Evidence suggests Saudi crown prince is liable for Khashoggi murder: UN expert

cnbc قبل 14 دقيقة

evidence suggests saudi arabia s crown prince mohamed bin salman and other senior saudi officials are liable for the murder of journalist jamal...

Huawei CEO downplays expected $30 billion revenue miss due to the Trump administration ban

cnbc قبل 48 دقيقة

huawei ceo ren zhengfei said in an interview with cnbc the company s business is still strong in china and it expects 100 billion in revenue this year

US private equity titan Bill Franke becomes latest Airbus XLR customer with 50 plane order

cnbc قبل ساعة و 5 دقيقة

indigo partners is to use the a321 xlr jets across airlines it runs out of the united states chile and mexico

Mystery airline in talks to buy Mitsubishi SpaceJet to serve US regional market

cnbc قبل ساعة و 19 دقيقة

the japanese planemaker mitsubishi aircraft corporation announced it s in discussions with an unnamed u s airline over the sale of its spacejet...

ECB vice president says another bond-buying program could be part of new stimulus

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the european central bank s ecb vice president said another large bond buying program could be an option if inflation in the region doesn t reach...

Blackstone chief donates $188 million to Oxford University

cnbc قبل 3 ساعة و 10 دقيقة

oxford university says its schwarzman centre will consider the impact of artificial intelligence

Blackstone chief donates $188 million to Oxford University

cnbc قبل 3 ساعة و 10 دقيقة

oxford university says its schwarzman centre will consider the impact of artificial intelligence

Jamie Dimon and Larry Fink are among the 10 most-loved CEOs in Britain

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is your ceo on the list glassdoor has the results

Senator proposes bill that would blow up business models for Facebook, YouTube, other tech giants

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sen josh hawley a well known tech critic is introducing legislation that would remove the liability immunity big technology companies receive for...

Firms may consider moving out of Hong Kong amid protests and uncertainty, experts say

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signs of companies moving out of hong kong have emerged members of the business community say after massive protests in the city

Trump officially kicks off reelection campaign at Florida rally

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u s president donald trump officially kicked off his reelection campaign tuesday at a florida rally where he exhorted thousands of rollicking...

Tesla loses HR vice president and head of diversity Felicia Mayo

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tesla loses vice president of hr and head of diversity felicia mayo one of a few black woman executives to break silicon valley s glass ceiling

Tariffs hurt the economy, but China must be held accountable, Union Pacific CEO says

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union pacific ceo lance fritz tells jim cramer that he is optimistic about trade relations with china mexico japan and the eu

Stocks making the biggest moves after hours: Adobe, US Steel, and more

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see which stocks are posting big moves after the bell

Adobe rises despite soft guidance

cnbc قبل 14 ساعة و 21 دقيقة

adobe expects fiscal third quarter earnings and revenue that are below what analysts were looking for

Tesla investors regain confidence in a quieter Elon Musk as all eyes turn to production

cnbc قبل 16 ساعة

tesla investors are regaining confidence in a quieter elon musk even as they question the company s ability to hit its production goals for the...

These tips will help you max out your retirement contributions this year

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if you are behind on your retirement savings there are two steps you can take to shore up your progress for this year and beyond

Ron Insana: Trump needs to stop fighting central banks, who are trying to keep the economy afloat

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it s the president s own policies that are contributing to slower global and domestic growth

Boeing wins first new order for 737 Max since grounding from British Airways parent

cnbc قبل 18 ساعة و 23 دقيقة

the order for 200 737 max jets from british airways parent iag was a vote of confidence to boeing s beleaguered aircraft following two fatal crashes

Google to invest $1 billion in San Francisco Bay Area housing amid regional expansion

cnbc قبل 18 ساعة و 28 دقيقة

as it expands its footprint across the san francisco bay area google will put 1b toward housing

Google Calendar is down around the world

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google calendar is down around the world but you can install the google calendar app on your phone or tablet to still see your events

Trump to launch his 2020 White House bid in Florida as polls show him trailing his Democratic rivals

cnbc قبل 19 ساعة و 12 دقيقة

trump starts the campaign season in an unusual spot for a president overseeing a strong economy but facing low approval ratings

Hulu CEO: Expect to see more original content now that Disney is in control

cnbc قبل 19 ساعة و 27 دقيقة

now that disney has full control of hulu audiences can expect more original programming to appear on the streaming service

Snap is up 160% for the year so far, rising even more after BTIG increases price target

cnbc قبل 19 ساعة و 49 دقيقة

btig analysts say investors are missing snap s recovery

Hershey CEO says that the 125-year-old company is waiting to add CBD to its candy

cnbc قبل 21 ساعة و 18 دقيقة

hershey ceo michele buck said that the 125 year old company is monitoring the trend but doesn t have any plans to add cbd to its food just yet

One group of stocks has been a surefire winner when the Fed cuts interest rates

cnbc قبل 21 ساعة و 30 دقيقة

investors bracing themselves for lower federal reserve rates should think about loading up on health care stocks history shows

Beyond Meat stock briefly trades above $200 after soaring 18%

cnbc قبل 22 ساعة و 19 دقيقة

shares of beyond meat soared 18 in premarket trading tuesday surpassing 200 per share

Boeing lands its first new order for airplanes at the Paris Air Show

cnbc قبل 23 ساعة و 15 دقيقة

korean air has provisionally ordered 20 boeing 787 dreamliner passenger jets and agreed to lease another 10 the companies said on tuesday

All-electric commuter plane unveiled at Paris Air Show — with a US airline as its first customer

cnbc قبل 23 ساعة و 42 دقيقة

the israeli start up likens us equity markets to crowdfunding on steroids

GE Aviation flying towards record air show haul

cnbc 2019-6-18

the aircraft engine and parts supplier is on pace to book a record number of orders

Former Snap exec Imran Khan takes aim at Amazon as retail site Verishop goes live

cnbc 2019-6-18

imran khan s retail website verishop is going live on tuesday it sells a mix of designer apparel home goods and beauty products from brands...

ECB cannot fight a recession alone, says former IMF economist

cnbc 2019-6-18

there are growing doubts on whether the central bank will be able to deploy the same level of intervention whenever the next crisis hits

These Asian economies may be most badly hit by slowing global trade

cnbc 2019-6-18

tensions between china and the u s are threatening to slow global trade further threatening some asian economies

Alibaba reshuffles management; chief financial officer to oversee strategic investment unit

cnbc 2019-6-18

china s alibaba group on tuesday said its chief financial officer maggie wu will oversee the firm s strategic acquisitions and investments unit as...

Meatless alternatives are on the rise — but so is global meat consumption

cnbc 2019-6-18

despite the popularity of companies like beyond meat and impossible foods meat consumption around the world continues to rise

US firms say China tariffs will raise costs, see few sourcing alternatives

cnbc 2019-6-18

a wide range of u s companies told a hearing in washington on monday that they have few alternatives other than china for producing clothing...

Alex Jones accused of threatening Sandy Hook lawyers after child porn found in his electronic files

cnbc 2019-6-18

electronic material that infowars host alex jones turned over to families of sandy hook elementary school shooting victims who are suing him...

Pentagon sending about 1,000 more US troops to the Middle East amid Iran tensions

cnbc 2019-6-18

the recent iranian attacks validate the reliable credible intelligence we have received on hostile behavior by iranian forces shanahan says

US military releases new images of Japanese oil tanker attack

cnbc 2019-6-18

the pentagon said that the crew of one of the tankers the japanese kokuka courageous found an unexploded limpet mine on its hull following an...