U-turn: Ex-Democratic candidate Andrew Yang joins CNN as political commentator

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fresh from abandoning his dreams of presidential glory entrepreneur and failed presidential hopeful andrew yang has lowered his sights to the corridors of cnn s newsrooms instead joining the...

A year in jail & quarter million fine since, lawyers seek freedom for Chelsea Manning refusing to testify against WikiLeaks

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chelsea manning s attorney has filed a new motion requesting her release from jail where she has been for nearly a year for continuously refusing to testify before a grand jury against wikileaks...

‘Impeached president says what?’ Bloomberg hits back at Trump ‘Mini Mike the pathetic debater’ jibe

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us president donald trump has lashed out at billionaire democratic candidate mike bloomberg again this time calling him a pathetic debater with no respect for american farmers bloomberg hit back...

Hackers trick Tesla into breaking speed limit by 50mph using two inches of tape

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researchers at cybersecurity firm mcafee have shown that two inches can make all the difference fooling two types of tesla car into speeding up by 50mph 80 5kph using a small almost imperceptible st

Saudi Arabia’s oil exports dropped 11% in 2019

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saudi arabia s oil exports dropped by 10 75 percent year on year in 2019 according to data from the joint organisations data initiative jodi as carried by local news outlet mubasher the total saudi

Foreign powers working against India as it moves to become global guru – defense minister

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many foreign powers are seeking to undermine the indian government fearful of the nation s rise to global prominence defense minister rajnath singh has warned ldquo many foreign powers are trying t

4 killed after two planes COLLIDE MID-AIR near Melbourne, Australia (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

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a horrific plane crash has left four people dead after a mid air collision over the town of mangalore north of melbourne destroying both aircraft rescue workers are on the scene of both crashes detail

‘Saving the big deal for later’: Trump casts doubt over India trade agreement ahead of state visit

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us president donald trump said he was skeptical a trade deal would be inked with india when he visits the country later this month suggesting that any new pact would only come after the 2020...

Arctic kiss: Two Russian nuclear icebreakers rendezvous in spectacular night-time DRONE FOOTAGE

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two russian nuclear icebreakers have met up somewhere on the endless white plains of the arctic ocean providing for a sight both spectacular and romantic the video posted by russia rsquo s nuclear age

Third time’s the charm? Soros AGAIN accuses Facebook of helping Trump re-election, demands Zuckerberg & Sandberg exit

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billionaire speculator george soros has once again called for the de platforming of facebook leadership accusing them of collusion with us president donald trump after ceo mark zuckerberg begged...

Death toll surpasses 2,000 in China coronavirus outbreak, with over 75,000 confirmed cases globally

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the viral outbreak gripping china has claimed over 2 000 lives the vast majority in hubei province the epicenter of the illness according to the latest official tally more than 75 000 people have...

Politico reporter mercilessly mocked for tweeting that traffic jams at busy Bernie Sanders rally ‘not a good look’

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us media has often been accused of playing down the popularity of bernie sanders but one reporter took that to the extreme tweeting that traffic jams at one of his packed out rallies were not a...

Democrat congressman busted raiding campaign cash for gambling habit was Ethics Committee vet

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massachusetts state representative david nangle allegedly plundered his reelection fund to pay gambling debts and other personal expenses appropriating hundreds of thousands of donor dollars...

US Senate Democrat admits secretly meeting with Iran’s FM, after criticizing Republicans for doing the same

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democrat senator chris murphy met in secret with iranian foreign minister javad zarif last weekend while discussion is preferable to escalation murphy has slated republicans for attempting similar...

Russia temporarily bans ALL visitors from China amid coronavirus epidemics

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russian prime minister mikhail mishustin signed a decree on tuesday evening banning chinese citizens from entering the russian federation for tourism work and for private purposes the new rules are...

Afghan president Ghani wins 2nd term – election commission

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afghanistan declared incumbent ashraf ghani the winner of a disputed presidential election held almost five months ago ghani won 50 64 percent of the vote the independent election commission iec...

Twitter down across eastern US and parts of Europe in latest major outage

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hundreds of users have reported issues with the twitter website tuesday afternoon while the mobile app appears to be largely unaffected twitter has not given any explanation for the mysterious...

Bombs away! WATCH close-up footage of Su-35S jet performing airstrike

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the russian defense ministry s tv channel zvezda has placed numerous cameras on su 35s fighter jets filming a spectacular video from the bomb dropping drills of the 4 generation warplanes the cams w

‘I got the US visa… now there’s fire in my belly’: Chinese UFC champ Zhang beats coronavirus fears, ready for Jedrzejczyk test

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the ufc s first chinese champion zhang weili says she has fire in her belly after overcoming potential coronavirus problems to obtain a us visa setting her up for her title defense against joanna...

‘Oligarch v oligarch’ in 2020? Democrats could rob Bernie & nominate Bloomberg in Wall Street win-win – Lee Camp

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bernie sanders is on course to triumph in the democratic primaries but backdoor deals could result in michael bloomberg being the nominee leaving americans to choose between two wall street backed...

China to grant tariff exemptions on additional US goods

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the chinese government announced on tuesday it would allow importers to apply for new tariff exemptions on nearly 700 products from the united states including agricultural and energy goods...

‘Colonial rule ended in 1947!’ Indians lay into British MP & Kashmir policy critic who demanded instant visa for ‘private visit’

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a british mp outraged that she was denied entry to india over a revoked visa has received a harsh backlash online with some reminding the lawmaker a critic of delhi s policies in kashmir that india...

Happy Presidents’ Day! Obama & Trump argue over who gets credit for saving Wall St… err, US economy

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with many americans enjoying the day off in honor of their first president the two most recent ones seized the moment to get into a fight over who should get the credit for the nation s economic...

‘The big one’: WATCH huge crash at Daytona 500 take out HALF the racers

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with just 16 laps to go in the race a massive pile up at nascar s daytona 500 has taken nearly half of the cars off the field in a destructive chain reaction that smashed up some 19 vehicles

No, YOU are Trump’s buddy! Bernie and Bloomberg go at each other

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billionaire mike bloomberg is going after socialist senator bernie sanders accusing him of being in league with president donald trump after a video emerged of the former new york mayor talking...

China says US is an ‘EMPIRE OF HACKERS,’ mocks cyber-accusations in wake of Crypto AG scandal

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washington accusing other states of leading cyberwarfare against the us is like a thief crying stop thief beijing said reacting to revelations the cia used swiss cryptography firm crypto ag to spy...

WikiLeaks demands answers as Twitter account LOCKED ahead of Assange extradition hearing

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wikileaks editor in chief kristinn hrafnsson is seeking answers after the publisher s official account was mysteriously locked ahead of an extradition hearing for founder julian assange who faces...

EU leaders agree to enforce Libya arms embargo with warships, despite fears of spike in migration

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european union foreign ministers have agreed to launch a naval operation to enforce an arms embargo on libya despite warnings from within the bloc that doing so would encourage new flows of...

Man’s ‘Independent England’ campaign undermined by one fatal geographical error

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for those who thought brexit would be the end of it there is some bad news one man has now launched an independent england campaign only to see it fall at the first hurdle due to a wales sized error

Barcelona deny sensational claims that bosses paid social media firm to attack reputation of Messi & other key figures

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barcelona have been forced to deny sensational claims that they have used a social media company to besmirch the reputation of key figures at the club including captain lionel messi reports in the...

Chinese stocks reverse losses amid new government measures to lift markets

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chinese markets have rallied after beijing rolled out new stimulus measures to offset the economic losses caused by the coronavirus outbreak the shanghai composite started the week in the green...

Head of India’s IT industry accuses US of labor rights discrimination

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the president of india s national association of software and services companies nasscom debjani ghosh has accused donald trump s government of discriminating against indian workers seeking h 1b...

India considers export ban on critical drugs amid fears that coronavirus epidemic could lead to medicine shortages

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a dozen essential medicines could face export restrictions in india as new delhi braces itself for the possibility of drug shortages due to the deadly coronavirus outbreak in china an eight member...

Trudeau scraps overseas trip after pipeline protesters BLOCK US-Canada bridge amid ongoing rail shutdowns (VIDEO)

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canadian pm justin trudeau has cancelled his trip to barbados after the protests against a gas pipeline that crosses indigenous land escalated leading to major rail disruptions and a brief stop of...

‘A little bit of excitement at no extra cost’: Sanders quips after TOPLESS anti-dairy protester steals show at Nevada rally

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a group of anti dairy activists including topless women upstaged democratic race frontrunner bernie sanders at his own campaign rally ahead of the nevada primaries the senator kept it cool laughing...

‘No shred of evidence’: Iran demands US presents proof of Saudi oil attacks claim after UN report release

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tehran slammed the us for using a recent un report to peddle its saudi oil attack claims accusing washington of clutching at every straw to back up the allegations while the report itself is based...

‘Gentlemen, start your engines!’ Trump kicks off Daytona 500 with lap in armored limo (VIDEOS)

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president trump opened the nascar season in crowd pleasing style flying low over the daytona international speedway in air force one and lapping the oval in his limo before delivering the iconic...

Syrian army takes control over all villages around Aleppo, eliminating threat of terrorist shelling

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the syrian military has established full control of all areas surrounding aleppo for the first time since 2012 putting an end to the terrorist shelling of the country s second largest city a total...

Mischievous Mourinho can’t resist cheeky dig at Manchester City over two-year European ban (VIDEO)

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jose mourinho has jokingly questioned whether manchester city would still keep their 2018 premier league title in light of the two year ban handed to them by uefa for breaches of financial fair...

Outrage as Downing Street adviser backs EUGENICS, mandatory birth control and giving kids mind-altering drugs

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barely over a government rocking reshuffle uk prime minister boris johnson s office has moved onto a fresh scandal hiring an adviser who advocates eugenics mandatory contraception and giving...