In deep-red Texas, officials warn GOP plans could doom rural public schools

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rural public school leaders warn against texas private school voucher plan

Major climate report issues a dire outlook for human life on Earth

nbcnews 2023-3-20

the chance to secure a livable future for everyone on earth is slipping away

Xi promotes China as peacemaker on first trip to Russia since Ukraine invasion

nbcnews 2023-3-20

chinese president xi jinping is traveling to russia this week as he promotes a new international order that has beijing at its center

McCarthy says Americans should not protest if Trump is indicted

nbcnews 2023-3-20

orlando florida house speaker kevin mccarthy urged calm sunday and said americans should not protest if former president donald trump is indicted and arrested in a hush money investigation in new...

UBS buys Credit Suisse for $3.2 billion as regulators look to shore up the global banking system

nbcnews 2023-3-19

ubs agreed to buy its embattled rival credit suisse for 3 billion swiss francs 3 2 billion sunday with swiss regulators playing a key part in the deal as governments looked to stem a contagion...

Law enforcement agencies prepare for a possible Trump indictment as early as next week

nbcnews 2023-3-17

local state and federal law enforcement and security agencies are preparing for the possibility that former president donald trump could be indicted as early as next week according to five senior...

International Criminal Court issues arrest warrant for Putin over alleged Ukraine war crimes

nbcnews 2023-3-17

the international criminal court issued an arrest warrant friday for russian president vladimir putin accusing him of being responsible for war crimes committed in ukraine

Border crossings from Canada into New York, Vermont and N.H. are up tenfold. Local cops want help.

nbcnews 2023-3-17

illegal border crossings from canada into new york in the past 5 months are up tenfold and crossers are in danger of freezing to death local cops want help

Chinese leader Xi to visit Russia next week for talks with Putin

nbcnews 2023-3-17

chinese president xi jinping will visit russia early next week for talks with vladimir putin as tensions rise with the u s amid the war in ukraine

After a wave of teen fentanyl overdoses, a Texas community grapples with shock and anger

nbcnews 2023-3-17

the overdoses of nearly a dozen teenagers in carrollton texas has been a lesson for the community in how quickly fentanyl use has spread among young people

Wall Street rides to the rescue as 11 banks pledge $30 billion to First Republic Bank

nbcnews 2023-3-16

a group of financial institutions has agreed to deposit 30 billion in first republic bank in what s meant to be a sign of confidence in the banking system the banks announced thursday afternoon

A Louisiana plant is spewing a toxic chemical into the air and residents want to know: Why is it still operating?

nbcnews 2023-3-16

a rubber plant near an elementary school in southern louisiana has been emitting a carcinogenic chemical for decades locals wonder why it s still allowed to remain in operation

U.S. releases video showing Russian fighter jet intercepting American drone over Black Sea

nbcnews 2023-3-16

the u s military has released newly declassified video it says shows a russian fighter jet harassing and colliding with an american drone over the black sea on tuesday

Has Ukraine made a big mistake by refusing to retreat from Bakhmut?

nbcnews 2023-3-16

ukraine says its future may depend on the brutal battles currently raging around bakhmut but there are growing splits between officials in kyiv and some western military analysts over the best...

Russian leadership approved aggressive actions of jets that damaged U.S. drone, U.S. officials say

nbcnews 2023-3-16

three u s officials familiar with the intelligence said the highest levels of the kremlin approved the aggressive actions of russian jets against a u s drone over the black sea

Troubles at Credit Suisse prompt broader market selloff

nbcnews 2023-3-15

troubles at the swiss banking giant credit suisse spooked markets wednesday causing bank stocks to sell off after regaining some ground tuesday

Russian jet harasses and then collides with U.S. Reaper drone over Black Sea

nbcnews 2023-3-14

a russian jet harassed and collided with a u s drone over the black sea tuesday forcing the u s to bring the mq 9 reaper down in international wars said the u s military

Silicon Valley Bank quietly laid off employees as tech firms in its backyard also slashed jobs

nbcnews 2023-3-14

months before it became the second largest bank in u s history to fail silicon valley bank laid off 100 to 120 employees according to an internal email seen by nbc news

Inflation cooled to 6% in February as the Federal Reserve weighs next steps on interest rates

nbcnews 2023-3-14

in the wake of the seizure of svb by regulators the u s economy may now find itself at the beginning of a new chapter

Eying re-election, Biden breaks with progressives on some hot-button issues

nbcnews 2023-3-14

president joe biden is breaking with progressives on some hot button issues including immigration and crime ahead of his expected 2024 campaign launch

Payroll panic, flash sales, shrugs: How SVB’s business customers handled its collapse

nbcnews 2023-3-14

startup founders and other svb account holders raced to find ways to maintain cash flow even as some of their federally backstopped funds remained inaccessible

Silicon Valley Bank collapse puts new spotlight on Trump banking law

nbcnews 2023-3-13

the failure of svb is putting new scrutiny on a 2018 law signed by then president donald trump that rolled back some banking regulations

Michelle Yeoh becomes first Asian to win best actress Oscar

nbcnews 2023-3-13

michelle yeoh made history sunday by winning the academy award for best actress

Oscars 2023 live updates: Award winners, performances, and highlights

nbcnews 2023-3-13

the 95th oscars are being televised on abc from the dolby theatre in los angeles

Silicon Valley Bank depositors will have access to "all of their money," regulators say in effort to stem wider fallout

nbcnews 2023-3-13

silicon valley bank depositors will have access to all of their money federal regulators announced on sunday

Historic ties to Russia but looking to the West, could Georgia be the next Ukraine?

nbcnews 2023-3-12

the former soviet state of georgia is caught between its historic ties to the east and a future that may lie closer to the west

What people with ‘super immunity’ can teach us about Covid and other viruses

nbcnews 2023-3-11

are certain people immune to covid scientists are testing people who have never been infected with the covid virus to understand

What does the Iran-Saudi Arabia truce mean for Washington’s standing on the global stage?

nbcnews 2023-3-11

as some world leaders hailed the restoration of ties between long standing enemies iran and saudi arabia there were growing fears in washington that the deal could help spell the end of the united...

Ron DeSantis throws shade at Trump and Biden in Iowa speeches

nbcnews 2023-3-11

florida gov ron desantis previewed a likely line of attack against both biden and trump friday deriding the federal response to the covid 19 pandemic

Man convicted of murdering California college student Kristin Smart sentenced to 25 years to life

nbcnews 2023-3-11

the california man convicted of the 1996 slaying of kristin smart a college student whose body has never been found was sentenced to 25 years to life friday

Silicon Valley Bank shut down by regulators amid fears of wider crisis

nbcnews 2023-3-10

silicon valley bank one of the tech sector s favorite lenders is shutting down

Archrivals Iran and Saudi Arabia agree to restore ties after years of tensions

nbcnews 2023-3-10

archrivals iran and saudi arabia agreed to restore diplomatic relations a breakthrough brokered by china after years of tensions between the regional rivals

Trump invited to appear before grand jury in hush-money probe

nbcnews 2023-3-10

donald trump has been told he can testify before a grand jury as part of an investigation into hush money paid to an adult film star during the 2016 campaign

Gulf cartel apologizes after Americans are kidnapped and killed in Mexico

nbcnews 2023-3-10

the gulf cartel apologized thursday after two american citizens were killed during an armed abduction last week in mexico

Norfolk Southern train derails in Alabama hours before CEO testifies before Congress

nbcnews 2023-3-9

a norfolk southern train derailed thursday in calhoun county alabama hours before company ceo alan shaw faced lawmakers to answer questions about a feb 3 derailment that led to a toxic chemical...

Some long Covid patients face big medical bills and denied insurance claims. How to navigate coverage.

nbcnews 2023-3-9

long covid symptoms can leave some patients in medical debt when health insurance declines to pay for treatment

Germany says it searched ship suspected in Nord Stream pipeline blasts as Ukraine denies involvement

nbcnews 2023-3-8

german authorities said wednesday they had searched a vessel suspected of carrying explosives used in the mysterious sabotage of the nord stream gas pipelines

Private Fox News text messages, testimony and emails released in Dominion suit

nbcnews 2023-3-8

testimony private text messages and emails from top fox news journalists and executives were made public thursday in the dominion voting systems lawsuit

2 Americans kidnapped in Mexico are dead and 2 others are alive, official says

nbcnews 2023-3-7

two of the four americans who were shot at by gunmen and kidnapped shortly after crossing the border into northern mexico last week are dead according to the governor of tamaulipas state

China warns conflict is inevitable unless U.S. changes course

nbcnews 2023-3-7

china s new foreign minister qin gang warned tuesday that the united states risks confrontation and conflict if it does not adjust its policy toward china

FBI offers $50K reward for safe return of 4 U.S. citizens kidnapped at gunpoint in Mexico

nbcnews 2023-3-7

the fbi is offering a 50 000 reward for the return of four americans thought to have been kidnapped at gunpoint during an attack in mexico on friday that also led to the death of a mexican citizen...

U.S. firm’s subsidiary sold electronics to Chinese defense firm linked to spy balloon program

nbcnews 2023-3-6

axt inc s ties to a chinese defense firm highlight the broader challenge of preventing u s technology and know how from ending up in the hands of china s military

Biden bets big that voters will reward him in 2024 for new bridge and road projects

nbcnews 2023-3-5

federal tax dollars are upgrading the bridge and paying for the signs but biden hopes there will be a windfall at the ballot box in 2024

How a UC Berkeley professor taught with remains suspected to be Native American

nbcnews 2023-3-5

famed uc berkeley professor tim white taught with a vast collection of human remains university officials now suspect many of them were native american

Two Ukrainian pilots are in the U.S. for training assessment on attack aircrafts, including F-16s

nbcnews 2023-3-5

two ukrainian pilots are currently in the united states undergoing an assessment to determine how long it could take to train them to fly attack aircrafts including f 16 fighter jets according to...

As Turkey earthquakes death toll grows, so does anger at government

nbcnews 2023-3-4

the government of president erdogan has been accused of contributing to the devastation caused by recent earthquakes by undermining construction safeguards

How missed evidence helped a serial killer evade capture for nearly two decades

nbcnews 2023-3-4

gary ridgway the green river killer murdered dozens of women and girls before he was caught but scientists missed key evidence on his first victims

Live updates: Alex Murdaugh faces 30 years to life for murdering his wife and son

nbcnews 2023-3-3

live updates alex murdaugh faces 30 years to life for murdering his wife and son

Alex Murdaugh guilty in murders of wife and son

nbcnews 2023-3-3

murdaugh 54 stood trial in the fatal shootings of his wife margaret and their youngest son paul in a case tied to a slew of financial crimes

Alex Murdaugh trial juror removed for improper discussions outside courtroom

nbcnews 2023-3-2

one of the 12 jurors in the double murder trial of alex murdaugh was removed thursday morning and replaced with an alternate before the defense team started its closing arguments