North discontinues Focals smart glasses, focuses on Focals 2.0

techspot قبل 9 ساعة و 30 دقيقة

focals were the smart glasses to change how wearables were done instead of the geeky looking google glass focals were designed to look like regular glasses while adding the capability to project...

Oculus Link beta allows Quest users to play Rift games via PC connection

techspot قبل 15 ساعة و 25 دقيقة

now some may be asking what is the point of tethering the quest to a pc when the device was designed from the ground up to be a standalone wireless vr experience there are a few justifiable answers...

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis remake gets April 2020 launch date

techspot قبل 17 ساعة و دقيقة

hot off the heels of its excellent resident evil 2 remake capcom on tuesday revealed that its reboot of resident evil 3 nemesis will land on playstation 4 xbox one and windows pc on april 3 2020

Nikon to discontinue authorized third-party repair program in March 2020

techspot قبل 20 ساعة و 6 دقيقة

professional and aspiring photographers using nikon cameras should probably take extra care of their equipment going forwards as the company has decided to end its authorized repair program for...

Oculus Quest gesture controls arrive early as an experimental setting

techspot 2019-12-10

back in september oculus announced that it would be bringing gesture controls to its quest vr headset the feature was not supposed to debut until sometime in early 2020 however it would seem the...

Wunderlist task management app to shut down in 2020

techspot 2019-12-9

the wunderlist to do team in a blog post announced that the legacy app will go dark on may 6 2020 with having spent so much time and effort to get the to do app up to speed wunderlist hasn t...

NVIDIA researchers present a rendering framework that can produce 3D objects from 2D images

techspot 2019-12-9

nvidia researchers have created a rendering framework that uses ai to take 2d information and transform it into a 3d object accurately the system is called dib r short for differentiable...

Cadillac Live lets you browse the showroom floor without leaving home

techspot 2019-12-9

cadillac earlier this year launched a live virtual showroom for canadian customers one part personal shopper one part interactive digital showroom the feature allows potential buyers to conduct a...

Metacritic has removed over 6,000 negative Death Stranding ratings

techspot 2019-12-9

the change was first reported by redditor argandg who noted that while there were 78 new positive ratings between the 4th and 5th of december the number of negatives dropped by 6 429 from 9 335 to...

The first Nokia-branded smart TV launches tomorrow

techspot 2019-12-9

gadgets 360 reports that the nokia television boasts a 55 inch 4k screen 16 9 with a 60hz refresh rate and an android based operating system its sound quality could be the tv s biggest draw as it...

Boeing brings the X-Wing to life

techspot 2019-12-8

after a turbulent year due to repeated fiascos with their 737 max airplanes boeing could do with some positive publicity the aerospace company has been making efforts to diversify their offering...

Haswell is back: Intel reverses decision to discontinue 22nm Pentium CPUs

techspot 2019-12-7

intel has officially rescinded their end of life notice for the pentium g3420 a 22nm haswell chip released in 2013 only a week after first discontinuing it the aging dual core will continue to be...

Elon Musk wins defamation case against "pedo guy"

techspot 2019-12-7

walking out of court musk told reporters my faith in humanity is restored

Fan-made Lego Cybertruck may become real kit if it gets enough support

techspot 2019-12-7

just days after tesla and elon musk unveiled the cybertruck lego poked fun at it by tweeting a picture of a cybertruck lego set consisting of a single 2x4 brick and two 2x2 wheel blocks with the...

Magic Leap sales are reportedly way off target and a successor could be years out

techspot 2019-12-7

early reviewers weren t exactly blown away by the ar googles performance and neither was teardown specialist ifixit unsurprisingly these factors combined with the steep 2 300 price tag apparently...

Labor union accuses Google of wrongfully terminating workers attempting to unionize

techspot 2019-12-6

as tensions between google and its staff continue to mount a labor union has filed federal labor charges against parent company alphabet claiming that it wrongfully terminated employees to...

Bernie Sanders aims to break up ISP and cable monopolies

techspot 2019-12-6

to get there sanders aims to provide 150 billion in grants to help municipalities and states build their own broadband networks he also wants to reform the universal service fund eliminate data...

Facebook sues Hong Kong company that used "celeb baiting" to hijack accounts

techspot 2019-12-6

the social network writes that it filed suit in california yesterday against ilikead media international company ltd and two men behind the firm chen xiao cong and huang tao

Phone-related injuries are increasing rapidly

techspot 2019-12-6

in a new study published by the journal jama otolaryngology head neck surgery it s revealed that injuries to the face eyes nose ears and head cause by a phone either directly such as through...

Report finds the US has the largest number of surveillance cameras per person in the world

techspot 2019-12-6

precisesecurity notes the definition of a cctv as a tv system in which signals are not publicly distributed but are monitored primarily for surveillance and security purposes and found that the us...

YouTube abandons old format with Rewind 2019 to avoid another disaster

techspot 2019-12-5

youtube on thursday published its annual rewind a compilation meant to highlight the top trends videos and personalities that emerged on the platform over the past year usually a fun trip down...

Apple may launch an iPhone without a Lightning connector in 2021

techspot 2019-12-5

the intelligence comes courtesy of a new research note from apple analyst ming chi kuo kuo is regarded as one of the top apple analysts in the industry and is well connected among component suppliers

FCC investigation concludes that T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular and Verizon exaggerated 4G coverage in official filings

techspot 2019-12-5

carriers interested in receiving funding were required to submit updated coverage maps of their 4g lte service to help identify areas eligible for mobility fund phase ii mf ii support

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game is coming to an end on consoles

techspot 2019-12-5

the developer has announced that support for the xbox one and playstation 4 versions of gwent will come to an end on december 9 meaning no more updates expansions additional content or matchmaking...

YouTube creators to see decline in subscriber count amid removal of closed accounts on the platform

techspot 2019-12-5

youtube ruffled quite a few feathers last month when it announced a new rule under its account suspension termination policy for terminating accounts that the site no longer deems to be...

Apple says iPhone 11 Pro collects user data even when location services are disabled

techspot 2019-12-5

krebsonsecurity s brian krebs noted that the iphone 11 pro intermittently seeks the user s location information even when all applications and system services on the phone are individually set to...

Craigslist has finally received its own mobile app

techspot 2019-12-5

now craigslist is finally receiving its own dedicated mobile app which has certainly been a long time coming craigslist competitors like offerup and letgo have had their own apps for quite some...

The Nintendo Switch lands in China next week in partnership with Tencent

techspot 2019-12-4

nintendo s hybrid switch console has undoubtedly been a tremendous success for the game maker the portable has already surpassed the gamecube wii u and the n64 in lifetime sales and it is set to...

Plex launches ad-supported video on-demand service featuring thousands of titles

techspot 2019-12-4

plex isn t the first to dole out such an offering crackle pluto tv and the roku channel are just a few of the many similar services that immediately come to mind but it is a welcome addition...

Firefox 71 launches with Picture-in-Picture plus enhancements to tracking protection and password manager

techspot 2019-12-4

firefox 71 0 introduces a new picture in picture mode for windows operating systems that is designed to enhance multitasking to trigger it simply hover your mouse over a video and look for the blue...

Apple acknowledges some 13-inch MacBook Pros are unexpectedly shutting down

techspot 2019-12-4

the issue is affecting the entry level 2019 13 inch macbook pro with two thunderbolt ports which arrived back in july the machine has received excellent reviews we picked it as one of our three top...

Valve ran out of $5 Steam Controllers and is canceling orders

techspot 2019-12-4

while the steam controller sold over 500 000 units in the first six months following release it was never able to build on that initial success pc gamers it seems prefer to use either a console...

Apple shares the best and most popular apps of 2019

techspot 2019-12-3

the best iphone app of the year award goes to spectre camera lux optics a photography app that uses ai to take beautiful long exposure images over on the ipad digital notebook app flow by moleskin...

A rare look inside the personal lives of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan

techspot 2019-12-3

gayle king with cbs this morning spoke with the zuckerbergs on a variety of topics including family they have two daughters max and august who probably aren t unlike the children you may have...

Cyber Monday was the single biggest shopping day in Amazon history

techspot 2019-12-3

the e commerce giant revealed that it turned in the best ever black friday in the company s history furthermore the company said cyber monday was the single biggest shopping day in the company s...

Riot Games will pay $10 million to current and former female employees in discrimination lawsuit settlement

techspot 2019-12-3

back in 2018 two women who had worked at the studio sued the company alleging that they had to endure sexual harassment and gender discrimination the suit also described how women were paid less...

YouTube relaxes its restrictions on in-game violence in videos

techspot 2019-12-3

from here on out youtube will give content creators much more freedom to create the videos they want to create without fear of having their hard work destroyed via age gating which prevents many...

New Facebook tool lets users easily transfer data to Google Photos

techspot 2019-12-2

if you want to transfer your photos and videos from facebook to another service it currently involves manually saving everything and re uploading the content but the new tool allows everything to...

FBI reminds people that smart TVs can be hacked

techspot 2019-12-2

in the oregon fbi s tech tuesday post the agency warns that smart tvs could give hackers a backdoor into your home via a router hacked televisions are far from common but it does happen

Australia is using AI cameras to identify drivers using phones

techspot 2019-12-2

transport for nsw says the cameras which are both fixed and trailer mounted will operate day and night in all weather conditions to identify drivers using their mobiles