Mountain lion cub that walked into California bakery euthanized

foxnews قبل 15 دقيقة

a mountain lion cub in poor health was euthanized this week after it wandered inside a california bakery authorities said

White House counsel Don McGahn resigns

foxnews قبل 19 دقيقة

a key trump administration official formally resigned wednesday concluding a 21 month tenure in which he played a key role in some of the president...

Texas groom carries bride on his back down muddy aisle

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a texas couple didn t let a flooded muddy field ruin their big day

McConnell hints GOP will try ObamaCare repeal again next year

foxnews قبل 2 ساعة و 14 دقيقة

senate majority leader mitch mcconnell suggested wednesday that republicans will try again to repeal the affordable care act after the november...

Colorado seen as model for election security

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Soros-backed group fires operative after arrest over alleged battery against GOP campaign manager

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the liberal group american bridge 21st century announced wednesday night that it had fired one of its operatives a day after he was arrested and...

Mom recorded chasing 14-year-old son who took her BMW, whipping him with belt

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a texas mom was caught furiously whipping her son after he apparently stole her new bmw and tried driving it to his friend s house

Arizona rescuers try saving man stuck in mine shaft for days

foxnews قبل 5 ساعة

a search and rescue squad was on a mission wednesday to save a man who fell into a 100 foot deep mine shaft earlier this week an arizona sheriff s...

Renewed push for Russia records in advance of Papadopoulos testimony

foxnews قبل 5 ساعة و 20 دقيقة

former trump campaign adviser george papadopoulos is scheduled to give a closed door transcribed interview next week before house investigators as...

IHOP opens first location with a full bar

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so you can have your pancakes and a drink too

Virginia woman allegedly gives boy, 10, detox drug so she could use his urine to pass test

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a virginia woman is facing charges after she allegedly drugged a 10 year old boy so she could use his urine to pass a drug test

New accusers emerge in case of California surgeon, girlfriend accused of drugging, sexually assaulting women

foxnews قبل 6 ساعة و دقيقة

california prosecutors on wednesday revealed that five additional victims are involved in the rape case of a california surgeon and his girlfriend...

Gutfeld on Google’s cowardice

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so while google kills contracts that help our nation s defenses opting instead to help china s artificial intelligence amazon puts america first

President Trump, health care drive midterm elections

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less than three weeks until election day voters are thinking most about health care the economy and reining in president trump and democratic...

Nine injured, including seven firefighters, in Baltimore gas explosion

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seven firefighters and two other people have been injured

North Carolina bartender’s face cut after customers throw cups, food

foxnews قبل 7 ساعة و 4 دقيقة

two unruly customers were caught on surveillance throwing food and drinks

Midterm election voters can decide abortion, marijuana, immigration issues: 10 ballot measures to watch

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from legalizing marijuana to further abolishing slavery voters nationwide won t just be deciding candidates in the 2018 midterm elections as a bevy...

GOP sounds more Democratic in final campaign days

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is this a good strategy

Feinstein wants Kavanaugh sexual misconduct investigation reopened if Dems take Senate

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sen dianne feinstein d calif said on wednesday that if democrats took control of the senate following november s midterm elections than she would...

Treasury employee charged with leaking financial info on Trump team was arrested with flash drive in hand,...

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the top treasury department employee who was arrested and charged by federal authorities with leaking confidential financial documents pertaining...

Newt Gingrich: Republicans’ new rallying cry is ‘Remember Kavanaugh’ and it may lead them to midterm victory

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in airports on airplanes in hotels and in restaurants i have been approached again and again by people who are glad republicans stood up for now...

Catastrophic ‘Tornado Alley’ may be moving east

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the country s tornado alley a twister heavy area typically associated with the great plains is now shifting eastward an alarming new study found

Anheuser-Busch accused of promoting binge drinking with 77-pack of Natural Light

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students lined up to buy them

Ellison claimed ex-wife abused him during their marriage in unsealed divorce records

foxnews قبل 9 ساعة و 14 دقيقة

rep keith ellison d minn said in a 2015 court filing that his ex wife repeatedly hit him and threatened to stab him during their 25 year marriage

Meghan Markle wows with banana bread on Australia tour

foxnews قبل 9 ساعة و 40 دقيقة

the pregnant duchess of sussex didn t let a little jet lag stop her from whipping up something special

Most-wanted drug trafficker turns himself in after taunting police in music video

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one of spain s most wanted drug lords turned himself in to authorities on wednesday after he appeared in a music video seemingly taunting police

Obesity surgery may lower heart attack danger in diabetics

foxnews قبل 10 ساعة

obesity surgery may dramatically lower the danger of heart attacks and strokes in patients with diabetes new research suggests reinforcing evidence...

NASA astronaut describes dramatic escape from failed Soyuz rocket

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nasa astronaut nick hague has described his dramatic escape from a failed soyuz rocket just minutes after its launch last week

Ohio cop gives boy with BB gun ‘life lesson,’ tells child he ‘could have killed’ him, video shows

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body camera footage showed columbus police department officer peter casuccio giving two young boys ages 11 and 13 a life lesson

Missing Wisconsin teen, 13, is in danger, not a runaway, cops say, as search intensifies after parents killed

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two days after her parents mysterious death wisconsin teen jayme closs remained endangered but her whereabouts continued to prove elusive for the...

Politico chief implies Trump is ‘white nationalist,’ brushes it off as ‘wisecracks’ lost in translation

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politico co founder and editor in chief john f harris seemed to imply that president trump is a white nationalist who took over the republican...

Woman kills herself, two children after husband fakes his death

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a chinese woman killed herself and her two children after her husband faked his own death for an insurance payout

Obama shoots down excuses, urges people to vote in midterm elections in new video

foxnews قبل 11 ساعة و 3 دقيقة

former president barack obama in a new video is shutting down any excuse not to vote in the upcoming midterm elections

ICE forced to release illegal immigrants ‘out of the front door’ in Arizona amid space crunch, border surge

foxnews قبل 11 ساعة و 7 دقيقة

immigration and customs enforcement officials faced with a lack of housing space an agreement that limits how long they can detain families and a...

Treasury employee charged with leaking financial info on Trump campaign officials, Russians

foxnews قبل 11 ساعة و 32 دقيقة

a treasury employee has been arrested and charged with leaking multiple reports about financial transactions relating to former trump campaign...

Mothers of babies afflicted by Zika fight poverty, despair

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nearly three years after a zika outbreak in brazil caused thousands of cases of microcephaly and other devastating birth defects in newborns...

Honduras migrant caravan on the move despite warnings from Trump, governments

foxnews قبل 12 ساعة و 10 دقيقة

thousands of honduran migrants heading toward the u s mexico border reportedly are on the move again wednesday despite warnings to turn back from...