Gloria Allred reacts after Cosby sentenced to 3 to 10 years in prison

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after bill cosby is sentenced to 3 to 10 years in prison for andrea constand case gloria allred reacts to the sentencing with nbc s ron allen

Bill Cosby led out of courtroom in handcuffs

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bill cosby is led out of courtroom in handcuffs after being sentenced to 3 10 years in prison for andrea constand sexual assault

Why is President Trump standing by Brett Kavanaugh?

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president trump s supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh says he is not going anywhere ali velshi and lawyer danielle mclaughlin discuss possible...

Rothkopf: Trump goes from roasting the UN to toasting the UN

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president trump just addressed the united nations general assembly and is facing some big problems like iran and north korea ali velshi and david...

Richard Haass: President moving towards ‘extreme nationalism’ with UN speech

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richard haaass president of the council on foreign relations and author of a world in disarray american foreign policy and the crisis of the old...

At the U.N., Trump finds the world...

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for donald trump there is no worse insult than being laughed at it s what made the reaction to his speech to the u n this morning so brutal

Poll: Americans see Republicans putting...

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the latest fox news poll found that a majority of americans believe republican officials put their party s interests above their country s interests

Goldstone: I thought only Don Jr. would read email

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rob goldstone the music publicist who helped arrange the 2016 trump tower meeting between campaign officials and a russian lawyer joins morning joe...

Keeping due process in mind ahead of hearing

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president trump s supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh spoke monday with fox news about the allegations of assault against him dating back to high...

Bash: Trump firing Rosenstein, would be a Saturday Night Massacre

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msnbc analyst jeremy bash explains what he thinks would happen if trump decides to fire deputy attorney general rod rosenstein the man overseeing...

More sexual misconduct accusations made against Kavanaugh

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rachel maddow looks at new accusations of sexual misconduct made against donald trump s supreme court pick brett kavanaugh including graphic...

Avenatti: Kavanaugh accuser client may pursue criminal case

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michael avenatti attorney for a person he describes as a witness and victim of brett kavanaugh talks with rachel maddow about his client presenting...

What happens if Rosenstein leaves the DOJ?

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what happens if rod rosenstein leaves the department of justice it s complicated

Matthews: Dr. Blasey Ford has a right to speak up

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chris thinks the senate needs to have the incident dr ford describes investigated by the fbi and that congress needs to leave the matter of...

Senate Republicans hope to vote on Kavanaugh by end of week

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senate republicans on the judiciary committee say they will hold the vote on kavanaugh s nomination as soon as possible if no new information comes...

GOP, White House continue to back Kavanaugh after new allegations

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axios reports that republicans plan to fight accounts from kavanaugh s accusers

Trump praises North Korea denuclearization, intel contradicts claims

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president trump said there was tremendous success in talks with north korea however critics say there s been anything but on denuclearization with...

Kavanaugh accusations helping fuel ‘pink wave’ in November?

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former bide gore chief of staff ron klain former doj spox matt miller la times eli stokols and wapo opinion writer jennifer rubin on political...

Top Dem on Judiciary Cmte: I am very worried about Mueller probe

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congressman jerry nadler joins nicolle wallace to discuss rod rosenstein s future in the doj and the special counsel s investigation

NBC/WSJ Poll: Democrats have the advantage heading into November midterms

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in meet the midterms today our new nbc news wsj poll shows democrats with a 12 point advantage heading into the midterm elections this november

Inside the ‘circus’ of 2018

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creator executive producer and co host of the circus on showtime mark mckinnon joins katy tur to discuss how allegations of sexual misconduct...

Full Coons: Protecting Mueller ‘only way’ to have confidence in investigation

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sen chris coons d del joins mtp daily to discuss the possibility of rosenstein being fired and the latest kavanaugh accusation

Trump on Kavanaugh: ‘His family has suffered’

msnbc 2018-9-24

trump speaks out defending scotus nominee brett kavanaugh saying his family has suffered what s going on is not something that should happen

White House says Trump and Rosenstein to meet on Thursday

msnbc 2018-9-24

amid reports that deputy attorney general rod rosenstein may be leaving his post president trump and rosenstein are set to meet at the white house...

Dems up 12 points ahead of midterms: poll

msnbc 2018-9-24

democrats have a 12 point advantage over republicans in a generic congressional ballot according to the latest nbc news wsj figures

#GoodNewsRUHLES: Welcome, Harold Felix Biette!

msnbc 2018-9-24

watch stephanie ruhle welcome baby harold felix biette to the msnbc family and congratulate his parents our booking producer mike and his wife candi

Senate Judiciary spokesman resigns after questions of a harassment complaint

msnbc 2018-9-24

brett kavanaugh is not the only one in this process faced with sexual assault allegations watch stephanie ruhle and nbc national political reporter...

Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein summoned to White House

msnbc 2018-9-24

deputy attorney general rod rosenstein who currently oversees the trump russia investigation is reportedly on the way to the white house to learn...

In gubernatorial races, one region offers...

msnbc 2018-9-24

the midwest was integral to trump s success in 2016 and it s easy to believe it ll be equally as important to a democratic resurgence in 2018

Trump explicitly makes 2018 midterms a...

msnbc 2018-9-24

get out in 2018 because you re voting for me in 2018 trump said at his missouri rally you re voting for me you re voting for me

As Kavanaugh confronts new misconduct allegation, what happens now?

msnbc 2018-9-24

kavanaugh recently swore under oath that he had never committed any verbal or physical harassment or assault of a sexual nature that may not have...

Recapping Know Your Value/IBX event in Philly

msnbc 2018-9-24

mika brzezinski recaps the know your value ibx event held friday september 21 in philadelphia

Is the middle class better off under Trump?

msnbc 2018-9-24

the notion that the state of america s workers has improved meaningfully during the trump administration is simply not true says steve rattner who...

Joe: If truth is on their side, what is GOP afraid of?

msnbc 2018-9-24

christine blasey ford wants the fbi to investigate the claim she was assaulted by brett kavanaugh when both were teenagers lawmakers including sens...

Kavanaugh faces new allegation of misconduct

msnbc 2018-9-24

the president s supreme court pick brett kavanaugh is facing a second allegation of sexual misconduct deborah ramirez a yale classmate of kavanaugh...

Fmr. Sen. Baucus: Joe Biden should apologize to Anita Hill

msnbc 2018-9-24

then senator joe biden led the judiciary committee as chairman during anita hill s testimony in 1991 and now his handling of the hearing could come...

New allegations against SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh

msnbc 2018-9-24

democrats are investigating a new allegation of sexual misconduct against supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh during his days at yale

Kavanaugh/Ford Senate hearing: The unanswered questions

msnbc 2018-9-24

msnbc s ayman moyheldin discusses the agreement between the senate judiciary committee and attorneys for christine blasey ford who accuses supreme...

Teresa Tomlinson: Stacey Abrams can smoke Brian Kemp on Nov. 6

msnbc 2018-9-24

mayor teresa tomlinson of columbus ga tells joy why she believes stacey abrams can win her state s governor race big

Former first lady Michelle Obama launches When We All Vote campaign

msnbc 2018-9-24

former first lady michelle obama has just launched her when we all vote campaign to get the vote out during the midterms former senior adviser to...