Top-ranked Osaka gets 1st-round win in Birmingham on grass

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a day after saying she was not really that comfortable playing on grass top ranked naomi osaka needed three sets to get past her first round...

Newcomer Boyd gets 2 goals for US in 4-0 win over Guyana

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after newcomer tyler boyd scored early in the second half to give the united states a two goal lead the sure sign this was going to be a good night...

AOC attack group targets top Dem -- who voted with her 96% of the time but criticized Omar

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a far left group backed by rep alexandria ocasio cortez is supporting a political newcomer to unseat a 30 year democratic new york congressman who...

Body of Florida woman, 22, found in ‘suspicious circumstances,’ police say

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a 22 year old woman was found dead along a florida highway early sunday with signs of minor trauma and an apparent broken leg police said

Maryland college student brings stepdad to tears with collage of notes he left her in middle school

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a college student brought her stepfather to tears this father s day in maryland when she gifted him a framed picture of the two of them surrounded...

Louie Anderson says ‘Baskets’ made him closer to late mom: ‘I got a little emotional a few times’

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louie anderson isn t clowning around when it comes to season 4 of baskets

Today on Fox News, June 19, 2019

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Trump plans Air Force One flyover in DC as part of revamped July 4 celebration: report

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president trump plans to have air force one fly over the national mall as part of his revamped fourth of july celebrations set to take place next...

Polar bear spotted in Russian city, far from normal habitat

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an emaciated polar bear has been sighted in a russian industrial city in siberia far south of its normal hunting grounds

Two melons sold at Japanese auction for $45G to first-time bidder: report

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two melons were sold at an auction in the japanese city of yubari last month for a record breaking 45 600 to a first time bidder according to reports

Iraqi official: Rocket hits oil site, wounds 3 Iraqi workers

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iraqi officials say a rocket hit an oil drilling site in southern basra province striking a camp housing energy giant exxon mobil and wounding...

Déjà vu: Trump launches reelection bid with tough immigration talk

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how much will the 2020 election turn on trump himself

2 New York cops who saved teen from suicide struggled with shotgun: report

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two new york police officers sprang into action to save a teens life tuesday as the distraught 19 year old had a shotgun pressed to his chin

Investigation team to announce progress in MH17 probe

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an international team of investigators building a criminal case against those responsible in the downing of malaysia airlines flight 17 is set to...

Alabama girl, 12, accidentally shoots two teen boys – one critically, police say

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a 12 year old alabama girl was taken into custody tuesday afternoon after she d accidentally shot and wounded two teenage boys police said

Some asylum-seekers should be halted at border, new USCIS acting director says in memo to staff: report

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president trump s recent appointee to head u s citizenship and immigration services uscis is apparently wasting little time in making changes at...

Ex-MLB star Lenny Dykstra, wrestler spent 9 hours dumpster diving for dentures

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former major league baseball star lenny dykstra and his wrestler friend spent 9 hours dumpster diving behind a jersey mike s over the weekend to...

UN: Nearly 71 million now displaced by war, violence at home

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a record 71 million people have been displaced worldwide from war persecution and other violence the u n refugee agency said wednesday an increase...

Donald Trump Jr blasts Joe Biden, asks why he didn’t ‘cure cancer’ in last 50 years

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while warming up the crowd at president trump s re election rally in orlando tuesday first son donald trump jr took a few swipes at the democratic...

Trump close to rolling back Obama-era environmental rules

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the trump administration is close to completing one of its biggest rollbacks of environmental rules replacing a landmark obama era effort that...

Rubio hits back at NYT reporter who called him out for ‘smiling’ at Trump rally

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senator marco rubio hit back at a reporter after he tweeted it was very strange to see the florida senator smiling and chuckling at the president s...

Hong Kong lawmakers meet with no-confidence vote set to fail

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hong kong lawmakers are meeting for the first time in a week after massive protests over an extradition bill that eventually was suspended

SEE IT: giant great white shark stuns fisherman during real-life ‘Jaws’ moment

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jeff crilly was out on his boat the big nutz required ii with some pals monday when a great white shark swam up to the stem of the boat and grabbed...

Ali Noorani: Trump’s promised immigrant deportations would be a tragic mistake and make America weaker

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president trump s threatened mass deportation of millions of unauthorized immigrants would weaken america s economy and permanently alter our moral...

House votes to block military transgender ban

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the democratic controlled house voted tuesday night to block president donald trump s move to restrict transgender men and women from military service

Man charged slaying of dad who was reputed New York mobster

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federal prosecutors say the son of a reputed bonanno associate gunned down at a mcdonald s drive thru in the bronx was behind his father s hit and...

Hiker rescued from Mount Washington may be on hook for bill

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an 80 year old hiker rescued last week from new hampshire s mount washington in frigid temperatures may be on the hook for emergency services...

Upstate New York clerk ‘will not be granting drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants,’ contrary to new law: report

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an upstate new york clerk is criticizing a bill which allows undocumented immigrants to apply for drivers licenses saying he will not be granting...

Attorney: Deputy in clash with Raptors president has concussion is on medical leave

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a california sheriff s deputy suffered a concussion jaw injury and is on medical leave following an altercation with toronto raptors president...

New Jersey millionaire gets 7 years behind bars over sex with teen girl

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a new jersey millionaire who engaged in sexual acts with a 15 year old girl for seven months according to court documents was sentenced monday to...

More than 16 tons of cocaine intercepted at Philadelphia port, nearly a record haul

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over 16 5 tons of cocaine were seized from a ship at a philadelphia port on tuesday and several members of the crew were arrested in one of the...

Trump kicks off re-election campaign at Orlando rally -- live blog

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president trump will formally launch his re election campaign tuesday night at the amway center in orlando

The Latest: 2 charged in huge cocaine bust at Philly port

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the latest on a large seizure of cocaine from a container ship in philadelphia all times local 6 35 p m two members of a container ship s crew face...

Man rushes Phoenix airport checkpoint; 2 officers injured

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authorities say two transportation security administration officers were injured while subduing a man who tried to rush through a checkpoint...

33K pounds of cocaine seized in one of biggest US drug busts

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u s authorities have seized more than 1 billion worth of cocaine from a ship at a philadelphia port calling it one of the largest drug busts in...

Texas longhorn earns the name, breaking Guinness record for length

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a texas longhorn now that s an understatement indeed a lone star longhorn has broken the guinness world record for having the longest horn spread...

Rabbi Abraham Cooper: Ocasio-Cortez’s claim that US runs ‘concentration camps’ is absurd and insulting

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rep alexandria ocasio cortez s claim monday and tuesday that that the u s government is running concentration camps on our southern border is...

Tourist claims flight home from Dominican Republic was full of sick passengers

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a mississippi woman who went on a mother daughter trip to the dominican republic says she fell ill and adding insult to injury was stuck on a...

Couple watches in horror as massive huntsman spider eats a possum in their hotel room

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this is the last thing anyone would want to find in a hotel room

Conservative group hits back after Feinstein accuses Republicans of packing courts by rushing confirmations

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senate judiciary committee ranking member dianne feinstein d calif accused republicans on thursday of trying to stack federal courts by pushing...