Xbox Project Scarlet: Microsoft focusing on improving frame rates and launch times

techspot قبل 6 ساعة و 26 دقيقة

aside from a couple of leaks and rumors about possible specs and ps5 dev kits going out sony has been tight lipped about what they have in the...

Resident Evil 2 remake PC system requirements surface

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a profile for resident evil 2 recently cropped up over on steam and with it comes our first look at the highly anticipated game s minimum and...

AMD unveils Enhanced Sync with Adrenaline v. 17.7.2

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in gaming there is a lot of talk about frame rates typically higher fps is better however once the frame rate exceeds the monitor s refresh rate...

Supreme Court says law enforcement generally needs a warrant to collect phone location data

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the supreme court in a 5 4 decision on friday ruled that law enforcement generally needs a warrant to collect cellphone location data from a...

Bethesda sues, says Westworld game is a "blatant rip-off" of Fallout Shelter

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the suit alleges breach of contract inducement to breach of contract copyright infringement misappropriation of trade secrets and unfair competition

Summer Games Done Quick 2018 revs up for charity this weekend

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the action gets started at noon on sunday with runner garagedooropener tackling banjo tooie

Police say Uber safety driver in fatal collision was watching Hulu at time of impact

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in it police point to evidence suggesting the human safety driver rafaela vasquez had been distracted by streaming video on her phone had she been...

Algeria is shutting down its internet to stop students cheating on their exams

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the country has announced that both mobile and landline internet services will be turned off for an hour at the start of each high school diploma...

YouTube lets creators make extra money through Membership programs and merchandising

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channels with over 100 000 subscribers will get access to memberships for 4 99 per month backers will receive access to unique badges for their...

YouTube lets creators make extra money through Membership programs and merchandising

techspot قبل 14 ساعة و 58 دقيقة

channels with over 100 000 subscribers will get access to memberships for 4 99 per month backers will receive access to unique badges for their...

Corsair launches next generation K70 RGB MK.2 and Strafe RGB MK.2 mechanical keyboards

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mechanical keyboards are a luxury for enthusiasts and heavy users a basic budget keyboard can accomplish the same end goals but with a very...

What was the first computer virus released in the wild?

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from pakistan with love

You can get Shadowrun Returns Deluxe for free on the Humble Store right no

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now that the steam summer sale has begun you re likely to have already chewed through all your spare cash but before you move from paypal to credit...

Supreme Court rules that states can collect sales tax from online retailers

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for those companies who don t have any offices warehouses etc in a given state it s been left to consumers to send the states the taxes on their...

Developer suggests Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming to PC

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vg247 s kirk mckeand spotted the reveal on the linkedin profile of an unnamed rockstar dev who previously worked on gta v and l a noire under the...

What is Vcore and How Does It Help with Overclocking?

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vcore or core voltage is the voltage that is supplied to power your cpu the amount of power the cpu uses and the amount of heat generated are tied...

Upcoming Nintendo Switch accessory lets you play classic arcade games vertically

techspot 2018-6-22

nintendo s hot handheld the switch also has several retro gaming options the metal slug series king of fighters pac man namco museum and the recent...

Fire TV Cube reviews are in: solid streaming box, far from perfect

techspot 2018-6-22

amazon s new flagship fire tv cube is all about adding alexa for living room voice control which in a way can be annoying though for 120 you still...

Nvidia miscalculations may have led to excess GPU inventory

techspot 2018-6-22

a recent report from seeking alpha citing semiaccurate pay wall claims nvidia overestimated recent demand for its current gpus from the gaming...

Nintendo and Microsoft promote cross-play in Minecraft while Sony remains stubborn

techspot 2018-6-21

sony has ignored pressure from the public and from game makers regarding opening the ps4 to cross platform play the company has continued to...

Apple met with technical hurdles in developing AirPower wireless charging mat

techspot 2018-6-21

apple last september announced the iphone 8 iphone 8 plus and iphone x as the first models from the company to come with built in wireless charging...

Beware: Fake Fortnite Android apps are floating around

techspot 2018-6-21

fortnite is so popular that there is demand for it on every major platform so far the game is available on ps4 xb1 switch pc and ios there is also...

Robots make the food at this Bay Area burger joint

techspot 2018-6-21

robotic bartenders have been serving up cocktails to cruise passengers for years and soon that level of automation will be available on land

Samsung launches 8TB NVMe solid state drive in NF1 form factor

techspot 2018-6-21

samsung electronics has launched the largest capacity nvme solid state drive to date the 8tb nf1 ssd will target data focused analytics and...

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich resigns over consensual relationship with employee

techspot 2018-6-21

intel on thursday announced that ceo brian krzanich has resigned from the company effective immediately

Microsoft abandons its plans for mixed and virtual reality on the Xbox One consoles

techspot 2018-6-21

speaking to gameindustry biz microsoft s chief marketing officer of gaming mike nichols revealed that we don t have any plans specific to xbox...

This crash course in backend development is currently 98% off

techspot 2018-6-21

have you tried to learn programming multiple times but ultimately given up don t be too harsh on yourself coding can be tricky to learn by yourself...

Lucasfilm reportedly puts Star Wars spinoffs on hold following mediocre Solo performance

techspot 2018-6-21

while the 84 million solo made on its opening weekend would be a respectable amount for most movies it paled in comparison to other star wars...

Automakers and smartphone manufacturers collaborate on Digital Key standard to eliminate physical keys

techspot 2018-6-21

it is already possible to unlock and drive off with certain vehicle models using a smartphone but only a select few cars support completely keyless...

Tesla files lawsuit against ex-employee who allegedly shared confidential data with third parties

techspot 2018-6-21

first reported by cnbc the lawsuit names former gigafactory process technician martin tripp as a defendant the suit says he has admitted to writing...

Valve disables item trading for CS:GO, DOTA 2 in Netherlands to comply with loot box rules

techspot 2018-6-21

the message from valve that appears to players of both games in a steam pop up on read

Valve disables item trading for CS:GO, DOTA 2 in Netherlands to comply with loot box rules

techspot 2018-6-21

the message from valve that appears to players of both games in a steam pop up on read

Fan-made Fallout wiki struggles with host Fandom over autoplay videos

techspot 2018-6-21

nukapedia is one of the largest and most comprehensive sources of information on the fallout franchise it hosts over 25 000 articles ranging from...

Instagram announces IGTV, a hub for long-format videos

techspot 2018-6-20

instagram at a flashy media event in san francisco on wednesday unveiled igtv a standalone app designed for long format video consumption

Autoplay video ads will start invading Facebook Messenger users starting Monday

techspot 2018-6-20

as if autoplay videos on websites were not enough to annoy the average user facebook is now planning on implementing autoplay video ads within its...

AMC is launching its own MoviePass-like subscription service

techspot 2018-6-20

amc stubs a list is a web and smartphone based program that allows users to see up to three movies per week for 19 95 per month plus tax members...

Political party affiliation and education levels directly correlate to perception of fake news

techspot 2018-6-20

according to a recent gallup knight foundation survey of 1 440 gallup panel members americans believe that 39 percent of the news they read in...

Top Korean crypto exchange Bithumb hacked, $31.5 million lost

techspot 2018-6-20

unlike coinrail which lost more than 40 million in altcoins when it suffered an attack bithumb is one of the biggest exchanges according to...

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990X detailed in leaked benchmarks

techspot 2018-6-20

amd at computex earlier this month revealed that its second generation threadripper processor with 32 cores and 64 threads will ship during the...

Top US carriers promise to stop selling customer location data to third-party brokers

techspot 2018-6-20

the move comes after senator ron wyden d or sent a letter to fcc chairman ajit pai last month asking the agency to investigate the abusive and...