Commutation of Roger Stone is unconstitutional, says law scholar

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author and professor corey brettschneider joins first look to discuss his latest piece in the atlantic on why the commutation of roger stone is unconstitutional read more

Kentucky challenger: McConnell has no vision for the future

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kentucky democrat amy mcgrath is looking to beat senate majority leader mitch mcconnell in the upcoming general election and she joins morning joe to discuss why she says kentucky residents are...

No end in sight for COVID-19 in Arizona as governor remains idle

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will humble former executive director of the arizona public health association talks about how little is being done by arizona governor doug ducey to stem the spread of coronavirus and the horrific...

Fmr. NFL player reacts to Washington team’s drop of racist name

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fmr nfl player donte stallworth we look at it through the lens of how protests can create awareness and put pressure on teams or on entities to be in fear of what the bottom lines are the current...

How new battleground states can impact the 2020 election

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steve kornacki takes a look at new battleground states that can impact the 2020 election states like georgia and possibly texas read more

Lawyers say detained parents denied adequate medical care

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lawyers in washington d c are pleading to let families out of migrant detention as coronavirus cases surge msnbc reporter jacob soboroff joins katy tur with more read more

Public health and teaching experts weigh in on plans to safely reopen schools

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dr zeke emanuel vice provost of global initiatives at the university of pennsylvania and lily eskelsen garcia the president of the national education association join andrea mitchell to discuss...

RI governor on U.S. economy: ‘President Trump was asleep at the switch for a long time’

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watch the governor of rhode island gina raimondo join stephanie ruhle to discuss the state s plan to reopen in the fall and former vice president biden s economic plan read more

WH reporter says Kayleigh McEnany treats briefings like campaign event

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chief white house correspondent for abc news jonathan karl discusses the state of the wh press briefings under the current wh press secretary kayleigh mcenany read more

Actress Kelly Preston dies after two-year battle with breast cancer

msnbc 2020-7-13

actress kelly preston died on sunday after a two year battle with breast cancer her husband john travolta confirmed in an instagram post she was 57 read more

The president banished Jeff Sessions once, now he hopes to deprive him of former Senate seat

msnbc 2020-7-13

in alabama former auburn football coach tommy tuberville is running the trump white house playbook as he tries to finish off former attorney general jeff sessions in a runoff monica alba reports...

Rather: America world laughing stock for coronavirus response

msnbc 2020-7-13

donald trump losing support because america is on fire due to the covid 19 pandemic is discussed by dan rather in conversation with joy reid rather tells am joy around the world not only are we...

Health during pandemic, racial inequity may drive Latinx vote

msnbc 2020-7-13

immigrants held in detention the impact of covid 19 on immigrants the latinx vote and the appeal of biden are analyzed by latinx leader maria teresa kumar in conversation with joy reid read more

Sen. Stabenow: Trump can’t just tweet schools will be safe

msnbc 2020-7-12

donald trump and betsy devos s push to reopen public schools the president s widely criticized covid 19 pandemic response and the reopen schools safely act are discussed by sen debbie stabenow in...

White House works to discredit Dr. Fauci as coronavirus surges in U.S.

msnbc 2020-7-12

as coronavirus continues to surge in states across the u s white house officials are distancing themselves from dr anthony fauci the nation s leading infectious disease expert nbc news josh...

Florida reports a record breaking 15,300 new coronavirus cases

msnbc 2020-7-12

florida reported a staggering 15 300 new coronavirus cases the highest daily number on record for any state this new report comes as the state continues to reopen businesses including disney world...

States Across U.S Continue to Break Coronavirus Records

msnbc 2020-7-12

as caseloads death tolls and hospitalizations continue to rise across the country president trump wore a mask in public for the first time dr ebony hilton associate professor of anesthesiology and...

Senator, WNBA co-owner blasted for slamming Black Lives Matter

msnbc 2020-7-12

black lives matter came under fire from u s senator kelly loeffler who is also a wnba team co owner of an atlanta team joy reid and her panel discuss the backlash against loeffler who said she...

Trump could face criminal tax fraud indictment expert says

msnbc 2020-7-11

donald trump could possibly face criminal tax fraud charges if the records don t match up expert on the president david cay johnston tells joy reid adding that in his opinion allegedly they won t...

Scaramucci: You have to think like Trump to beat him

msnbc 2020-7-11

donald trump commuting roger stone s sentence is analyzed as the 2020 presidential election approaches by joy reid and her guests including former white house communications director anthony...

Schiff: Trump commuting Stone an appalling attack on rule of law

msnbc 2020-7-11

rep adam schiff chair of the house intelligence committee reacts to the news that donald trump has commuted the prison sentence of roger stone accusing trump and bill barr of reducing u s democracy...

Chris Hayes: GOP is becoming a pro-virus party before our eyes

msnbc 2020-7-11

chris hayes on gop this party is intellectually bankrupt and entirely unable to meet the moment it is so corroded that it will revolt against one of its own members when they do something right to...

Austin Mayor: We are in danger of overwhelming our ICUs

msnbc 2020-7-11

as coronavirus cases surge in sun belt states like texas austin mayor steve adler says we re just on the edge and we are in danger of overwhelming our icus read more

Fmr. Education Secretary: ‘Encouraged, inspired’ by teachers, principals, superintendents

msnbc 2020-7-11

fmr education secretary arne duncan discusses the debate around reopening schools this fall amid a surge in covid 19 cases read more

Trump: I’ll be looking at a pardon for Roger Stone

msnbc 2020-7-10

trump who has been sharply critical of stone s case on friday said he s considering using his executive clemency powers to keep his friend out of prison i ll be looking at it trump told reporters...

‘Stop:’ California AG on Trump administration’s international student visa policy

msnbc 2020-7-10

california attorney general xavier becerra discusses the state s decision to sue the trump administration over policy that bans foreign students if classes are online read more

Gov. Andy Beshear: ‘Grateful’ that Mitch McConnell is discussing wearing masks ‘in public’

msnbc 2020-7-10

gov andy beshear d ky discusses the legal battle over mandating masks in the state and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell s r ky decision to talk about wearing masks in public read more

Chicago mayor: ‘We can’t afford not to’ pay to uplift neighborhoods

msnbc 2020-7-10

it s one thing to figure out how to get your coronavirus numbers down it s another to figure out how to move your city forward in these uncertain times mayor of chicago lori lightfoot joins...

An exclusive look at a COVID-19 floor in South Carolina

msnbc 2020-7-10

as coronavirus cases spike in south carolina nbc news has an exclusive look at a covid 19 floor in columbia the state capital read more

What to know about the Supreme Court ruling on Trump’s tax records

msnbc 2020-7-10

the supreme court ruled that president trump is not immune from a manhattan district attorney s attempt to get financial records as part of an investigation into alleged hush money payments and...

Buttigieg: Trump doesn’t seem to care about protecting U.S. troops

msnbc 2020-7-10

pete buttigieg responds to reports of russia putting bounties on u s troops saying trump doesn t seem to care about protecting u s troops read more

The Supreme Court rules that no one, not even Trump, is above the law

msnbc 2020-7-10

the supreme court makes a statement on the limits of presidential power as they rule that new york prosecutor cy vance can see trump s tax returnsread more

Michael Cohen sent back to jail following visit to Manhattan restaurant

msnbc 2020-7-9

this is not what cohen was expecting katy tur reports he was expecting to sign some paperwork read more

Pence falsely claims Arizona hospitalizations on decline

msnbc 2020-7-9

phoenix mayor kate gallego says her city is in need of more testing and medical personnel to handle the coronavirus crisis there reporter vaughn hillyard discusses read more

NYC set to begin Black Lives Matter mural on Fifth Avenue

msnbc 2020-7-9

new york city is set to begin painting a black lives matter mural down fifth avenue at the foot of trump tower the morning joe panel discusses read more

Coronavirus outbreak empties Mississippi capitol

msnbc 2020-7-9

rachel maddow reports on an outbreak of positive cases of coronavirus in the mississippi state capitol where 26 legislators have tested positive interrupting state business read more

GOP election lawyer explains how Trump’s war on mail-in voting could backfire

msnbc 2020-7-9

fmr campaign lawyer for john mccain the right message is that every american ought to have a chance to vote safely what they re hearing out of the white house is it s fraudulent it s dangerous don...

Billionaries, lobbyists, Kushners reap PPP loan windwall

msnbc 2020-7-9

lots of other multimillionaires and billionaires and country clubs and private jet companies were feeding at the government while small businesses went bankrupt joy says the reverse robin hood list...

Laurie Garrett: If we don’t have guidelines for reopening schools, ‘we will see a cycle’

msnbc 2020-7-9

laurie garrett pulitzer prize winning reporter covering global pandemics tells nicolle if we don t have strict quarantine measures in place and strict protocols in place we will see a cycle...

Phoenix Mayor: ‘This is the United States of America, we should do better’

msnbc 2020-7-8

arizona is now seeing the highest virus positivity rate in the united states phoenix mayor katie gallego joins chris jansing to break down the details of her city s fight against coronavirus and...