Bethesda owns up to mistakes in Fallout 76, announces free content

techradar قبل 5 ساعة و 57 دقيقة

if you ve stuck with fallout 76 in spite of its issues bethesda wants to reward you with tons of new content

Seen Oscar nominee Roma on Netflix already? Please see it again in a Dolby Atmos cinema

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you haven t truly seen this year s most lauded oscar hopeful unless you ve seen it at a dolby equipped theater

Best Anthem Javelin: which is the class best suited to you

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we break down anthem s javelins to help you decide which suit is best for your playstyle

Android leads the way in business but security concerns remain

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new research from panasonic business has revealed that businesses prefer android to ios though security concerns are growing among organizations

Google to launch .dev domains

techradar قبل 8 ساعة و 2 دقيقة

google has launched a new tld for developers looking for a new domain for their website

Game Boy Advance: the ultimate retro experience

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we take a look at why the game boy advance is the best way to play classic nintendo titles

Facebook shutters Onavo VPN app

techradar قبل 9 ساعة و 25 دقيقة

facebook has decided to remove its onavo vpn app from the play store after it was discovered the social network used the app to spy on users

The best cheap US TV deals and sale prices - 4K TVs for less for February 2019

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we ve scoured the net to compare prices and bring you the finest selection of cheap tv deals

Japanese startup set to go hunting for ice… on the Moon

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the japan airlines backed venture is planning an earth moon transport system starting next year

Best Apple Watch screen protectors: our top picks and what to look out for

techradar قبل 11 ساعة و 3 دقيقة

is a thin film tough enough to protect your apple watch or should you enclose it in a rugged case

The high costs of storing data locally in a cloud native era

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blancco s fredrik forslund explains why some businesses are reluctant to embrace the cloud over local storage

Asus announces four GeForce GTX 1660 Ti variants

techradar قبل 12 ساعة و 19 دقيقة

asus has revealed four variants of nvidia s new geforce gtx 1660 ti graphics card for any budget

The best Fitbit Blaze bands and accessories

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the fitbit blaze is still one of the most popular fitness trackers and here s how you can make it feel like your own

Metro Exodus gets fixes for GeForce RTX graphics cards and low-end PCs

techradar قبل 13 ساعة و 42 دقيقة

a fresh patch boasts a load of stability improvements optimization measures as well as dlss fixes

£50 Gift Card makes this TalkTalk broadband deal one of the best

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talktalk is doing another great broadband deal this time offering a 50 voucher with its 17 95 p m broadband deals

Older Samsung devices will soon let you customize the Bixby key

techradar قبل 14 ساعة

galaxy smartphones from the s8 onwards will soon get one of the galaxy s10 s main features

The best EE phone deals in February 2019

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we ve tracked down the best ee deals so you can get the cheapest prices on the latest smartphones

Adobe Creative Cloud brings back its brilliant Black Friday prices - save up to 40%

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get a huge discount on creative cloud includes photoshop illustrator lightroom and premiere pro a great deal for all the creatives out there

The best Fitbit Versa bands and accessories

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from stylish straps to special headphones these are the best accessories for your fitbit versa

The best Fitbit bands, straps and accessories for your fitness tracker

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fitbit bands are an important purchase and here we ve put together a list for every tracker and watch the company makes

The true value of a cloud-native policy

techradar قبل 15 ساعة و 20 دقيقة

aws ian massingham explains how well designed cloud policies are enabling organisations to use the cloud to its full potential

BlackBerry completes billion-dollar security deal

techradar قبل 15 ساعة و 30 دقيقة

blackberry continues transition into major security giant with completion of cylance deal

Ricoh GR III unveiled: niche compact gets a big update

techradar قبل 15 ساعة و 42 دقيقة

ricoh updates its high end compact camera with a new sensor and built in image stabilization

The best iPad apps of 2019

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you ve got yourself an apple tablet and you re bewildered by the sheer volume of apps just download these and your life will be better

Xbox Games Pass is reportedly coming to Switch

techradar قبل 16 ساعة و 52 دقيقة

rumors abound of microsoft s plans on the portable nintendo console from xbox live achievements to a fully fledged app for streaming xbox games

Technology and fashion unite as the wearable market matures

techradar قبل 17 ساعة و 13 دقيقة

mastercard s jorn lambert explains why technology providers and fashion brands should work together to deliver next gen wearables

Opera Touch for iPhone now lets you block annoying cookie prompts

techradar قبل 18 ساعة و 15 دقيقة

ios users can choose to accept cookies automatically bypassing the popups that disturb your web browsing

OnePlus 5G phone to be announced in Q2 2019

techradar قبل 18 ساعة و 40 دقيقة

oneplus to showcase its 5g prototype phone during the mobile world congress mwc 2019

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus has the best phone selfie camera ever, says DxOMark

techradar قبل 20 ساعة

samsung s newly announced galaxy s10 plus is already earning accolades for its cameras

Samsung Galaxy S10-lineup in India: Price, pre-booking, launch offers and more

techradar قبل 20 ساعة و 30 دقيقة

samsung galaxy buds wireless earbuds will also be available in india

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime to retire in April

techradar 2019-2-22

after 15 years at nintendo of america reggie fils aime is ready to retire later this year

This exclusive Samsung Note 8 deal is the perfect alternative to a pricey new S10

techradar 2019-2-21

this techradar exclusive will turn your s10 frown upside down check out the uk s best samsung galaxy note 8 deal

5G could solve major 4G congestion

techradar 2019-2-21

new research from opensignal has revealed that today s 4g networks are struggling to provide consistent service under their current capacity

Why the Nintendo Switch VR support rumor is a genius idea

techradar 2019-2-21

astro bot has laid the path now let mario triple jump along it

Google launches hybrid cloud beta

techradar 2019-2-21

google s cloud services platform brings the cloud to organizations on prem infrastructure using kubernetes and istio

The best Samsung Galaxy Watch Active prices and sales in February 2019

techradar 2019-2-21

pre order and get the best prices and sales on the samsung galaxy watch active

Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music finally gets Spotify support

techradar 2019-2-21

spotify support for premium users has now arrived on another garmin running watch

The best free personal finance software 2019

techradar 2019-2-21

get a grip on your money with these free personal finance apps for your desktop and mobile devices

OnePlus 7 may gain pop-up selfie cam, leak suggests

techradar 2019-2-21

leaked images of the oneplus 7 show a device that s very different to the oneplus 6

Hi-Res Audio: everything you need to know about the lossless music codec

techradar 2019-2-21

the best headphones speakers dacs and smartphones for hi res listening at home and on the move