Conor McGregor still wants Khabib rematch, says teammate Artem Lobov (VIDEO)

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irish mma superstar conor mcgregor will stop at nothing to get a rematch and make amends for his comprehensive defeat to khabib nurmagomedov says a...

India hosts first-ever military drills with 17 African nations

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troops from 17 african nations have gathered in pune india for ten days of military drills with the indian army aimed at boosting ties between the...

Merkel ‘not aware of 17th century rules’ stopping new Brexit vote as Germany begs ‘please, deliver’

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german chancellor angela merkel is having a hard time keeping up with news on brexit joking that the process is hard to follow especially if you re...

Pay-for-praise is the latest craze sweeping across Chinese social media

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compliment centric pay for praise chat groups are the latest craze to sweep chinese social media as exhausted students seek reassurance from random...

Goths of China UNITE to fight subway discrimination with selfies of DARKNESS

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subway security unleashed the fury of china s goths after forcing a young woman to remove her makeup provoking an online backlash for which metro...

Not fireman, it’s firefighter! Fire Brigade mocked after accusing Peppa Pig of ‘sexism’

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peppa pig has become embroiled in a war of words on social media after the children s tv show was slammed by london fire brigade claiming it...

Germany ‘committed’ to increasing defense budget, but nowhere near US expectations

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while angela merkel says berlin is committed to boosting military expenses figures from the budget draft proposal suggest germany s efforts are...

Kazakhstan’s President Nazarbayev resigns

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Mercury is actually Earth’s CLOSEST neighbor, astounding new measurement reveals (VIDEO)

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venus is known as our closest planetary sibling but a new theory may throw that idea on its head apparently mercury is actually the nearest...

Tesla ‘would love’ to enter India’s car market – CEO Elon Musk

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billionaire chief executive of electric carmaker tesla elon musk has vowed that his company will hit the indian car market as early as this year...

Merkel on Huawei: Germany won’t exclude 5G providers just because they come from China

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angela merkel has said that her government will not exclude huawei or any other company from helping to develop 5g in germany simply because they...

Algeria’s Bouteflika to hand over power to elected president, deputy PM says in Moscow

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Earth hit by meteor explosion 10 times more powerful than nuclear bomb, but no one noticed (PHOTOS)

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on december 18 2018 the third largest meteor explosion in the last century occurred and almost no one noticed despite it emitting the equivalent...

Forget gold: Palladium is the undisputed precious metals champion

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palladium has continued this year s rally surging to a new record on tuesday amid rising worries about shrinking supply it has continued to beat...

Knife attacker injures 4 staff at Norwegian school

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an attacker armed with a knife has injured a teacher and three other staff at a school in the norwegian capital oslo read full article at rt com

Russia, US set to search for LIFE TRACES on Venus – scientist

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there is a good chance that simple bacteria populate the atmosphere of venus a russian scientist told local media a joint us russian space mission...

Algeria protest leaders called on army to stay out of politics

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Dutch police arrest 3rd suspect over tram shooting in Utrecht

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Pakistan’s shipping sector to get $2 billion investment boost from Singapore-based firm

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singapore shipbuilding and marine service firm global radiance group has announced plans to invest around 2 billion in the pakistani shipbuilding...

Israel’s right-wing justice minister samples ‘fascism’ perfume in bizarre campaign ad (VIDEO)

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it s an ad we ve all seen a million times a saucy seductress sprays herself gently with an overpriced perfume except now the femme fatale is israel...

Lab-grown HUMAN ‘mini-brains on the move’ hook up to muscle of their own free will

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a miniature brain grown in a lab from human stem cells has developed a mind of its own or at least enough awareness to send out neural tendrils to...

Mexico’s Popocatepetl volcano suffers largest eruption in years (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

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mexico s active popocatepetl volcano has exploded late monday evening sending ash and debris high into the air and several kilometers away from the...

Roscosmos ‘ready to help’ NASA if construction of Soyuz alternative is delayed

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soyuz rockets stand ready to deliver astronauts to space if us manned spacecraft development is delayed roscosmos said after nasa announced plans...

‘NATO solidarity clause is called Article 5, not article F-35’ – French defense minister

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europe must move away from full dependency on american weapon supplies the french defense minister stressed slamming president donald trump s...

Space herpes? Long missions risk activating virus, NASA warns astronauts

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in space no one can hear your herpes flare up nasa has warned its astronauts and international space station crews that long spaceflight missions...

Space herpes? Long missions risk activating virus, NASA warns astronauts

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in space no one can hear your herpes flare up nasa has warned its astronauts and international space station crews that long spaceflight missions...

Nostalgia for coups past? Brazil’s Bolsonaro visits CIA before Trump on first US trip

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brazilian president jair bolsonaro has made his geopolitical priorities clear dropping by cia headquarters for a clandestine chat on his first...

US ‘doesn’t understand’ South Africa land seizures, so what does it seek there? Analysts weigh in

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a us delegation touched down in south africa last week to investigate the planned seizure of white owned land but washington doesn t really...

Endorsement? Trump retweets claim UK helped design Russiagate to make US take hard line on Moscow

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us president donald trump has sparked confusion after retweeting a theory that the russiagate scandal was partly designed to help the uk counter...

Conor McGregor pays tribute to ‘phenomenal athlete’ Cristiano Ronaldo

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former ufc champion conor mcgregor says that the genesis of five time ballon d or winner cristiano ronaldo s success is his dedication and his...

Trump tweets about ‘tongue-tied’ Joe Biden after former VP accidentally says he’s running in 2020

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us president donald trump has tweeted that tongue tied joe biden couldn t even deliver a very simple line after the former vice president seemed to...

37-year-old Turkish suspect in Utrecht shooting arrested

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the 37 year old turkish suspect in the deadly shooting on a tram in the netherlands has been arrested utrecht s police chief has confirmed read...

Tech giants will have to be regulated in future to protect citizens – EU’s Timmermans

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Napoli goalkeeper David Ospina rushed to hospital after mid-game collapse (VIDEO)

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colombian goalkeeper david ospina who is on loan in naples from english outfit arsenal is currently under observation in an italian hospital after...

France to ban Yellow Vest protests in ‘heavily targeted’ areas if radicals identified – French PM

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details to follow read full article at rt com

At least 2 killed in reported stampede at St. Patrick’s Day bash in Northern Ireland

RT 2019-3-18

police have confirmed that at least two people died after a stampede allegedly broke out during st patrick s day celebrations at a hotel in...

Tank with carcinogenic chemical goes up in flames in Texas, residents urged to shut vents (VIDEO)

RT 2019-3-18

a petrochemical storage facility has caught fire in deer park texas sending thick plumes of potentially hazardous smoke into the air locals have...

Venezuelan plane crash caught on VIDEO from inside

RT 2019-3-17

shocking video captured by a passenger shows the moment a cessna 206 fell from the sky and crashed into a forest in venezuela the crash reportedly...

Facebook erased 1.5mn instances of NZ mosque attack video in 24 hours after massacre

RT 2019-3-17

facebook has been working around the clock to wipe out copies of the first person shooter style video filmed by the gunman as he went on a shooting...