McCabe: I have seen the letter Trump wrote justifying the firing of Jim Comey

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former acting fbi director andrew mccabe tells nicolle wallace about seeing the 4 page letter the president wrote justifying the firing of then fbi...

Full Garcetti: California should ‘absolutely not’ pay back funds for high-speed rail

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los angeles mayor eric garcetti joins mtp daily to discuss 2020 candidates and california s funds for the high speed rail

Litman: Mueller ‘would win’ if he subpoenaed Trump

msnbc قبل ساعة و 8 دقيقة

former u s attorney harry litman joins chuck todd to discuss the case for obstruction of justice against president trump

The Green New Deal: Belching cows and a town powered by manure

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ali velshi speaks with vaughn hillyard to break down the realities of the agricultural industry s impact on carbon emissions and how farming...

Rep. Gabbard defends controversial foreign policy positions

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democratic presidential candidate rep tulsi gabbard d hi has received a lot of attention and criticism for her foreign policy views and actions...

Is Bernie Sanders the early 2020 front-runner?

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former staffer for bernie sanders waleed shahid and former spokesman for hilary clinton philippe reines weigh his strengths and weaknesses as a...

Trump poised to challenge idea that...

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trump s own team has told him the climate crisis will create new national security risks now he s looking for an excuse to ignore his team

What will happen when Mueller submits his report to AG Barr

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nbc news previously reported that special counsel robert mueller is nearing the end of his investigation into russian election interference nbc...

Amazon pulls out of New York deal despite $3 billion in tax incentives

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after a significant backlash to a proposed amazon headquarters in queens with a price tag of 3 billion dollars in tax incentives amazon announced...

How the Green New Deal will affect farmers

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progressives are pushing the green new deal as a way to curb carbon emissions the plan lays out guidelines for american farmers but president trump...

Businesswoman sells GOP-themed dresses at RedState Gathering

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august 10 2015 msnbc s anthony terrell speaks to atlanta businesswoman ginger howard who was selling dresses and blouses with a print featuring gop...

Do Republican challengers stand a chance against Trump in 2020?

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president trump may have a new 2020 primary challenger on the horizon republican maryland governor larry hogan says president trump may be weak...

Joe Biden fuels 2020 speculation with fiery Philadelphia speech

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joe biden spoke to students at the university of pennsylvania tuesday testing a message that could become the basis of a potential 2020 campaign...

Former President Obama roasts NBA star Steph Curry

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president barack obama took a shot at nba star steph curry at the launch of his foundation mbk rising

Why a special election in Virginia raised...

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would democrats suffer in a special election in the wake of recent scandals evidently not

#GoodNewsRUHLES: Veteran pays for others’ lunch on his birthday

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it was a world war ii veteran s 92nd birthday and he wanted to celebrate by paying it forward watch what happens when he buys more than 1500 worth...

Is Trump asking Whitaker to replace head of SDNY probe a crime?

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as we get closer to the end of robert mueller s investigation stephanie ruhle discusses how the president has done everything possible to distract...

Acting Defense Secretary and Sen. Graham spar over Syria policy

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senator lindsey graham reportedly called acting defense secretary patrick shanahan his adversary after a dispute over the trump administration s...

Housekeeping note, 2.20.19

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there s been a change of plans at maddowblog headquarters this morning and i m going to have to step away from my desk for a few hours

Space Force takes a detour away from...

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trump envisioned a space force that s separate but equal from the air force that didn t quite work out

McCabe: We had good reason to open the investigation

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former acting fbi director andrew mccabe discusses the investigation into trump s ties to russia telling the gang of 8 leaders about the trump...

NYT: Trump has publicly attacked Russia investigation over 1,100 times

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the new york times tracked how many times the president has publicly attacked robert mueller s investigation shannon pettypiece and aaron blake react

Jeremy Bash: Both Russia and Trump are trying to undermine our democracy

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msnbc national security analyst jeremy bash reacts to the latest new york times report on the president s efforts to stymie the russia investigation

NYT report raises new questions about Trump and obstruction of justice

msnbc قبل 19 ساعة و 6 دقيقة

a new york times bombshell report on trump s efforts to stymie the russia investigation raises new questions of whether the president attempted to...

Andrew McCabe on whether he ‘hates’ Trump

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lawrence asks andrew mccabe about donald trump s continued attacks on mccabe s family mccabe also discusses jeff sessions disturbing comments about...

Trump to nominate transportation deputy to replace DAG Rosenstein

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rachel maddow reports breaking news that donald trump has announced his intention to nominate jeffrey rosen currently deputy secretary in the...

Stacey Abrams: voter suppression in Georgia is "nearly seamless"

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the former georgia gubernatorial candidate testified before house democrats tuesday on voting rights

A "rush to transfer" nuclear tech to the Saudis

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a new report says the trump administration may be moving to build nuclear power plants in the middle east potentially giving saudi arabia the...

New Mexico AG: Trump ‘committing executive overreach’ with national emergency

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sixteen states have filed a lawsuit in federal court in the northern district of california against the president s declaration of a national...

Poll: 61% disapprove of Trump’s National Emergency

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in a npr pbs newshour marist poll 61 disapprove of trump s national emergency declaration to build his wall

Bernie Sanders raises $3.3 million hours after 2020 announcement

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senator bernie sanders is back and he s launching a sequel to his 2016 presidential campaign within hours of his announcement he has raised more...

Rep. Cicilline: Trump ‘misunderstands’ role of AG, Justice Dept

msnbc قبل 23 ساعة و 20 دقيقة

the new york times is out with a bombshell report on the steps president trump has taken to discredit impede or otherwise control the...

What led McCabe to order a counterintel investigation into Trump

msnbc 2019-2-20

bloomberg s tim o brien nyt s ken vogel former us attorney harry litman and former federal prosecutor glenn kirschner and wapo s robert costa on...

Obstruction of Justice: The New York Edition

msnbc 2019-2-20

nyt s michael schmidt former us attorney harry litman former federal prosecutor glenn kirschner former assistant us attorney mimi rocah and wapo s...

Did Trump try to handpick the prosecutor...

msnbc 2019-2-20

trump reportedly tried to arrange for an ally to oversee his own hush money case in a normal political era this alone would be a stop the presses...

16 states sue over Trump’s national emergency for wall funding

msnbc 2019-2-19

president trump s national emergency is now facing a lawsuit from 16 states one of the attorneys general in that lawsuit maryland s brian frosh...

For Fact’s Sake: The border situation isn’t a national emergency

msnbc 2019-2-19

16 states are suing president trump and they are using his own words against him for fact s sake watch ali velshi break down why the border...

Is the Trump admin working to give nuclear secrets to Saudi Arabia?

msnbc 2019-2-19

whistle blowers from president trump s own national security council revealed a plan to transfer nuclear technology to the saudis ali velshi and...

NYT: Trump asked Whitaker about getting appointee to un-recuse, take charge of Cohen probe

msnbc 2019-2-19

if the reporting from the ny times is accurate one expert says that it shows ample public evidence that mr trump had the corrupt intent to try to...

Trump insider pushes back on Andrew McCabe

msnbc 2019-2-19

christopher ruddy ceo of newsmax media and longtime confidante of president trump fires back on media coverage of the president and the statements...