Joe: Trump gives high ground away to Democrats

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president trump argued about border security with senate minority leader chuck schumer and house minority leader nancy pelosi on tuesday saying he...

Flynn asks for no jail time, cites FBI not warning him not to lie

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rachel maddow takes a first very fresh look at mike flynn s defense sentencing memorandum in which he asks for no jail time and makes the novel...

Monopoly Man not most cartoonish character at Google hearing

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if it wasn t already obvious that the congresspeople on the house judiciary committee really don t get how the internet works it was made quite...

Presidency or Prison? Goldberg says Trump faces jail with 2020 loss

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federal prosecutors have alleged that michael cohen made illegal campaign payments and that trump may also have committed a felony the justice...

Pelosi and Schumer hammer Trump in brawl over border wall

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leaders of the house and senate democrats nancy pelosi and chuck schumer publicly clashed with president trump over keeping the government from...

Butina 1st Russian to admit to trying to influence U.S. politics

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butina will plead guilty to one count of conspiracy

Dems fight back against Trump over border wall

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trump said he d be proud to shut down the government over funding for the border wall

Full Himes: ‘The president says he’s a dealmaker…Well then deal, negotiate’

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rep jim himes d conn joins mtp daily today to discuss the possibility of impeachment for president trump after the recent findings in the russia...

Fatal shooting breaks out at French Christmas market

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one person is dead and at least six were injured in a shooting in the center of the french city of strasbourg on the german border on tuesday...

After publicly bickering with Dems, Trump...

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if this were a wrestling match chuck schumer and nancy pelosi tag teamed donald trump until he was spinning in circles

Instant reaction from Leon Panetta on contentious WH meeting

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leon panetta former white house chief of staff and former cia director joins andrea mitchell to react to president trump s meeting with democratic...

President Trump threatens shutdown in meeting with Pelosi, Schumer

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in an oval office meeting between president trump vp pence and democratic leaders nancy pelosi and chuck schumer president trump threatened a...

Trump reportedly hoped someone else would...

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this president loves to fire people just so long as he s not the one doing the firing

Rep. Clyburn: ‘I don’t have a problem with’ 4 year limit for House leadership

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assistant democratic leader james clyburn d sc joins hallie jackson to discuss nancy pelosi and chuck schumer s upcoming meeting with the president...

Doris Kearns Goodwin: I wonder if Trump will resign

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presidential historian doris kearns goodwin wonders if the president would ever consider resigning

Investigation-loving House leader urges Dems to leave Trump alone

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kevin mccarthy s comments yesterday were obviously foolish but they fit into a pattern gop leaders seem awfully nervous about house dems...

Asked about allegations against Trump,...

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i don t believe i ve ever heard a sitting senator express wholesale indifference to the rule of law in such stark terms

All-time low approval for handling of probe: poll

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just 29 percent of the public approves of trump s handling of the russia probe down from 33 percent in october according to the latest cnn ssrs...

Mika: Top GOP reaction to allegations are disgraceful

msnbc 2018-12-11

some top republicans including kevin mccarthy orrin hatch and chuck grassley are dismissing the allegations that then candidate donald trump...

Trump scrambles to find his next Chief of Staff

msnbc 2018-12-11

president trump is facing a tight deadline after his first choice to replace chief of staff john kelly turned down the job and the applicant pool...

Law unsettled on if or how long the presidency can protect Trump

msnbc 2018-12-11

joon kim former acting u s attorney for the southern district of new york talks with rachel maddow about whether a president s time in office...

Cohen sentencing, other key milestones set for court this week

msnbc 2018-12-11

rachel maddow lists some of this week s significant court dates for key figures in the trump russia scandal including the sentencing of donald...

Trump considered attorney general pick as a defense attorney: Report

msnbc 2018-12-11

donald trump wanted william barr on his defense team the lawyer demurred and is now nominated to be attorney general

Let Me Finish: How the Peace Corps led to success in DC

msnbc 2018-12-11

chris matthews explains the impact his time in the peace corps in swaziland had on his political career

North Carolina gears up for possible new election in 9th district

msnbc 2018-12-11

the board of elections is extending their investigation into allegations of absentee ballot tampering that could change the results in north...

Trump’s legal threat continues to grow

msnbc 2018-12-11

there are serious new revelations on the russia front

HELP WANTED: White House struggles to fill top post

msnbc 2018-12-11

fmr rnc chairman michael steele columnist mike lupica boston herald s kimberly atkins demos heather on john kelly s expected departure and the...

Trump now facing ‘clear and present danger’ to his presidency?

msnbc 2018-12-11

fmr fbi assistant director frank figliuzzi fmr us attorney harry litman la times eli stokols boston herald s kimberly atkins demos heather mcgee on...

Full Connolly: Court filings ‘move us into flashing red territory for Donald Trump’

msnbc 2018-12-11

rep gerry connolly d va joins mtp daily to discuss court filings that show president trump as a key figure in the russia investigation and what...

Court filings show Trump as key figure in federal investigations

msnbc 2018-12-11

nbc investigative reporter tom winter and msnbc legal analyst danny cevallos report on court filings that show trump as a key figure in federal...

Which Russians are allegedly connected to President Trump?

msnbc 2018-12-10

ali velshi and stephanie ruhle dig into new court documents from the russia investigation and break down the long list of russians allegedly tied...

Who could serve as President Trump’s new Chief of Staff?

msnbc 2018-12-10

general john kelly is out of the white house watch stephanie ruhle and ali velshi break down the contenders for president trump s third chief of staff

NYT: Smart phone apps are tracking your every move, selling the data

msnbc 2018-12-10

the new york times is out with a new investigative report revealing how apps on your phone track your movements then sell that information to...

Suspected Russian agent Maria Butina...

msnbc 2018-12-10

i wonder who s the most nervous about that maria butina is going to say next

Does the constitution allow a president to be indicted?

msnbc 2018-12-10

nbc investigative reporter anna schecter and nyu law professor melissa murray discuss where president trump stands after ny prosecutors released...

Trump scandal is far more serious than...

msnbc 2018-12-10

a simple private transaction an error in filing paperwork um no

Why James Comey says President Trump should not be impeached

msnbc 2018-12-10

after testifying for six hours on friday former fbi director james comey sat down with msnbc s nicolle wallace stephanie ruhle breaks down what he...

Russian contacts with Team Trump...

msnbc 2018-12-10

the list of team trump members of who denied the communications with russia is nearly as long as the list of team trump members who interacted with...

Faced with scandal, Trump seems oblivious to his precarious state

msnbc 2018-12-10

trump instinctively believes every piece of incriminating evidence is totally good for him that should make republicans nervous

NC Dem challenger calls on opponent to end his silence

msnbc 2018-12-10

dan mccready is the democratic congressional candidate in north carolina s 9th district and he joins morning joe to discuss withdrawing his...