Greece remembers the brutality that felled its dictatorship

aljazeera قبل ساعة و 38 دقيقة

the anniversary of a student uprising acts as a test run for new police freedom to...

Abolishing whiteness has never been more urgent

aljazeera قبل 5 ساعة و 2 دقيقة

noel ignatiev showed us how

Lifeboat: On the Waters of the Refugee Crisis

aljazeera قبل 8 ساعة و 41 دقيقة

inside a rescue mission off the coast of libya where volunteers pick up refugees...

HK police fire tear gas as protesters injure officer with arrow

aljazeera قبل 9 ساعة و 21 دقيقة

police use tear gas and water cannon as clashes resume following week marked by...

Can local and faith leaders help halt the spread of Ebola in DRC?

aljazeera قبل 10 ساعة و 43 دقيقة

local leaders are helping turn the tide on ebola in the democratic republic of congo

Philippines: Duterte says life taking toll on his health

aljazeera قبل 12 ساعة و 48 دقيقة

philippine leader made the admission as speculation swirls over his prolonged absence...

Why the French left has a problem with Islamophobia

aljazeera قبل 14 ساعة و 50 دقيقة

a recent anti islamophobia march in paris has exposed deep divisions among french...

Lebanon: Safadi withdraws PM candidacy, urges Hariri for the post

aljazeera قبل 23 ساعة و 57 دقيقة

former finance minister releases statement withdrawing candidacy to be prime minister...

Several civilians killed in eastern DRC by rebel fighters

aljazeera 2019-11-17

allied democratic forces behind the massacre of at least 15 people in eastern dr congo...

Israel-Gaza ceasefire continues to hold

aljazeera 2019-11-16

a shaky ceasefire has been tested after two rockets were fired towards an israeli town...

إغلاق الحدود مع العراق.. قتلى بإيران خلال احتجاجات على رفع أسعار الوقود

aljazeera 2019-11-16

أفادت تقارير محلية بسقوط أربعة قتلى خلال الاحتجاجات الإيرانية التي اندلعت مساء الجمعة...

One killed as protests erupt after Iran hikes petrol prices

aljazeera 2019-11-16

demonstrations erupt after authorities announce surprise decision to ration petrol and...

Sri Lanka election: Observers report poll day violations

aljazeera 2019-11-16

at least 139 violations including two cases of assault and 41 of intimidation reported...

Cambodia starts release of opposition activists

aljazeera 2019-11-16

prisoners are mostly supporters of the cambodia national rescue party which was...

Israeli army launches fresh air raids on Gaza, targets Hamas

aljazeera 2019-11-16

early morning strikes come after rockets were fired towards israel from the besieged...

Texas appeals court blocks Rodney Reed execution

aljazeera 2019-11-16

reed convicted of the 1996 rape and killing of stacey stites had been scheduled to be...

Trump attacks impeachment witness Yovanovitch during hearing

aljazeera 2019-11-16

democrats say trump tweet criticising yovanovitch amounted to witness intimidation a...

Ousted US Ambassador Yovanovitch to testify in impeachment probe

aljazeera 2019-11-15

marie yovanovitch who was recalled by trump set to testify in second public hearing of...

A new politics is rising in Lebanon

aljazeera 2019-11-15

with each new crisis alternatives to an entrenched sectarian political system are...

Chile to hold referendum on new constitution

aljazeera 2019-11-15

in a win for protesters government agrees for vote to be held in april 2020 on...

Guinea demonstrations: More violence in anti-government protests

aljazeera 2019-11-15

opposition groups say security forces fired live rounds in guinea in ongoing protests...

Turkey deports suspected German and British ISIL members

aljazeera 2019-11-15

turkey begins to deport isil suspects as western countries deliberate what to do with...

Change of guard as Velvet Revolution turns 30?

aljazeera 2019-11-15

first czechs and slovaks fought communism now they are fighting populism

The normalisation of far-right politics in Poland

aljazeera 2019-11-15

the far right which has entered parliament for first time with 11 mps is trying to push...

Habbaniyah, Iraq: From celebrity haunt to safe haven among ruins

aljazeera 2019-11-15

once an elite holiday destination then a refuge for those displaced by isil the resort...

China condemns attack on Hong Kong justice secretary in London

aljazeera 2019-11-15

incident took place as teresa cheng was in london to promote hong kong as protests...

Coalition against ISIL in disagreement on how to handle detainees

aljazeera 2019-11-15

thousands of isil detainees and their family members remain in camps and prisons in syria

California police chase suspect after reported school shooting

aljazeera 2019-11-14

reported shooting at a high school in southern california leaves multiple people...

US tribe objects to Dakota Access oil pipeline expansion

aljazeera 2019-11-14

hearing on expanding dakota access pipeline begins as standing rock sioux tribe protests

Sri Lankan author attacked ahead of key presidential polls

aljazeera 2019-11-14

the attack comes a week after lasantha wijeratne published a book criticising the main...

وصلت إليها المرحيات الأولى.. قاعدة عسكرية روسية جديدة بالقامشلي

aljazeera 2019-11-14

قالت قناة زفيزدا التلفزيونية التابعة لوزارة الدفاع الروسية اليوم الخميس إن روسيا بدأت...

Climate change exposes children to lifelong health harm: Doctors

aljazeera 2019-11-14

a new study says impacts of climate change could burden an entire generation with...

Ebola in DRC: New vaccine to be tested on 500,000 Congolese

aljazeera 2019-11-14

drc health officials roll out new vaccine to fight ebola in east but some scientists...

Bolivia: Morales says will return if asked, US backs Anez

aljazeera 2019-11-14

jeanine anez who declared herself interim president has promised to hold new elections...

In Mumbai, toxic air plagues poor residents of housing colony

aljazeera 2019-11-14

surrounded by chemical factories more than 5 000 families live in mahul and many report...

In Sri Lanka, presidential election deepens religious divisions

aljazeera 2019-11-14

attacks targeting muslims widespread arrests following easter bombings and a divisive...

More chaos looms in Hong Kong amid relentless city-wide protests

aljazeera 2019-11-14

protesters block roads stop trains and buses as campaign designed to paralyse city...

Australia bushfire death toll rises, as fire risk spreads west

aljazeera 2019-11-14

four people are now known to have died in ferocious blazes on east coast with high...

New testimony against Trump as impeachment inquiry goes public

aljazeera 2019-11-14

trump impeachment hearing with two key witnesses focus on ukraine pressure campaign in...

Will a left-wing coalition government in Spain work?

aljazeera 2019-11-13

spain is to finally have a government after the socialists team up with a far left party