Giuliani: Mueller investigation will wrap up by September 1

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rudy giuliani who was recently hired as president trump s lawyer told nbc news on sunday that special counsel robert mueller s investigation into...

Religious reformer Frank Schaeffer on ‘moron fringe’ evangelicals

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american christian evangelicals supported the move of the u s embassy in israel to jerusalem with prominent leaders attending in person but why...

This week in racism: Barbequing while black

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are racist incidents on the rise since the election of donald trump joy reid and her panel discuss the white woman who called the police on black...

MSNBC analyst Gabe Sherman: ‘This is a president with authoritarian instincts’

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donald trump reportedly pressured the postmaster general to raise shipping rates on amazon abusing his office to seek retribution against a job...

Trump demands DOJ looks into claims of a campaign informant

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amid reports of a second trump tower meeting president trump is calling for an investigation to the department of justice as to whether his...

Bishop Michael Curry’s sermon of love perfect for Trump era

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bishop michael curry s sermon on love at the royal wedding is perfect for the trump era rev dr barber joins joy reid on the launch of the poor...

Did embassy move raze two-state solution?

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the u s embassy moving to jerusalem leading to gaza violence may also decimate the possibility of a two state solution in israel according to msnbc...

MSNBC’s Clint Watts on FBI informant: ‘Everything president says is false’

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donald trump jr allegedly met with a gulf emissary offering to help the trump campaign win the 2016 election according to the new york times joy...

Rep. Gregory Meeks: ‘We are dealing with a con man in the WH’

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democratic congressman of new york gregory meeks weighs in on a week of ramped up attacks by president trump and his allies against special counsel...

Rev Al Sharpton’s Final Thoughts

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rev al sharpton gives his final thoughts on the royal wedding and it s historic significance

Exoneration Project

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rev al sharpton is joined by john bunn and glenn garber to discuss the exoneration of john bunn who was unjustly imprisoned for a crime he didn t...

Some survivors of Santa Fe school shooting are hesitant to return

msnbc 2018-5-20

two survivors of the mass shooting in texas autumn harrison and alyssa voll describe the fear they continue to experience they said the trauma may...

Foreigners tried to influence the 2016 election – Not just Russia

msnbc 2018-5-20

the new york times reports donald trump jr allegedly took a meeting with an israeli social media specialist and an emissary for the crown princes...

Joy Reid and her panel celebrate the royal wedding!

msnbc 2018-5-20

the royal wedding of prince harry and meghan markle now the duke and duchess of sussex has inspired many with its themes of racial inclusion...

MSNBC analyst Naveed Jamali: Is Kushner using ‘diplomacy or pay-to-play’?

msnbc 2018-5-20

jared kushner s family company is set to receive an investment from a qatar linked fund despite his role as a middle east adviser just as the trump...

Former Giffords Intern Says Gun Violence Survivors Should Be Included in the Conversation

msnbc 2018-5-19

as an intern daniel hernandez helped save the life of congresswoman gabby giffords as a gun violence survivor hernandez shares his hope that the...

Should Democrats run in midterms on Trump’s impeachment?

msnbc 2018-5-19

the possible impeachment of donald trump could motivate democrats to vote at higher levels in the midterm elections but will that be the party...

Moms Demand Action Founder: "the problem is easy access to guns”

msnbc 2018-5-19

moms demand action founder shannon watts reacts to the texas school shooting on msnbc live with david gura

Does Trump Get the Role of NATO?

msnbc 2018-5-19

msnbc s david gura talks with nato secretary general jens stoltenberg about the role of nato and how it affects the united states

Malcolm Nance: FBI informant shows ‘underlying basis of criminality’

msnbc 2018-5-19

a reported fbi informant on the trump campaign reported to robert mueller on possible russian ties only yet could be outed in a political backlash...

Michael Avenatti: ‘Trump keeps lying about what happened’

msnbc 2018-5-19

attorney for stormy daniels michael avenatti responds to members of donald trump s inner camp such as rudy giuliani who are criticizing avenatti...

Royal wedding rewind: Meghan and Harry’s big day in 2 minutes

msnbc 2018-5-19

britain s prince harry wed united states native meghan markle in a ceremony at st george s chapel in windsor england the couple will now take on...

This Week in God, 5.19.18

msnbc 2018-5-19

faith in america vice president mike pence said is rising again because of trump and his administration there s quite a bit of evidence to the...

What Meghan Markle means to black Britons

msnbc 2018-5-19

msnbc s katy tur spoke with a 12 year old british girl who has become inspired by meghan markle joining the royal family

Giuliani claims Mueller will narrow focus of questions to Trump

msnbc 2018-5-19

trump attorney rudy giuliani says the special counsel s team has agreed to narrows the focus of questions it plans to ask pres trump a claim that...

Rpts: FBI informant probed Russian ties to Trump campaign

msnbc 2018-5-19

the president has accused the fbi of spying on his campaign but new reporting tells a different story about what the fbi was really up to robert...

Trump risks presidency using his power to pursue personal animus

msnbc 2018-5-19

michael beschloss nbc news presidential historian compares donald trump s reported use of the postal service to attack the owner of the washington...

Student Shooting survivor: feel like "luckiest guy alive right now"

msnbc 2018-5-19

lawrence is joined by msnbc s chris jansing and high school student rome shubert who was shot in the head when a gunman entered his santa fe high...

Student Shooting survivor: feel like "luckiest guy alive right now"

msnbc 2018-5-19

lawrence is joined by msnbc s chris jansing and high school student rome shubert who was shot in the head when a gunman entered his santa fe high...

Trump toys with abuse of office in beef against Washington Post

msnbc 2018-5-19

rachel maddow revisits the history of richard nixon trying to use the irs to audit his personal political enemies and notes the parallels with...

FBI used informant to investigate Trump Russia contacts, not spy

msnbc 2018-5-19

the new york times reports that the fbi used an informant to investigate members of the donald trump campaign after their contacts with russian...

Matthews: Trump will do nothing on school shootings

msnbc 2018-5-19

chris thinks the country is led by a president so concerned with his political survival that he dare not consider the survival of our youth

Facing Mueller probe, Trump uniting far right base

msnbc 2018-5-19

facing a growing threat from mueller s investigation president trump has been focused on uniting his right wing base on multiple fronts

Texas shooting suspect makes first court appearance

msnbc 2018-5-19

dimitrios pagourtzis the alleged gunman in the shooting at santa fe high school made his first appearance in court

Florida shooting suspect makes first court appearance

msnbc 2018-5-19

dimitrios pagourtzis the alleged gunman in the shooting at santa fe high school made his first appearance in court

Manafort facing fewer options as his son in flips, cooperates with Mueller

msnbc 2018-5-19

nyt s ken vogel and msnbc analyst jeremy bash on former trump campaign manager paul manafort s ex son in law pleading guilty to federal charges

ICYMI: The headlines to catch up on this week

msnbc 2018-5-19

new veterans affairs secretary planned parenthood funding and a failed farm bill chuck breaks down some of the headlines from the week

How is Santa Fe High shooting different from past school shootings?

msnbc 2018-5-19

nbc s pete williams joins to discuss the santa fe high school shooting where he notes it s unusual that the shooter wasn t armed with a semi...

Expert: Texas school shooting echoes Columbine massacre

msnbc 2018-5-18

retired atf special agent jim cavanaugh discusses the apparent similarities between the school shooting at texas santa fe high school and 1998 s...

Did Trump use his office to try to punish...

msnbc 2018-5-18

did donald trump personally push the u s postmaster general to raise amazon s postal rates if so it s a striking addition to the president s list...