Will Trump force social media to clean up their act?

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president trump escalated his war on social media networks yesterday raising the existential question of whether they should be held responsible for the sometimes false and ugly content they carry

Minneapolis police fire tear gas on crowd near Third Precinct; large fire erupts nearby

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police in minneapolis tried to disperse a crowd gathering near the city s third precinct on thursday night firing flash bang shots and then tear gas according to reports

Stroke patients significantly delay treatment amid coronavirus with ‘severe consequences,’ new study reveals

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stroke patients are arriving to hospitals and treatment centers an average of more than two hours later than they should amid the coronavirus pandemic new research reveals imperiling their chance...

Trump’s foul-weather gear

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being president is sort of like having a weather machine

Trump says he will extend National Guard coronavirus help to states through mid-August

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president trump said thursday he will extend the help of the national guard aiding states in their fight against coronavirus through mid august

Google is giving each employee $1,000 to buy new office furniture

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if your home office needs a little bit of sprucing up you might want to see if google is hiring

California theme parks can reopen during Stage 3 of state plan

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the happiest place on earth will be lively once again

Paralyzed veteran advocates for high-risk Americans during COVID-19 crisis

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u s navy veteran tom wheaton who has been living with paralysis since 1988 and has worked tirelessly to raise awareness for paralyzed veterans is now aiming his efforts at people with serious...

Mississippi businesses can reopen Monday – with restrictions, governor says

foxnews 2020-5-28

all businesses in the state of mississippi can reopen monday provided they follow guidelines for combating the coronavirus gov tate reeves said wednesday

Video of UPS driver fixing rolled-up American flag goes viral

foxnews 2020-5-28

it was a simple gesture but it brought some people to tears

103-year-old cracks open Bud Light to celebrate coronavirus recovery

foxnews 2020-5-28

a 103 year old massachusetts woman cracked open a cold bud light after surviving a bout with the coronavirus reports said

Meghan King Edmonds is Instagram official with new boyfriend Christian Schauf

foxnews 2020-5-28

meghan king edmonds and her new beau are instagram official

Ultra Music Festival faces lawsuit after allegedly denying refunds over rescheduled event

foxnews 2020-5-28

the organizers of ultra music festival a three day electronic dance music festival in miami are being sued by two men who claim they were denied refunds after the event was canceled back in march...

Danger of ‘lock-down generation’: Fewer jobs globally for young people due to coronavirus pandemic

foxnews 2020-5-28

the united nations labor agency reported wednesday that more than one in every six young workers globally have stopped working during the pandemic warning that long term fallout could lead to a...

Venezuelan asylum-seekers warn that lockdown-era America is a taste of socialism

foxnews 2020-5-27

two venezuelan asylum seekers are warning that the recent shutdowns in response to the coronavirus pandemic are giving americans a taste of the socialist ideology that drove their homeland down the...

Kevin Hart says he downplayed back pain to doctors after near-fatal car accident

foxnews 2020-5-27

kevin hart revealed that he lied to his doctors about his pain following his near fatal 2019 car accident in los angeles that left him with a very serious back injury

South Korean coffee shop utilizes robotic baristas to maintain social distancing etiquette

foxnews 2020-5-27

sure it can make and serve coffee but can it get horribly misspell our names too

Brooke Shields, 54, unveils her ageless figure in neon orange bikini

foxnews 2020-5-27

brooke shields is proud of her beach ready bod

Skipping medical care amid coronavirus a troubling pandemic byproduct

foxnews 2020-5-27

a new study found 48 percent of american adults delayed or skipped medical care amid the coronavirus crisis

Reports: 2 horses trained by Bob Baffert fail drug tests

foxnews 2020-5-27

two horses from the barn of two time triple crown winning trainer bob baffert have tested positive for a banned substance according to published reports

Fired Florida data scientist had been axed by FSU years ago for affair with student, report says

foxnews 2020-5-27

one of the people entering data on florida s coronavirus website fired in a dispute over what information should be made public was allegedly according to a report in the daily mail also fired from...

Rome Colosseum to reopen in June after coronavirus kept it closed for months

foxnews 2020-5-27

italy s colosseum archaeological park in rome parco announced tuesday it will reopen to the public on june 1 after having been closed for three months due to coronavirus restrictions

Amid coronavirus battle, drones will deliver test kits and protective gear to island medical personnel

foxnews 2020-5-26

amid the battle against coronavirus drones will be used to deliver covid 19 test kits and personal protective equipment to medical personnel on a remote scottish island

Mail carriers injured from paintball attacks in DC and Maryland, $50G reward offered

foxnews 2020-5-26

the u s postal inspection service uspis looking for two suspects they say were behind multiple paintball attacks on u s postal service mail carriers in locations across the washington d c and...

NHL plans move to small-group training as Phase 2 of return

foxnews 2020-5-26

the nhl hopes to have players back in team facilities soon with plenty of precautions

CDC warns of starving, aggressive rats amid COVID-19 garbage shortage

foxnews 2020-5-26

the centers for disease control and prevention last week is warning people of an aggressive rat problem in the u s stemming from a decrease in food waste during the coronavirus pandemic

Retired U.S. Marine salutes, stands on DC median for 24 hours to raise awareness for veteran suicide

foxnews 2020-5-26

a retired u s marine walked onto a concrete median in washington d c on sunday and stood for a period of 24 hours with the hope of bringing awareness to veteran suicide

Surveillance video claims to show Florida mom pushing autistic son into canal, son later died

foxnews 2020-5-26

newly released video appears to show the florida woman accused of killing her son with autism pushing the boy into a canal in what authorities say was a first but thwarted murder attempt

Mike Tyson to get $20 million contract offer to return to boxing, report says

foxnews 2020-5-26

mike tyson might actually make a comeback to the boxing ring

Memorial Day beach crowds lead to mixed messages from officials on coronavirus

foxnews 2020-5-25

governors and other elected officials are sending out mixed messages this holiday weekend as vacationers descended on beaches in droves despite the country still grappling with the coronavirus...

FBI joins 3-state manhunt for UConn student wanted in string of slayings, home invasion and kidnapping

foxnews 2020-5-25

the fbi has joined the massive search which is now spanning three states for a university of connecticut student believed to be armed with several stolen guns whom police say is connected to two...

Body of Maryland couple’s killer found 4 hours after shootout with police, authorities say

foxnews 2020-5-25

a delaware man suspected of fatally shooting an elderly maryland couple as they were visiting their son s grave earlier this month died from police gunfire during a shootout about two hours after...

Scott Huesing: Every day is Memorial Day for Gold Star Families – this keeps them going

foxnews 2020-5-25

americans can never be reminded enough that although thousands have died in service to their country the families that raised them to be heroes remain

Adm. Mike Gilday: Reflection on Memorial Day – remember these lives of tenacity and valor

foxnews 2020-5-25

president kennedy once said a nation reveals itself not only by the men it produces but also by the men it honors the men it remembers

WWII veteran beats COVID-19, honored on 100th birthday

foxnews 2020-5-25

an army air corps veteran who survived wwii has now beaten the coronavirus after being in the fight of his life according to a report on friday

New Zealand’s PM Arden’s response to earthquake goes viral

foxnews 2020-5-25

new zealand s prime minister jacinda arden went viral monday over the composure she kept during an earthquake on live television

Georgia teen becomes youngest in the state to die from coronavirus

foxnews 2020-5-25

a 17 year old georgia boy has died from the coronavirus becoming the youngest person in the state to be killed by the disease officials announced on sunday

Teacher rap tribute to Class of 2020 goes viral

foxnews 2020-5-24

a new york teacher devised a creative way to pay tribute to her students

Johnny ‘Joey’ Jones: On Memorial Day I honor fellow Marines killed in war – Luckily, I only lost my legs

foxnews 2020-5-24

as a combat veteran of iraq and afghanistan who lost more than two dozen of my fellow marines fighting the wars abroad and a few fighting an internal war here at home i feel many emotions thinking...