Fourth Giuliani associate arrested

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david correia is under arrest in the investigation of rudy giuliani s associates he was named in the indictment of lev parnas and igor fruman the...

Rep. Duckworth: Trump has the slaughter of the Kurdish militia on his hands

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president trump is set to meet with a bipartisan group of congressional leaders on syria but with democrats and some republicans furious with the...

The Inquiry: Trump’s inner circle defies House subpoenas

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michael mckinley who recently resigned after serving as senior advisor to mike pompeo is set to testify in front of congress as part of the...

White House scandal puts Mick Mulvaney in...

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mick mulvaney reportedly contributed substantially to the unfolding political crisis at the white house

Transcript: James Stavridis

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transcript james stavridis

Turkish president now will meet with VP Pence

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reversing an earlier position turkish president erdogan has now said he will meet with vice president mike pence who is due to travel to turkey to...

Buttigieg weighs in on Warren, Syria and gaining African-American support

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2020 democratic candidate mayor pete buttigieg says that sen elizabeth warren did not give an answer tuesday night to his question about health...

Elizabeth Warren on the money in presidential campaigns

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elizabeth warren joins chris hayes in the spin room to discuss her debate performance and campaign financing she says everyone on that stage knows...

Cory Booker: We need to unify this party

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senator cory booker joins chris hayes from the spin room after the democratic debate booker says that party unity and relationships across the...

Andrew Yang warns the dangers of automation

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andrew yang joins chris hayes from the spin room to talk about his debate performance yang says that states that went to trump were affected by...

State Dept. official told Congress White House directed ‘three amigos’ to run Ukraine policy

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kent told investigators today that acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney organized a meeting this past spring in which officials decided...

Nancy Pelosi says Dems will not vote on impeachment inquiry ‘at this time’

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speaker nancy pelosi told reporters that at this time we will not being having a vote on an impeachment inquiry

Obama debate coach: 2020 Dems must hammer Trump

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the trump impeachment push escalates as 2020 dems debate in ohio it s the first debate since the ukraine scandal exploded msnbc s ari melber...

Trump emoluments case to be reheard by full US Court of Appeals

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the full 4th circuit court of appeals has agreed to rehear the emoluments clause case brought by maryland and the district of columbia in july a 3...

Biden campaign: Hunter Biden ‘showed that he’s not going to be bullied by’ Trump

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biden deputy campaign manager kate bedingfield joins mtp daily to discuss hunter biden s response to trump s attacks and the debate tonight

Officer who killed Atatiana Jefferson charged with murder

msnbc 2019-10-15

a police officer has been charged with murder in the death of atatiana jefferson nbc s gabe gutierrez and former u s attorney joyce vance join...

Giuliani’s former colleagues ‘flabbergasted’ at conduct that put him under criminal investigation

msnbc 2019-10-15

berit berger alumna of the sdny joins the beat with ari melber to discuss her former colleagues being flabbergasted by the investigation into rudy...

Sen. Murphy: We now know for certain there was a quid pro quo

msnbc 2019-10-15

connecticut democratic senator chris murphy serves on the foreign relations committee he joins andrea mitchell to discuss the latest on the trump...

Poll denialism makes a comeback as...

msnbc 2019-10-15

republican poll denialism in 2012 created a cautionary tale seven years later trump has forgotten the lessons his party was supposed to have learned

On Syria: President Trump and VP Pence, in their own words

msnbc 2019-10-15

morning joe presents a mashup of statements from president trump and vice president pence about the u s withdrawing troops in northern syria

Intel officials warn ISIS could regroup after Trump pulls troops from Syria

msnbc 2019-10-15

a sustained turkish military operation against u s backed kurdish forces in syria which trump appears to have permitted would vastly increase the...

In Syria, ‘ISIS thrives in chaos’

msnbc 2019-10-15

after trump opened the door to a turkish invasion in syria hundreds of isis fighters and sympathizers have reportedly gone free as battles have raged

Elizabeth Warren leads in new national poll

msnbc 2019-10-15

according to the quinnipiac university poll elizabeth warren is leading in the battle for the democratic nomination steve kornacki goes to the big...

NYT: Fiona Hill saw recall of Ukraine ambassador as ‘egregious abuse of the system’

msnbc 2019-10-15

the new york times reports that fiona hill viewed the recall of ambassador marie yovanovitch from kiev as an egregious abuse of the system by...

Francis Ford Coppola backs prosecutors playing Godfather clip at Trump adviser’s trial

msnbc 2019-10-15

francis ford coppola discusses his film the godfather being played in former trump aide roger stone s trail in a new interview with msnbc s ari...

Trump to authorize new sanctions against Turkey

msnbc 2019-10-15

nbc news senior international correspondent keir simmons joins mtp daily from the turkish syria border with latest developments from the front lines

U.S. troops are ordered out of Syria as Turkey continues military invasion

msnbc 2019-10-15

the kurds have sought out the help of bashar al assad and russia after being abandoned in northern syria by the united states katy tur discusses...

Texas woman shot and killed in own home by police officer

msnbc 2019-10-14

after a police officer shot and killed a black woman in her own home protests have broken out and the community is asking why this happened nbc s...

Why exactly would Donald Trump have...

msnbc 2019-10-14

why is it exactly that the republican president occasionally has his daughter speak to world leaders what would republicans say if it were chelsea...

Facing possible criminal probe, Giuliani...

msnbc 2019-10-14

according to multiple reports rudy giuliani is facing a possible criminal investigation his on the record comments may make matters worse

New week of testimony over Ukraine behind closed doors, as handling of Turkey plays out in plain sight

msnbc 2019-10-14

dealing with a crisis like the one unfolding in syria right now would be difficult for an administration even in a normal political era

Montgomery, Al elects first black mayor

msnbc 2019-10-14

for the first time in its 200 year history the city has elected its first black mayor mayor elect steven reed

Rep. Rouda: AG Barr’s reported meeting with Rupert Murdoch should be investigated

msnbc 2019-10-13

harley rouda d ca joins alex witt to explain why he finds it preposterous that attorney general william barr reportedly met with fox chairman...

Who ‘Won the Week’? Celebrities celebrate week’s biggest winners

msnbc 2019-10-13

2020 democratic presidential candidate u s senator elizabeth warren champion gymnast simone biles and former president jimmy carter are celebrated...

Rep. Jayapal: Trump named Barr in call with Ukraine president

msnbc 2019-10-13

gordan sondland u s ambassador to the european union is set to testify that he does not know why u s aide to ukraine was delayed rep pramila...

Why Fox’s Shep Smith clashed with network’s opinion hosts

msnbc 2019-10-13

shepard smith one of the first hires at the conservative fox news network resigned on the air on friday following what many saw as increased...

Barr blames social ills on ‘secularists’ in religious freedom speech

msnbc 2019-10-13

u s attorney general william barr in a speech at notre dame law school on friday apparently blamed drug abuse violence and mental illness on...

U.S. official says situation in Syria is ‘rapidly deteriorating’

msnbc 2019-10-13

turkey invading northern syria has continued for a fifth day an attack launched after donald trump reportedly with no warning to the pentagon...

U.S. to withdraw all troops from Syria as ISIS supporters escape

msnbc 2019-10-13

the united states military is withdrawing all troops from north syria amid turkish advancements in the region video shows isis prisoners escaping...

Hunter Biden to step down from board of Chinese firm if father elected

msnbc 2019-10-13

hunter biden pledges to step down from the board of a chinese firm if his father former vice president joe biden wins the 2020 presidential election