Rapper Killer Mike reaches out to black men for Sanders’ campaign

msnbc قبل 29 دقيقة

this week senator bernie sanders is set to tour the carolinas to begin outreach specially geared toward black men read more

Black voters still subject to digital disinformation campaigns

msnbc قبل 2 ساعة و 5 دقيقة

russian interference in the 2016 election was in significant part targeted at african american voters with the apparent goal of digital voter suppression recent reports show shireen mitchell...

Booker: Democratic party needs conversation on big money politics

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2020 presidential candidate sen cory booker discusses billionaires entering the democratic field in the race for the white house telling joy reid we should not have a system designed to benefit...

Bloomberg’s senior adviser calls stop and frisk ‘failed initiative’

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two weeks after officially announcing that he was entering the race for president former new york city mayor michael bloomberg is pushing gun control as his very first policy initiative read more

Memo to Trump: ‘You can dish it, but can’t take it’

msnbc 2019-12-8

this week at a nato summit in london trump s out of control antics caused an international comedy extravaganza read more

Rep. Raskin the articles of impeachment “will detail a compressive story”.

msnbc 2019-12-8

rep jamie raskin d maryland judiciary committee member join s msnbc s david gura up on the hill to discuss the articles of impeachment against president trump read more

Amid scrutiny, Rudy Giuliani heads to Ukraine

msnbc 2019-12-8

amid scrutiny rudy giuliani reportedly traveled to ukraine recently and allegedly interviewed people known to spout kremlin backed conspiracy theories that target the bidens joy reid and her...

Why won’t House Republicans mount an impeachment defense of Trump?

msnbc 2019-12-7

impeachment hearings resume monday in the house judiciary committee with house republicans announcing that they will not mount a defense of trump even though they have been invited to participate...

Rep Raskin ‘The will of the people is too important’ To Let The President Get Away With These Crimes

msnbc 2019-12-7

rep jamie raskin d maryland judiciary committee member joins msnbc s david gura up on the hill to call out trump for past and present crimes read more

Could Republican senators turn on Trump?

msnbc 2019-12-7

impeachment looms for president donald trump and democrats devise a strategy for framing the articles of impeachment but are there cracks forming in the republican party line read more

Grand Old Potty: Trump seems really worried about toilets and water pressure

msnbc 2019-12-7

at an event with small business leaders the president went off on a tangent about water pressure and plumbing read more

Sen. Hirono on the lack of bipartisanship in Congress amid Voting Rights Act vote

msnbc 2019-12-7

senator mazie hirono explains why she thinks there s less bipartisan support in congress anytime trump puts his finger anywhere it all goes haywire read more

Chris Hayes on what’s ‘phenomenally dangerous’ about this political moment

msnbc 2019-12-7

hayes there is an entire ecosystem built around this alternate reality that is untethered from fact read more

Donald Trump’s unsecure communications

msnbc 2019-12-7

former assistant director at the fbi frank figliuzzi former managing editor for time magazine rick stengel former u s attorney joyce vance and msnbc s john heilemann on reports of new concern...

Video shows death of sick migrant teen in border agency custody

msnbc 2019-12-7

a video of the final hours of a guatemalan teenager inside a customs and border protection cell shows him collapsing to the floor and later dying next to a toilet where he was discovered by another...

Dems pass another priority, approve Voting Rights Advancement Act

msnbc 2019-12-6

the last time the chamber voted on the voting rights act in 2006 it passed 390 to 33 gop politics has changed quite a bit since

Suspect in Pensacola shooting was Saudi national in U.S. for training

msnbc 2019-12-6

several law enforcement sources tell nbc news that the suspect in the shooting in pensacola was a saudi national named mohammed saeed a alshamrani pete williams reports read more

As Duncan Hunter weighs his options, Issa...

msnbc 2019-12-6

as the house ethics committee asks duncan hunter to stop casting votes darrell issa has a provocative idea trump could rescue hunter from a prison sentence

At the intersection of impeachment and...

msnbc 2019-12-6

newt gingrich is the last person who should be whining about a partisan impeachment effort on the eve of christmas

A GOP colleague is considering impeachment, says Dem senator

msnbc 2019-12-6

sen chris murphy d conn says he has spoken to a republican colleague in the senate who is considering voting for impeachment read more

A historic day for Nancy Pelosi

msnbc 2019-12-6

the house speaker on thursday announced she instructed chairmen to draft articles of impeachment and pushed back against the notion that she had hate for the president the panel breaks down the day...

Will Trump testify during his own Senate impeachment trial?

msnbc 2019-12-6

famous for the big television moment could we see trump himself testifying under oath during his own impeachment trial in the senate ron klain reacts read more

Failures of torture program unexplained, Zubaydah still uncharged

msnbc 2019-12-6

mark denbeaux attorney for abu zubaydah talks with rachel maddow about the failures of the u s torture program designed specifically for zubaydah and the lack of accountability for how so many...

Day 1,050: Okaying Trump impeachment articles, Pelosi says democracy is at stake

msnbc 2019-12-6

nancy pelosi instructs her committee chairmen to move forward on articles of impeachment against the president and knocks down a question hate being her motive read more

GOP Congressman still in Congress despite guilty plea

msnbc 2019-12-6

california republican duncan hunter has admitted to misusing campaign cash and the details are astounding read more

Biden, Pelosi rebuke criticisms in public confrontations

msnbc 2019-12-6

the panel discusses a couple heated moments from the day involving joe biden and nancy pelosi read more

Rep. Bass: there’s “so many examples” of wrongdoing by POTUS

msnbc 2019-12-6

now that speaker nancy pelosi announced the house will be drafting articles of impeachment against president trump rep karen bass d ca who sits on the house judiciary committee joins ali velshi to...

What Jon Meacham hopes Mitch McConnell learns from his book on impeachment

msnbc 2019-12-5

ahead of the trump impeachment inquiry moving to a trial in the senate a new report reveals mitch mcconnell is reading a book on the topic co authored by presidential historian jon meacham read more

Trump admin. to kick nearly 700,000 off food stamps

msnbc 2019-12-5

the trump administration has moved to kick nearly 700 000 off food stamps and it plans to remove millions more read more

Trump leaves NATO early after being mocked by world leaders

msnbc 2019-12-5

president trump who has a bit of a hang up about being laughed at fled the nato summit early after video emerged of world leaders mocking him read more

Assistant Watergate Prosecutor says hearing made the case for impeachment

msnbc 2019-12-5

three of the four witnesses at the house impeachment hearing argued president trump had in fact committed impeachable offenses specifically abuse of power bribery and obstruction read more

Day 1,048: Trump blasts impeachment at NATO on the eve of new Hill hearings

msnbc 2019-12-4

democrats on house intel have released a direct and damning report accusing trump of placing personal and political interests above the national interests of the united states read more

Cory Booker on the Republican Ukraine lies

msnbc 2019-12-4

republican senators who probably know better are falsely suggesting that ukraine meddled in the 2016 election in order to appease the president presidential candidate cory booker weighs in read more

‘Henchman for the President:’ Rep. Castro on Nunes’ Ukraine involvement

msnbc 2019-12-4

rep joaquin castro d tx discusses the new evidence that rep devin nunes was in contact with giuliani s indicted associate read more

Bombshell call log revealed: Giuliani traded calls with White House as Ukraine plot unfolded

msnbc 2019-12-4

msnbc chief legal correspondent ari melber reports on new damning evidence revealed in house intel s impeachment report revealing call logs from rudy giuliani and the office of management and...

Trump clashes with Macron on NATO at summit meeting

msnbc 2019-12-4

president trump and french president macron spar at the nato summit read more

MSNBC to moderate presidential public education forum

msnbc 2019-12-4

a group of 11 public education groups will host democratic presidential candidates at the public education forum 2020 equity and justice for all msnbc s ali velshi and rehema ellis will co moderate...

Bombas socks gives back to the community

msnbc 2019-12-3

david heath and randy goldberg founders of bombas sock company discuss their giving back business model read more

First Trump endorsements in Congress indicted, plead guilty

msnbc 2019-12-3

rachel maddow reports on the fates of rep duncan hunter and rep chris collins who were the first two members of congress to endorse donald trump for president and have since in unrelated cases been...

GOP counter-report argues Trump did nothing wrong

msnbc 2019-12-3

former rnc chairman michael steele the republican party is somewhat irrelevant in the overall scheme of democracy read more