Pixel 3 XL gets the iFixit teardown treatment revealing a Samsung display and more glue

techspot قبل 29 دقيقة

just like any other electronic gadget the pixel 3 xl has gotten a full teardown by ifixit getting inside this glass sandwich is not quite as easy...

UK watchdog bans Spotify ad that was "distressing" for kids

techspot قبل ساعة و 18 دقيقة

the sixty second ad which ran on the video site in june this year has been banned in the uk it s designed to resemble a horror movie trailer with a...

Analyzing Graphics Card Pricing: October 2018

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today we re once again doing a deep dive on graphics card pricing to provide you with the best value buys on the market right now this is the third...

Popular YouTube stars sued by Epic Games for selling Fortnite cheats

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in the suit brandon lucas golden modz and colton conter exentric are accused of infringement of the digital millennium copyright act breach of...

Netflix stock soars on stellar Q3 report

techspot قبل 14 ساعة و 34 دقيقة

netflix shares shot up more than 12 percent in after hours trading on tuesday following the release of its favorable third quarter earnings report

Google will soon charge European Android device makers licensing fees to use its apps

techspot قبل 15 ساعة

google has always prided itself on its free services gmail google docs and youtube are all technically free to the public however that s about to...

A PlayStation Vita may hold the solution to an unsolved murder

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they were led to the impromptu grave site by a gps system they had found in stepfather wesley hadsell s van also found in the vehicle were a dirty...

Amazon unveils waterproof Kindle Paperwhite with double the storage

techspot قبل 18 ساعة و 5 دقيقة

amazon on tuesday introduced a reimagined version of its popular kindle paperwhite e reader featuring a waterproof design and twice the storage of...

How to fix your PlayStation 4 if it was locked up by the messaging bug

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last saturday vg24 7 reported that a malicious playstation 4 messaging bug had been discovered and was bricking consoles it urged users to change...

Facebook is building a camera-equipped set-top box for your TV

techspot قبل 19 ساعة و 45 دقيقة

facebook is developing a camera equipped device under the codename ripley that s part webcam part set top box

Researchers shot a drone at a plane to study a simulated mid-flight impact

techspot قبل 20 ساعة و 14 دقيقة

there has been much concern expressed over what is being termed malicious drone use lately earlier this month congress passed a bill allowing the...

Huawei announces Mate 20 Series featuring 7nm Kirin 980 SoC, Matrix Camera system

techspot قبل 21 ساعة و 17 دقيقة

huawei at a flashy media gathering on tuesday in london announced the mate 20 series its flagship line of smartphones encompassing four devices the...

Arm and Intel partner to ease Internet of Things challenges

techspot قبل 21 ساعة و 49 دقيقة

there s nothing like a common enemy to bring together companies that otherwise find themselves in competition with one another in the still untamed...

Lyft launches All-Access subscription plan offering 30 rides for $299 per month

techspot قبل 22 ساعة و 12 دقيقة

lyft has become the latest company to be bitten by the subscription bug the ride hailing service on tuesday announced the lyft all access plan a...

Google CEO directly confirms the company is building censored search for China

techspot قبل 23 ساعة

ceo sundar pichai took to the stage at the wired 25 summit on monday to officially confirm the existence of a google search service for china that...

Qualcomm launches new chipsets for greater than 10Gbps Wi-Fi

techspot قبل 23 ساعة و 21 دقيقة

since wi fi became an amenity in homes and coffee shops a number of changes have been made to the standards most recently the wi fi alliance...

Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Review: Same Architecture, Lower Cost, No Ray Tracing Yet

techspot 2018-10-16

today we have our day one geforce rtx 2070 review for you and i suspect like most other publications we were seriously under the pump for this one...

Snapchat tries to attract more users by adding cat lenses

techspot 2018-10-16

the new cat lenses feature which was rolled out in an update last week means snapchat s facial recognition technology now works on cats rather than...

Want a more blingy PS4 controller? Check out this $14,000 Dualshock 4

techspot 2018-10-16

from the same firm that brought us gold covered iphones apple watches and other incredibly costly products comes the lux dualshock 4 controller it...

Want a more blingy PS4 controller? Check out this $14,000 Dualshock 4

techspot 2018-10-16

from the same firm that brought us gold covered iphones apple watches and other incredibly costly products comes the lux dualshock 4 controller it...

Montblanc Summit 2 becomes first smartwatch to feature Wear 3100 chip, costs $995

techspot 2018-10-16

known for its lineup of expensive writing instruments watches jewelry and leather goods the company says its second smartwatch comes in a 42mm case...

Paul Allen, Microsoft co-founder dead at 65

techspot 2018-10-16

one of the biggest figures in personal computing passed away today paul allen best known for his role as microsoft co founder has died a victim of...

PC hardware enthusiast der8auer uses a dishwasher to clean his components

techspot 2018-10-16

if you re a pc enthusiast there s one bit of knowledge you probably hold in pretty high regard don t get your expensive hardware wet ever it s age...

These electrostatic VR gloves make your brain think you are holding objects

techspot 2018-10-15

in the race for a haptic feedback glove for virtual reality we have reported on a couple of contenders contact ci and haptx both have gloves that...

Amazon launches retail outlet for all things "Shark Tank"

techspot 2018-10-15

amazon has launched an official retail outlet for products featured on abc s hit reality show shark tank the shark tank collection now available on...

Google: 75 percent of Pixel owners are running Android Pie

techspot 2018-10-15

android devices at large may struggle to receive the latest versions of android but google s own pixel phones don t have any such problems

Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL camera, display receive high praise

techspot 2018-10-15

sam rutherford from gizmodo on the phones overall design

Nintendo Switch Diablo III bundle launches November 2

techspot 2018-10-15

blizzard in august announced it would be bringing diablo iii to the nintendo switch as the diablo iii eternal collection a definitive edition...

After 7 years, Palm releases a new phone...somewhat

techspot 2018-10-15

in 2011 hp finally shuttered the palm brand in favor of the hp brand it marked the end of an era where palm blackberry and nokia regularly battled...

After 7 years, Palm releases a new phone...somewhat

techspot 2018-10-15

in 2011 hp finally shuttered the palm brand in favor of the hp brand it marked the end of an era where palm blackberry and nokia regularly battled...

Dell announces 49-inch ultra-wide monitor with QHD resolution

techspot 2018-10-15

dell on monday announced what s being billed as the world s first 49 inch curved dual qhd monitor the aptly named dell ultrasharp u4919dw which...

Red Dead Redemption 2 details revealed: 60 hours long, 500,000 lines of dialogue, 300,000 animations

techspot 2018-10-15

dan houser co founder and vice president of creativity for rockstar games revealed in an interview with vulture that red dead redemption 2 is 60...

Bloodhound 1,000 mph car put on hold while seeking new investment

techspot 2018-10-15

beginning as a private project in the uk to get students interested in science and technology the bloodhound supersonic car has fallen short on...

Star Citizen brings in an extra $1 million+ following new trailer, alpha 3.3 release

techspot 2018-10-15

the trailer for the single player campaign element of star citizen arrived alongside the start of the citizencon fan convention bringing renewed...

Google Play Movies could soon offer free 4K upgrades

techspot 2018-10-15

for the many people who have bought hd movies from google s service there s no way to upgrade the quality or delete the title from your account and...

CPU Price Watch: 9900K Incoming, Ryzen Cuts

techspot 2018-10-15

later this week we ll finally be able to publish our benchmarks for intel s new 8 core cpus like the 9900k in the meantime it might be a good idea...

Get Rid of Windows 10 Ads, Office Offers and Other Annoyances

techspot 2018-10-15

microsoft slowly started to sneak advertisements into the windows platform with windows 8 and they ve only crept up further in windows 10...

Black Ops 4 emotes let players peak around corners, but a fix is on its way

techspot 2018-10-14

emotes labelled as gestures in black ops 4 are amusing little character actions that a player can trigger and while the game is otherwise strictly...

Analyst still believes Microsoft will kill the Surface line next year

techspot 2018-10-14

in october 2017 brazier said microsoft boss satya nadella is a software guy a cloud guy and that surface hardware would go the same way as the...