Swalwell: only "one shot" at impeachment

msnbc قبل ساعة و 6 دقيقة

we only get one shot at impeachment said rep eric swalwell d california who sits on the house judiciary committee

Can Donald Trump deliver a normal speech to kick off the Easter Egg Roll?

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the annual white house easter egg roll featured a lot of family friendly fun and a presidential speech that was not quite on topic or appropriate...

Rashida Tlaib on her resolution to impeach Trump

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as democrats debate what to do after the mueller report tlaib s proposal to investigate any impeachable offenses has gained support

No mention of climate change in Trump’s Earth Day message

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chris says trump has a history of denying climate change and his earth day message today does not even mention it or the role scientists say...

Daily Beast: Trump privately praises Bernie Sanders

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the daily beast the president is of two minds on bernie sanders while he sees the senator as a vulnerable opponent he also has offered begrudging...

Dems not committing to impeachment after strategy session

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house democrats concluded a conference call about their strategy moving forward in the wake of robert muller s explosive report according to nbc...

Is the dam breaking on impeachment talk?

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wapo s aaron blake associated press jonathan lemire moveon s karine jean pierre and gop strategist rick wilson on elizabeth warren s call for...

Political lessons from Clinton impeachment

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steve kornacki is at the big board to discuss the political ramifications of impeachment and the lessons to be learned from the last time the house...

Full Cardin: ‘Consideration of how to proceed’ if evidence of obstruction

msnbc قبل 4 ساعة و 40 دقيقة

sen ben cardin d md joins mtp daily to discuss democrats next steps after the mueller report and whether impeachment is a possibility

Rep. Jerry Nadler subpoenas former White House counsel Don McGahn

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rep jerry nadler d n y subpoenas former white house counsel don mcgahn

Why 2020 Dem. Candidate says climate change is a top priority

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ali velshi talks with democratic presidential candidate gov jay inslee d wa about why he has made climate change a signature issue for his campaign...

Are immoral actions by a president impeachable if they’re not illegal?

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in the wake of the mueller report more democrats are discussing impeachment former federal prosecutor glenn kirschner joins stephanie ruhle and ali...

Leader of militia group accused of detaining migrants at border

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larry mitchell hopkins the leader of a vigilante militia group called the united constitutional patriots has been accused of illegally detaining...

Joe Biden’s history of presidential runs

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the long wait for the long time front runner could soon be over with joe biden potentially throwing his hat in the ring this week nbc s steve...

Young people feel anxiety due to direction of country: survey

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a new harvard institute of politics survey of young americans finds a correlation between anxiety and views related to direction of the country the...

Supreme Court agrees to take on workplace LGBT discrimination cases

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the supreme court will rule on whether civil rights laws ban discrimination against lgbt people in the workplace when they hear three cases related...

To keep financial records secret, Trump...

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as a rule when trump world acts as if it has something to hide it s because trump world has something to hide

Trump Organization suing Elijah Cummings to block subpoena

msnbc قبل 12 ساعة و 18 دقيقة

in order to block a subpoena for their financial records the trump organization is suing house oversight and government reform committee chairman...

Joe: Would GOP accept Dem candidate getting stolen material?

msnbc قبل 14 ساعة و 29 دقيقة

while appearing on sunday shows the president s lawyer rudy giuliani weighed in on the mueller report and 2016 saying there was nothing inherently...

Democrats want to hear from Barr, Mueller on Capitol Hill

msnbc قبل 23 ساعة و 16 دقيقة

fuming over bill barr s handling over the mueller report democrats want to hear from the attorney general and want the special counsel himself to...

Nancy Pelosi’s Monday Conference Call Should be Interesting

msnbc قبل 23 ساعة و 41 دقيقة

democrats grapple with how to balance governing holding the president accountable and 2020 ambitions in the wake of the mueller report

The Mueller Report Rorschach Test

msnbc 2019-4-22

following the release of the redacted mueller report democrats grapple with whether impeachment proceedings should come next while republicans urge...

O’Jays on taking legal actions against Trump, new album

msnbc 2019-4-22

rev al sharpton is joined by the legendary group the o jays the group discusses their displeasure with conservatives using their music and having...

Rep. Ryan: The president plays politics, weakening our country

msnbc 2019-4-22

rep tim ryan of ohio joins rev al sharpton to discuss the mueller report the congressman also speaks about the forgotten areas of the country

Key unanswered Russia probe questions involve Trump’s finances

msnbc 2019-4-22

the house judiciary committee has subpoenaed the full mueller report joy reid and her panel discuss information that could come out of continued...

Waters: American people are waiting for us to provide leadership

msnbc 2019-4-22

rep maxine waters joins joy reid to discuss the mueller report telling am joy i think donald trump should have been impeached long ago

Why the Mueller report seems to punt the probe to Congress

msnbc 2019-4-21

donald trump s surrogates on the sunday shows discussing the mueller report defended the president and criticized the investigation joy reid and...

Can Biden inspire diverse voters in swing states Trump won?

msnbc 2019-4-21

joe biden is expected to enter the 2020 race this wednesday with many wondering if he can bridge the divide between working class white voters and...

Legal expert says Mueller report alone supports impeachment

msnbc 2019-4-21

many believe the mueller report offers a clear case for the impeachment of donald trump joy reid and her panel discuss apparent widespread...

Trump fails to act after three black churches burned down

msnbc 2019-4-21

rev al sharpton sits down with author and columnist george johnson sharpton says president trump s response to the devastating fire at notre dame...

Mueller avoids questions on whether he will testify before Congress

msnbc 2019-4-21

mueller avoids questions on whether he will testify before congress after being spotted in d c early sunday morning

Hundreds dead in 8 coordinated Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka

msnbc 2019-4-21

at least 207 people were killed and hundreds more injured after a wave of near simultaneous explosions rocked churches and luxury hotels in sri...

Fundraising windfall to fire-ravaged churches

msnbc 2019-4-21

the reverend al sharpton discusses how southern churches are also experiencing a fundraising windfalls like the famed notre dame cathedral after...

What’s Trump’s obsession with “Game of Thrones”?

msnbc 2019-4-21

he s tweeted using imagery from hbo s game of thrones several times so what seems to be president trump s obsession with the hit show

Explosions targeting churches and hotels kill over 100 in Sri Lanka

msnbc 2019-4-21

a wave of explosions targeting churches and hotels kill over 100 people in sri lanka on easter sunday

Rep. Ted Lieu: If Trump obstructed justice, impeachment should be on the table

msnbc 2019-4-21

msnbc s richard lui discusses the implications of the mueller report with a panel rep ted lieu d ca member of the house judiciary committee and the...

Mueller did not find conspiracy but collusion was not ruled out

msnbc 2019-4-20

the mueller reports outlines many examples that could be seen as collusion between the trump team and russia joy reid and her panel discuss

This Republican thinks Democrats should force a vote on Trump

msnbc 2019-4-20

donald trump is being largely supported by the gop establishment following the release of the redacted mueller report joy reid and her panel...

Mueller report reveals Trump campaign was eager for Wikileaks releases

msnbc 2019-4-20

despite president trump s recent assertion that he know s nothing about wikileaks new details in the mueller report reveal his campaign had a great...

Some Democrats don’t want impeachment without more investigation

msnbc 2019-4-20

some are calling the mueller report a roadmap to impeachment of donald trump for the alleged crime of obstruction of justice joy reid and her panel...