Google reveals most searched diets of 2018

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2018 was a wacky year in wellness

California customs agent found guilty of conspiring to smuggle drugs for LA to Chicago

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a federal customs officer accused of hiring a trucker to smuggle large quantities of drugs across the country has been found guilty in los angeles...

Ohio woman is cancer free following promising clinical trial, she claims

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a youngstown ohio woman claims she is now cancer free following a clinical trial at seidman cancer center at university hospitals

How Charles Barkley became unlikely friends with cat litter scientist and superfan

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the daughter of lin wang chronicled the friendship of her father and nba analyst and former player charles barkley

Ed Rollins: Trump’s pick of Mulvaney as acting chief of staff is a wise choice

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mick mulvaney is a wise choice for trump s chief of staff and knows more about the policy and budget decision of the administration than anyone else

Alabama elementary school bus driver buys McDonald’s breakfast for students when ice delays school opening

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he says he was inspired by the spirit of christmas

All evacuation orders lifted in deadly California wildfire

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all evacuation orders have been lifted in paradise more than a month after a devastating wildfire that wiped out the northern california town

California farm linked to romaine lettuce E.coli outbreak recalls additional produce

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a california farm that federal health officials traced to the recent e coli outbreaking from romaine lettuce has recalled some of its other produce...

Walmart employee uses intercom to announce he’s quitting: ‘Nobody should work here - ever’

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jackson racicot quit a walmart in grande prairie canada by using the store s intercom to make his announcement

Wreaths Across America holds holiday wreath laying at Arlington National Cemetery

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thousands of volunteers gathered at arlington national cemetery saturday for the annual holiday wreath laying event that pays tribute to those who...

Craziest homes that hit the market in 2018

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you ve got to see them to truly believe them

Sanitation worker presents young fan with gifts in adorable video

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an adorable video showed evan brenneman 2 receiving a backpack full of goodies from james bullock his favorite trash man

Woman convicted of plotting with lover to kill husband, collect $1.75 million life insurance benefits

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a florida woman has been convicted of conspiring with her lover to kill her husband 18 years after he disappeared and she collected 1 75 million in...

NBA trade crumbles after teams confuse 2 players named Brooks, report says

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a trade between the phoenix suns and the washington wizards appeared to be in the works until the two teams got confused over if dillon brooks or...

Megachurch pastor criticized for buying wife $200G Lamborghini

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john gray the pastor of relentless church in greenville s c tearfully defended buying his wife a 200 000 lamborghini as an anniversary present...

New giant dinosaur discovered in Russia

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a new kind of giant dinosaur has been described in russia dubbed volgatitan the herbivore belonged to a family of long necked dinosaurs called...

Christmas Eve is greatest risk for heart attack, study claims

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according to sweden s lund university researchers a person s risk for heart attack reaches its peak when the clock strikes 10 p m on dec 24

Kamala Harris’ DOJ received misconduct claim involving aide months before she left: report

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sen kamala harris insists she was unaware of the harassment allegations during her time as california s attorney general against her top aide that...

21 detained before Paris protests as police deploy in force

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paris paris police deployed in large numbers saturday for the fifth straight weekend of demonstrations by the yellow vest protesters with...

Man, 45, pledges frat, claims he was paddled 200 times

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a middle aged brooklyn man told cops he paid a painful price for pledging a fraternity at the ripe old age of 45 by getting whacked on the backside...

Richard Matt’s daughter recalls Dannemora prison break in new doc: ‘That son of a gun actually did it’

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jamie scalise said she finally feels ready to come forward about the brief relationship she had with her father richard matt a vicious killer who...

Lone suspect on horseback rustles 56 head of cattle in Colorado, police say

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a lone suspect on horseback rustled 56 head of cattle from a ranch in aurora colo on thursday morning while it was still dark a witness told denver...

Lone suspect on horseback rustles 56 head of cattle in Colorado, police say

foxnews قبل 10 ساعة و 48 دقيقة

a lone suspect on horseback rustled 56 head of cattle from a ranch in aurora colo on thursday morning while it was still dark a witness told denver...

Steve Doocy: My wedding cost less than the price of an average visit to Costco (really!)

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yes we got married for less than 300 we didn t have to spend a boatload of money to make for a wonderful memory

Family says woman was left for dead on first date, files wrongful death suit against man: report

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the family of a florida woman that claims she was left for dead after falling off a motorcycle during a first date filed a wrongful death lawsuit...

Indian forces kill 3 rebels, 2 civilians in Kashmir fighting

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two young men were killed and nearly two dozens injured when government forces fired at anti india protesters in disputed kashmir following a...

Disney Channel actor dropped from show after allegedly arraigning to meet with minor: report

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a disney channel actor who was arrested friday on suspicion of arranging to meet up with a 13 year old he met on a dating app for sexual encounters...

California Dem accused of child cruelty says he spanked daughter, cops say injury not on buttocks: report

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a california lawmaker arrested earlier this week on suspicion of child cruelty said thursday that the allegation stemmed from spanking his 7 year...

Despite federal judge’s ruling, Obamacare exchanges are open for business, CMS official says

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a spokesperson from the centers for medicare medicaid services told fox news early saturday that open enrollment for affordable care act s health...

Democrats demand answers, DHS investigation into death of Guatemalan girl, 7

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congressional democrats are demanding a full accounting with u s customs and border protection cbp officials after a 7 year old guatemalan girl...

552-carat yellow diamond found in Canada, largest ever in North America

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just in time before you send your list to santa miners in the far reaches of canada announced that they found a rough 552 carat yellow diamond...

Police say video of toddler yanked from mom not whole story

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the new york city police commissioner said friday that a more complicated and chaotic story is emerging from a witness video that went viral...

Border agents seize $1.7 million in meth, in second largest drug bust this week

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officials seized nearly 1 3 million worth of meth at the u s mexico border in texas on thursday marking the second time this week that agents...

Harvey Weinstein allegedly bragged about sleeping with Jennifer Lawrence, lawsuit claims

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a new lawsuit filed against harvey weinstein on friday reportedly details an allegation from a woman who claims the disgraced hollywood producer...

CBS to dock Les Moonves’ severance, give millions to women’s rights groups

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in the face of multiple sexual misconduct accusations and the ouster of ceo les moonves cbs on friday announced that it would be giving 20 million...

Lawyers seek to exclude evidence at NYC truck attack trial

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lawyers for a man charged with killing eight people in a terrorist attack on a new york city bike path said in a court filing friday that they had...

Artie Lange avoids jail time despite positive drug test

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a judge has spared comedian artie lange jail time even though he tested positive for cocaine and amphetamine

Remains of sailor killed at Pearl Harbor identified

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full military honors will be given to a louisiana sailor whose remains have been identified more than 75 years after the japanese attack on pearl...