on the oil pipeline

cnbc 2019-2-16

a federal judge in montana says transcanada remains mostly blocked from doing work that will move forward construction on keystone xl

Former US cardinal Theodore McCarrick defrocked by Pope Francis over sexual misconduct allegations

cnbc 2019-2-16

disgraced ex cardinal theodore mccarrick has been expelled from the roman catholic priesthood after an investigation found sex abuse allegations...

These tools can prepare investors for threats lurking in the market

cnbc 2019-2-16

a growing number of tools prepare you for the threats lurking around the market from a trade war to climate change by letting you test them out on...

Former UK finance minister says runaway ISIS teen should be allowed to return

cnbc 2019-2-16

shamima begum who traveled to syria when she was just 15 has been found in a refugee camp in northern syria

US advisor Bolton promises India support after Kashmir attack

cnbc 2019-2-16

a pakistan based militant group jaish e mohammad has claimed responsibility for a deadly car bombing in disputed kashmir on a military convoy in...

Mueller says searches yielded evidence of Roger Stone-WikiLeaks communications

cnbc 2019-2-16

u s special counsel robert mueller disclosed for the first time on friday that his office has evidence of communications between trump advisor...

Special counsel Robert Mueller wants ex-Trump campaign boss Paul Manafort imprisoned for up to 24 years

cnbc 2019-2-16

special counsel robert mueller on friday filed his recommendation for how a federal judge in virginia should sentence paul manafort the former...

California governor accuses Trump of keeping disaster money from wildfire survivors

cnbc 2019-2-16

california gov gavin newsom blasted president donald trump s declaration of a national emergency friday and accused him of forgetting about the...

Payless will begin to shutter its U.S. stores Sunday

cnbc 2019-2-16

the retailer will begin liquidation sales for its u s stores on feb 17 it is also winding down its e commerce operations it expects all stores to...

As Trump ponders auto tariffs, free-trade Republicans push back

cnbc 2019-2-16

the commerce department is expected to deliver long awaited report on auto tariffs to the president by a feb 17 deadline according to two sources...

Uber sues New York City over ruled that capped ride-hailing driver licenses

cnbc 2019-2-16

the new york city council imposed a cap on licenses for ride hailing drivers limiting the number allowed on city streets

New York City plans to start fining restaurants that use CBD in food and drinks

cnbc 2019-2-16

the new york city health department plans to step up its campaign with violations and fines against restaurants offering cbd

The Fed could move markets this week when it tells us what it was thinking at the January meeting

cnbc 2019-2-16

the fed calmed the markets in late january when it said it could stop raising interest rates but investors are watching the release of its meeting...

Shooter apprehended in Aurora, Illinois, city says

cnbc 2019-2-16

city officials said there is an active shooter situation at an industrial park in aurora illinois and later reported that the gunman had been...

Short-seller Jim Chanos says he will support Joe Biden if he runs for president in 2020

cnbc 2019-2-15

like many other americans i certainly hope vice president biden decides to run in 2020 if he does run i fully expect to support him any way i can...

Hasbro is betting it can survive without Toys R Us with help from Fortnite and Facebook

cnbc 2019-2-15

since it was announced that toys r us would no longer be a major player in hasbro s distribution plans the company has been introducing new...

Robert Mueller wants ex-Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort sentenced soon in Virginia case

cnbc 2019-2-15

special counsel robert mueller said a ruling by a washington d c federal court judge that former trump campaign boss paul manafort lied to the...

Trump says he expects the Supreme Court to uphold his national emergency declaration

cnbc 2019-2-15

they will sue us in the 9th circuit even though it shouldn t be there and we will possibly get a bad ruling and then we will get another bad ruling...

American Girl is the latest Mattel toy to get live-action feature film

cnbc 2019-2-15

american girl is the latest mattel toy brand to get the green light for a live action feature film the announcement comes at a time in which...

Trump says he will sign a national emergency declaration to build border wall

cnbc 2019-2-15

trump s national emergency declaration criticized by democrats and republicans when he threatened it could bring swift legal and legislative...

Here are the cities where retirees rely the most on Social Security income

cnbc 2019-2-15

across the 100 u s cities with the largest 65 and older populations social security averages 42 percent of retiree income according to recent research

SCOTUS Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg returns to court for the first time since December cancer surgery

cnbc 2019-2-15

supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg will be at the court for a private conference on friday marking the first time that she has attended a...