Apollo 11 moon landing commemorated 50 years later

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the apollo 11 moon landing is commemorated 50 years later by joy reid and derrick pitts chief astronomer and planetarium director of the franklin...

Omar reported to be in ‘imminent danger’ after Trump rally chants

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donald trump s rhetoric could impact the safety of members of congress according to experts joy reid and her panel discuss politico reporting that...

Republicans defend Trump’s inflammatory comments. Why?

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donald trump has reshaped much of the republican party in his image many experts say joy reid and her panel discuss how gop leaders such as lindsey...

Rep. Al Green: I know what ‘send them back’ means. It’s been said to me.

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despite attempting to disavow chants of send her back that broke out at his north carolina rally president donald trump is doubling down on his...

Growing calls for Puerto Rico governor to resign over scandal

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thousands of puerto rican protesters have demanded their governor resign amid corruption allegations and a leaked group chat now elected u s...

Trump rally echoes apparent attacks on Democratic congresswomen

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donald trump at first appeared to walk back negative statements about democratic freshman congresswomen ilhan omar rashida tlaib alexandria ocasio...

Fears anti-immigrant sentiment will fuel many in 2020 Trump base

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donald trump has stirred controversy by apparently calling for four popular freshman women of color congresswomen to go back to their countries...

How GOP reacted to Trump’s “go home” comment

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how republicans have reacted to president trump s go home comments and what the historic implications may be msnbc s steve kornacki and david gura...

Opioid maker, distributor gleeful over addiction business

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rachel maddow shares a passage from a new washington post report on corporate distribution of opioids in the united states in which a manufacturer...

Report exposes data, unconscionable business of opioid epidemic

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rachel maddow shares the details of a new report from the washington post and west virginia s charleston gazette mail detailing the number and...

Child sex trafficking charges added against Trumpworld figure

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rachel maddow reports on new child sex trafficking charges added against unsettling trumpworld figure george nader whose name features prominently...

Trump defends racist attacks as world leaders condemn

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the president is now defending the chants of send her back at his north carolina rally meanwhile michelle obama and world leaders are speaking out...

The Trump Swamp: Dept. of Labor edition

msnbc 2019-7-20

the story of the four men who the president has tapped to lead the labor department is the story of the entire administration

Where is Ivanka Trump amid her father’s latest racism controversy?

msnbc 2019-7-20

in a special edition of msnbc s saturday night politics donny deutsch asks where is ivanka amid trump s latest racism controversy with a group of...

Joy Reid says Trump is running a ‘white nationalist re-election campaign’

msnbc 2019-7-20

just one day after claiming he was not happy with his supporters chanting send her back at his rally on wednesday president trump today is walking...

Facebook, Apple grilled over alleged monopoly powers

msnbc 2019-7-20

msnbc s ari melber breaks down the fiery hearing this week where democrats scorch the four big powers in tech facebook apple google and amazon over...

Susan Rice: President Trump has increased likelihood of conflict with Iran

msnbc 2019-7-20

former national security adviser susan rice says that undoing president obama s nuclear deal was done without a plan b

Lineup announced for second Democratic presidential debate

msnbc 2019-7-20

tonight in 2020 vision peter alexander discusses the lineup for the second democratic presidential debate which is less than two weeks away

Democratic primary debates round two: What to expect

msnbc 2019-7-19

the lineups for the two nights are set elizabeth warren and bernie sanders will face off on night one while bernie sanders and elizabeth warren...

John Delaney: Trump has said a lot of racist things

msnbc 2019-7-19

watch former congressman and 2020 presidential contender john delaney join ayman mohyeldin to share his thoughts on president trump s recent racist...

Trump outraged that the Federal Reserve...

msnbc 2019-7-19

when it comes to monetary policy donald trump is driven by a sole question what s good for donald trump

Farewell, Nikki Egan

msnbc 2019-7-19

watch stephanie ruhle say goodbye to her executive producer nikki egan after 17 years at nbc news

As Apollo 11 landing turns 50, a look back

msnbc 2019-7-19

tom brokaw looks at the apollo 11 moon landing which happened 50 years ago on july 24 1969

Would the Trump admin effectively halt...

msnbc 2019-7-19

the white house has a number in mind for refugee admissions which is lower than last year s ceiling which is to say 100 lower

Does Donald Trump know what the debt...

msnbc 2019-7-19

asked about the debt ceiling trump whined incessantly about obama s fiscal record that really didn t make any sense

Dems challenge Republicans with major...

msnbc 2019-7-19

trump has spent the last few months obsessing over the idea that house dems aren t doing anything but in reality they keep passing their top...

With Epstein still in jail, will his victims come forward?

msnbc 2019-7-19

a new york federal judge on thursday ordered jeffrey epstein held without bail siding with prosecutors who argued the wealthy financier and accused...

What DOJ needs to make clear to Congress on Trump

msnbc 2019-7-19

the fbi believed then candidate donald trump was closely involved in a scheme to hide hush money payments to adult film star stormy daniels who...

Newly released court docs link Trump to cash Cohen paid porn star Stormy Daniels

msnbc 2019-7-19

the president is named in court documents now released showing numerous contacts with michael cohen and others surrounding the payoff to porn star...

2020 contender Julian Castro responds to ‘send her back’

msnbc 2019-7-19

presidential candidate julian castro joins lawrence o donnell to react to the president s attacks on four democratic congresswomen the southern...

BoJo and his kipper

msnbc 2019-7-19

with the second democratic presidential debate nearing you might want to know what insanity the british are up to as the leading candidate to be...

Chris Hayes: Trumpism must be peacefully but completely destroyed

msnbc 2019-7-19

chris hayes says the people who feel moral revulsion at the send her back chant must collectively mobilize in greater numbers than the chanters

Mitch McConnell: Trump ‘on to something’ with attacks on four congresswomen

msnbc 2019-7-19

regarding trump s racist attacks on the squad mitch mcconnell says the president is on to something

Maya Wiley calls Trump disavowing ‘Send her back’ chants a ‘flat out lie’

msnbc 2019-7-19

president trump spent most of his day trying to disavow the repugnant chant from the crowd at his rally in greenville north carolina last night...

Jeffrey Epstein case sheds light on child trafficking in U.S.

msnbc 2019-7-18

in a country where crimes against children are universally condemned executive director at epcat usa carol smolenski joins yasmin vossoughian to...

Despite reality, Trump suggests he tried...

msnbc 2019-7-18

a day later trump told reporters he tried to stop his followers from chanting send her back reality tells a very different story

Ret. Gen. McChrystal endorses Seth Moulton for president

msnbc 2019-7-18

presidential candidate seth moulton did not qualify for the next 2020 debate but today he s getting a high profile endorsement representative seth...

Lindsey Graham suggests Trump cares about praise, not race

msnbc 2019-7-18

to hear lindsey graham tell it trump attacking four women of color because they re liberal critics not because they re women of color if only that...

Flight risk, danger to community cited by judge for Epstein bail denial

msnbc 2019-7-18

a new york federal judge on thursday ordered jeffrey epstein held without bail siding with prosecutors who argued the wealthy financier and accused...

What newly-released Michael Cohen hush money documents reveal

msnbc 2019-7-18

the unredacted search warrants tied to hush money payments by president trump s former fixer michael cohen to porn star stormy daniels were posted...