Partner of El Paso shooting victim overwhelmed by hundreds of strangers at funeral

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hundreds of strangers braved 100 degree heat on friday to pay respects to a woman they had never met but had died tragically in the el paso...

Mitch McConnell recovering from shoulder surgery in Louisville

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senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is reportedly recovering after undergoing shoulder surgery in louisville ky thursday

Joe Biden confuses Burlington, Iowa, with Burlington, Vt., in latest gaffe

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gaffe prone democratic 2020 frontrunner joe biden reportedly added another factual blunder to his list friday

Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson arrested on eve of Portland, Ore., protests

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the leader of a conservative group was arrested friday in portland ore one day before planned protests involving supporters of the far left antifa...

Some jail staffers not cooperating with DOJ investigation into Epstein suicide, source says

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personnel at the new york city prison where accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein committed suicide last week have not been initially cooperative...

Stars pay tribute to the late Peter Fonda

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hollywood is mourning the loss of actor peter fonda

Man’s body found in lake after 3-year-old daughter says, ‘Daddy went swimming’: police

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authorities in texas on friday recovered a man s body from a lake after an unaccompanied 3 year old girl who was found sleeping alone on a boat...

National Park Service says Washington Monument will reopen Sept. 19 after three years of renovations

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the washington monument will reopen to the public next month after more than three years of renovations the national park service announced friday

DOJ files brief with Supreme Court opposing workplace discrimination claims by transgender workers

foxnews قبل 13 ساعة و 22 دقيقة

the justice department is signaling its opposition to providing federal protections for transgender employees who claim discrimination on the job

CBP suffers massive power outage at airports across the country

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travelers to the u s from overseas friday were experiencing delays in passing through customs at major airports friday due to a technology outage...

‘Bible tax’ no more: Trump exempts religious items from China tariff list

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president trump is exempting bibles from upcoming tariff increase on chinese goods after book publishers warned against a possible bible tax

Extremely rare 1894 dime once owned by Jerry Buss sells for $1.3M

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an extremely rare 1894 dime one of only 24 minted and once owned by former lakers owner jerry buss has sold at auction for 1 32 million including...

Tom Basile: Ahead of 2020 election, Trump needs to learn THIS fast

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president trump s recent washington post interview where he discussed his relationship with his late brother frank who passed away in 1982 at the...

Zimbabwe protesters face tear gas, beatings from police during anti-government demonstrations

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zimbabwe s police used tear gas arrests and beatings friday to quell anti government protests in the capital harare

Ex-Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback becomes first player to join rebooted XFL

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former pittsburgh steelers backup quarterback landry jones became the first player to join the xfl as the rebooted league starts to churn toward...

Girl, 9, sues renowned Berlin boys choir over gender bias

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a 9 year old girl is suing a centuries old berlin boys choir arguing that her bid to join was only rejected because of her gender in a case that...

Collier having stellar rookie season for the Minnesota Lynx

foxnews 2019-8-16

napheesa collier wanted to make her mark as a rookie for the minnesota lynx with nine games left in the regular season she s done just that putting...

Jipping and von Spakovsky: Dems improperly play politics with Supreme Court, threatening its independence

foxnews 2019-8-16

in an extraordinary and outrageous move endangering the constitutionally mandated independence of the u s supreme court five democratic senators...

Trump pushes background checks as huge majority favors tighter law

foxnews 2019-8-16

the tide may be turning on some gun control measures at least in the court of public opinion

Comics Bobcat Goldthwait, Dana Gould injured in Atlanta car crash

foxnews 2019-8-16

standup comedians dana gould and bobcat goldthwait were injured in a two vehicle crash as they were pulling up to a gig at an atlanta theater on...

Illegal immigrants arrested in Michigan include thrice-deported drug dealer

foxnews 2019-8-16

ten illegal immigrants including a man previously convicted of drug charges were arrested by u s border patrol agents in the upper peninsula of...

Man and son in Texas get prison in $27M hearing aid scam aimed at American Airlines workers

foxnews 2019-8-16

a father and son in texas who submitted more than 27 million in false claims in a hearing aid scam targeting american airlines workers were...

Democrats protest Trump ahead of, and during, his NH rally

foxnews 2019-8-16

while president trump was inside new hampshire s largest arena on thursday holding his first campaign rally in this key general election...

49ers rookie Deebo Samuel stuck with $3,700 dinner bill

foxnews 2019-8-16

san francisco 49ers receiver deebo samuel took part in an expensive tradition foisted upon rookies wednesday night when he shelled out 3 700 for...

Fox News Poll: Biden still leads Democratic race, Warren climbs into second

foxnews 2019-8-16

in the first major shakeup to the lineup elizabeth warren moves ahead of bernie sanders to claim second place behind joe biden in the democratic...

Fry up some Pumpkin Spice Spam to celebrate fall season

foxnews 2019-8-15

even for fans of pumpkin spice this might be taking things a little too far

Former Bauhaus singer Peter Murphy suffers heart attack

foxnews 2019-8-15

singer peter murphy was rushed to a new york hospital tuesday evening after suffering shortness of breath that was later revealed to be a heart...

Texas teen sucked into water park drain critically injured, reports say

foxnews 2019-8-15

the incident reportedly happened on saturday

Ilhan Omar accuses Netanyahu of imposing ‘Muslim ban’ as Dems decry decision to block Israel visit

foxnews 2019-8-15

rep ilhan omar d minn on thursday accused israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu of implementing his own muslim ban after his government said it...

Jeremy Corbyn calls for anti-Brexit coalition to oust government, install him as temporary PM

foxnews 2019-8-15

u k s top left winger is calling for anti brexit members of the governing conservative party to back him in ousting new prime minister boris...

Trump: Philly shooter ‘should never have been allowed to be on the street’

foxnews 2019-8-15

president trump said thursday that the suspect in the shooting of six police officers during a philadelphia standoff should never have been allowed...

Tom Brady, former teammate-turned-coach exchange barbs during joint practice

foxnews 2019-8-15

new england patriots quarterback tom brady and his former teammate matt vrabel exchanged pleasantries during a joint practice wednesday

Colin Kaepernick shares video celebrating 3-year anniversary of kneeling during anthem

foxnews 2019-8-15

former nfl quarterback colin kaepernick on wednesday shared a video on social media commemorating the three year anniversary of when he first...

Hickenlooper expected to end White House bid Thursday, sources say

foxnews 2019-8-15

coping with a struggling campaign and facing the reality that he wouldn t make the stage at next month s third round of democratic presidential...

The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray price tag revealed

foxnews 2019-8-15

it s under 60 000 but only just

Harvey Weinstein’s lawyers say accuser is trying to ‘conceal’ truth

foxnews 2019-8-15

attorneys for disgraced media mogul harvey weinstein claim a netflix producer who accused their client of rape is trying to make herself look like...

UEFA postpones Champions League talks as clubs, leagues row

foxnews 2019-8-15

changes to the champions league are unlikely to be decided this year after uefa on thursday called off joint talks with the heads of european clubs...

WR Stills says he and Dolphins owner agree to disagree

foxnews 2019-8-15

miami dolphins receiver kenny stills says he and team owner stephen ross have agreed to disagree

‘Three’s Company’ actor Richard Kline recalls befriending John Ritter: ‘He was just the all-American boy’

foxnews 2019-8-15

richard kline is still grateful he had the chance to appear in three s company and befriend his beloved co star john ritter

Philadelphia standoff: Police dispatch audio reveals tense moments during hours-long ordeal

foxnews 2019-8-15

dramatic audio from police dispatchers reveals how two officers became trapped and six others were wounded as gunfire rang out during an hours long...