Investors wonder whether this calm march back to near record highs can be trusted

cnbc قبل 3 ساعة و 29 دقيقة

the next three weeks are among the rockiest on a historical basis of the entire calendar

Trump admits to discussing Biden in scrutinized talk with Ukrainian leader

cnbc قبل 4 ساعة و 47 دقيقة

no quid pro quo there was nothing trump said the call it was a perfect conversation

Asset managers are prepared for a hard Brexit, says chief of Aberdeen Standard Investments

cnbc قبل 8 ساعة و 38 دقيقة

the prospect of the u k leaving without a deal in place often referred to as a hard brexit is seen as economically damaging by many

New York Stock Exchange owner launches futures contracts that pay out in bitcoin

cnbc قبل 9 ساعة و 50 دقيقة

cryptocurrency fans will hope the futures contracts which are federally regulated can provide some much needed legitimacy to bitcoin

Here is the complete list of winners and nominees for the 71st Emmy Awards

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on sunday the 71st primetime emmy awards will honor the best comedies dramas limited and variety series from the last year

The 10 hottest remote work opportunities—and the companies hiring for them right now

cnbc 2019-9-22

better work life balance improved productivity eliminating a dreadful commute there are plenty of reasons people are drawn to working from home

Wall Street analysts say these stocks have "underappreciated" stories

cnbc 2019-9-21

cnbc did a deep dive through the most recent wall street research to find stocks that analysts say are underappreciated

Joe Biden says Trump should release transcript of Ukraine call

cnbc 2019-9-21

joe biden called on president donald trump friday to release the transcript of a call that is the subject of a whistleblower complaint

Palantir to seek at least $26 billion valuation in fundraising push

cnbc 2019-9-21

palantir technologies is targeting a valuation of at least 26 billion in a private fundraising round the first for the peter thiel backed data...

Gates on crazy early days at Microsoft: We ate powdered orange Tang instead of stopping for meals

cnbc 2019-9-20

my face would be covered in this orange stuff says gates and so would his computer keyboard

Humana CEO: Competition and innovation lower drug prices better than just putting a cap on them

cnbc 2019-9-20

i really want to encourage competition because i think competition creates innovation and when you create innovation everyone wins humana ceo bruce...

Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon has a music label called Payback Records

cnbc 2019-9-20

solomon launched payback records last year as his music career was picking up

Walmart will discontinue the sale of e-cigarettes as vaping-related deaths climb

cnbc 2019-9-20

walmart will stop selling e cigarettes amid regulatory complexity and uncertainty around the products the retailer said in a memo friday

Lawmakers urge FDA to immediately pull Juul, other e-cigarettes, from the market

cnbc 2019-9-20

a bipartisan group of senators is urging acting food and drug administration commissioner ned sharpless to immediately pull most e cigarettes off...

Trump sanctions Iranian National Bank in wake of strikes on Saudi oil facilities

cnbc 2019-9-20

some u s officials have accused iran of orchestrating devastating strikes on saudi oil installations over the weekend

JC Penney prepping for debt talks ahead of the holiday season, Bloomberg says

cnbc 2019-9-20

j c penney is preparing for talks with its creditors on ways it can ease its debt load buying the retailer some time ahead of the critical holiday...

The newest workplace perk looks a lot like a payday loan

cnbc 2019-9-20

roughly 12 of companies are offering accelerated pay as another way of luring job candidates as wages remain relatively stagnant

Whistleblower complaint about Trump involves Ukraine, report says

cnbc 2019-9-20

the complaint made by an unnamed intelligence official about the president centers on ukraine the washington post reported

People are lining up outside Apple stores around the world as the iPhone 11 goes on sale

cnbc 2019-9-20

apple will get a taste of whether upgraded features on the new iphone 11 are enough to lure shoppers to retail stores around the world as the new...

Iran says its foreign minister will be attending the UN meeting in New York amid visa doubts

cnbc 2019-9-20

the semi official isna news agency says mohammad javad zarif will travel on friday as host country of the u n the u s is required to issue the visas

Light shows and live bands: China wants to boost its nightlife to spur the economy

cnbc 2019-9-20

stores are extending hours and cities are spending on light shows as china tries to encourage consumers to spend more money at night

YouTubers are upset and confused by new verification policy, but nobody has been removed yet

cnbc 2019-9-20

the flap illustrates the growing distrust of the youtube community and willingness to assume the worst in light of unclear communication

Stocks making the biggest moves after hours: Steelcase, Etsy, Xilinx and more

cnbc 2019-9-20

see which stocks are posting big moves after the bell

How much millennials earn, compared to what their parents made at the same age

cnbc 2019-9-19

one group of millennials is worse off income wise than their peers

House passes bill to avoid a government shutdown for two months, sends it to Senate

cnbc 2019-9-19

the measure to keep the government running through nov 21 now heads to the senate where mcconnell has signaled he will back a temporary spending plan

Tropical Storm Jerry intensifies to hurricane status, closes in on Caribbean

cnbc 2019-9-19

forecasters say hurricane jerry could pass just north of the leeward islands on friday then move between puerto rico and the bahamas on saturday...

House set to vote on a plan to dodge a government shutdown for two months

cnbc 2019-9-19

the democratic held house plans to move forward with a bill to fund the government through nov 21 and avoid another government shutdown

Toys R Us partners with Candytopia to woo shoppers back with new experiences

cnbc 2019-9-19

the candytopia and toys r us partnership will open in late october in chicago and atlanta the exhibits will stay open through the 2019 holidays...

Belgian fighter jet crashes in France, pilot hits power line

cnbc 2019-9-19

a belgian f 16 fighter jet crashed on a road in western france and one of its pilots is hanging from a high voltage electricity line after his...

Renewable energy is costing less than fossil fuels, says Michael Milken

cnbc 2019-9-19

the world is moving away from carbon based energy not just for the environment but also because it makes sense economically said michael milken...

Trump communication reportedly at center of whistle blower complaint

cnbc 2019-9-19

the complaint the administration is withholding from congress was filed by an intelligence officer who was troubled by a phone call the president...

Tesla Model 3, Audi e-tron get top marks in crash tests

cnbc 2019-9-19

new crash tests show the tesla model 3 and the audi e tron are among the safest models out on the road

India could be a winner in the US-China trade war

cnbc 2019-9-19

india could benefit from the fallout in the u s china trade war experts told cnbc but much needed reforms on land and labor could prove to be a...

Ruth Bader Ginsburg fires back against critics who say she should have retired under Obama

cnbc 2019-9-19

supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg fired back on wednesday against critics who say the liberal justice should have retired while president...

Facebook has been in a struggle to break into hardware for at least 6 years

cnbc 2019-9-19

for the past six years facebook has tried over and over to release a hardware product that consumers will want and it has never succeeded

CBS, WarnerMedia drop all e-cigarette advertising, including from market leader Juul

cnbc 2019-9-19

cbs cnn and other major media companies are starting to pull e cigarette advertising off their airways as the death toll from a mysterious vaping...

Disney CEO Bob Iger: I believe if Steve Jobs were still alive, we might have combined with Apple

cnbc 2019-9-18

disney ceo bob iger writes in his autobiography that he believes he would have discussed combining disney with apple had steve jobs lived

GM to temporarily lay off 1,300 workers in Canada due to slowdown at US plants during UAW strike

cnbc 2019-9-18

general motors announced on wednesday that it plans to temporarily lay off 1 300 workers at its final assembly plant in oshawa canada due to...