US floats softer alternative to confiscating Moscow’s assets – FT

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the west should borrow money against decades worth of russian profits and give it to ukraine a senior official has reportedly urged the us wants to use future profits from seized

Stranded sailors saved by spelling out ‘help’ with palm leaves (PHOTO)

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three men spent several days on a deserted island after their boat was damaged three stranded sailors were rescued from a deserted island in the pacific on tuesday ending a week lo

European state’s leader vows to resist Russian sanctions ‘blackmail’

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serbia is proud of its ironclad position on ukraine conflict president aleksandar vucic has said serbia will not be blackmailed into adopting the western line regarding the ukrai

Switzerland to hold referendum on Russia sanctions

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swiss activists are seeking to restore the country s historic neutrality swiss activists backed by the country rsquo s top political party have filed a petition with enough signatur

Russian military instructors deploy in Niger – media

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nigerien military ruler abdourahamane tchiani discussed security cooperation with president vladimir putin last month a russian military cargo plane has brought a team of instructor

French navy prepares for war – admiral

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the marine nationale is training to face someone who wants to destroy us a top naval officer has said france has shifted its naval posture from intercepting drug traffickers an

US funds Ukraine outlets that censor Americans – report

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independent media are paid by the usaid and ned to advance kiev s narratives and silence critics a ldquo sprawling constellation rdquo of supposedly independent organizations a

US set for another dot-com-style crash, fund manager warns

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stocks reportedly could be in for a decade of next to nothing returns the us stock market is headed for a crash despite the rallying s p 500 which risks seeing dismal returns for

Synagogue attack thwarted in Moscow – FSB

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russian security operatives have neutralized a terrorist suspect who responded with armed resistance during detention details to follow

WATCH Russian drone destroy US-made Bradley

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ukrainian infantry fighting vehicle met its end on donbass front the russian ministry of defense on thursday released a video showing an uav destroying one of the bradley infantry f

Assange marks five years in British prison

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one day before the anniversary us president joe biden said he was considering dropping charges against the wikileaks founder as of thursday wikileaks founder julian assange has

Moscow slams IOC chief over anti-Russia campaign

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thomas bach s actions should be investigated according to the country s foreign ministry international olympic committee ioc president thomas bach has become ldquo the conductor

Ukraine peace talks ‘pointless’ without Russia – Kremlin

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moscow has refused to take part in a planned international peace conference in switzerland any negotiations to settle the conflict in ukraine would have no value without russia rsqu

Russia may drop moratorium on intermediate-range missiles – top diplomat

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deployment of american ground based nuclear capable weapons near china may prompt russian action deputy foreign minister warned details to follow

Russia conducts massive strike on Ukrainian energy infrastructure

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the barrage undermined kiev s defense industrial base and derailed military logistics the defense ministry says russian forces have unleashed a wave of powerful high precision stri

Taxpayers in EU country paid for the accommodation of Ukrainian dogs and cats – media

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the irish government spent up to 1 million a month to house pets owned by refugees the irish mirror has revealed irish taxpayers footed the bill for accommodating nearly 2 000 pet

Ukraine peace impossible without Russia – Swiss FM

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bern has announced a major conference in june seeking to end the conflict which moscow has no plans to attend any diplomatic efforts to resolve the ukraine conflict will be fruitle

Pentagon warns US could miss Ukraine ‘pay off’

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kiev urgently needs more aid to prevent russian success us military officials have claimed washington must double down on funding kiev rsquo s war effort against moscow to ensur

Ukrainian women should prepare for conscription – top Kiev official

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kiev has been struggling to mobilize enough men to send to the frontline the ukrainian government must get rid of the ldquo old school mentality rdquo and implement true equality

Biden ‘very proud’ of expanding NATO to Russia’s borders

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the us leader believes that the bloc s break up would be a disaster for the world washington has run out of runway to provide more military aid to kiev without congress approval

Russia issues arrest warrant for Norwegian politician turned Ukraine mercenary (PHOTOS)

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a former sami parliament member faces 18 years in prison if convicted sandra andersen eira a former member of an indigenous parliament in norway has found herself on moscow rsquo

Russia warns Duolingo about ‘gay propaganda’

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the us app has been accused of including lgbtq characters in learning materials the company behind the popular language learning application duolingo has been warned about potentia

EU to probe Chinese wind turbine suppliers

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subsidy investigation aims to help protect bloc s industry from flood of cheap imports commissioner margrethe vestager has said the european union has launched a subsidy investigat

Ukraine is using this simple trick to hurt the EU

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strikes on the zaporozhye nuclear power plant are being leveraged to push for sanctions that could impact western europe ukraine says that in the wake of recent unattributed drone a

German gallery fires employee for hanging up his own painting

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technician at pinakothek der moderne in munich had reportedly yearned to achieve an artistic breakthrough a staff member of a german art museum got sacked after having hung one of

Washington’s support for Israel threatens Palestinian Christians, priest tells US journalist Tucker Carlson

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the small religious community in gaza has been devastated as a result of american foreign policy according to a pastor from bethlehem members of gaza rsquo s small christian commun

Paris Olympic swimming event could be canceled due to filthy water

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the seine river has alarming bacteria levels tests have revealed the swimming leg of the olympic triathlon in paris could be delayed or canceled if water quality does not improve

Brexit downgraded UK to ‘middle power’ status – ex-foreign secretary

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britain s wealth military assets and reputation have declined compared to its eu peers david miliband has said britain rsquo s exit from the european union has relegated the coun

US to ban Americans from using Russian anti-virus software – CNN

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the use of kaspersky lab s products is seen as a threat to national security officials in washington reportedly say washington is planning to bar us businesses and individuals from

Former South African president wins legal bid to run in elections

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jacob zuma is seeking a seat in the national assembly after previously leading the country for more than eight years former south african president jacob zuma can run for office as

Godfather of AI warns of ‘battle robots’

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the technology is becoming much more intelligent than people and could take over geoffrey hinton says the world could encounter major disasters before the use of artificial intell

Moscow terror attack was severe blow for Russian Muslims – mufti

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those responsible for the crocus city hall massacre cannot be called believers russia s top muslim cleric has said the aim of those who ordered the terrorist attack on the crocus c

US sends Iranian weapons to Ukraine

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kiev received rifles and grenade launchers originally headed for yemen washington has intercepted and transferred to kiev thousands of kalashnikov assault rifles and machine guns w

AUKUS considers security deal with Japan

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the us uk and australia are engaging like minded defense partners to ensure stability in the indo pacific japan could soon join the us uk and australia in the aukus security p

No mobilization under any circumstances – top Russian MP

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the influx of volunteers is more than enough to achieve moscow s current military goals in ukraine andrey kartapolov has suggested russia does not need to announce another wave of

White House responds to Russia’s Biden-linked firm terror claims

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moscow is probing claims that ukraine s western backers could be involved in terrorist activities washington has insisted there was no reason to search for any other potential sus

Israel ready to attack Iranian nuclear sites – UK media

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the israeli air force is reportedly training to strike sensitive sites if tehran responds to the damascus embassy attack by bombing israel west jerusalem will launch strikes agai

Star wars coming – top US general

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russia and china are rapidly building orbital capabilities the space command head has said the possibility of a conflict in space is no longer just theoretical general stephen whi

Ukraine to ban Olympic athletes from talking to Russians

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the competitors will also be discouraged from taking photos with them giving joint interviews shaking hands and more ukraine rsquo s national olympics committee noc is set to r

Russia launches terrorism probe into US and NATO officials

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moscow is following a trail from last month s crocus city hall attack intelligence agencies and law enforcement are looking at certain western government officials as part of an inv

Türkiye at a crossroads: Is the Erdogan era over?

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the ruling party suffered major setbacks in the recent elections ankara s domestic policies and global role are at a crucial junction in the wake of the march 31 municipal election

Indian court rejects plea against Delhi chief minister’s arrest 

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the aam aadmi party leader was arrested in an alleged liquor scam and is due to remain in custody until at least april 15 the delhi high court on tuesday dismissed a plea from the

Yuan displacing dollar on Russia’s foreign exchange market – Central Bank

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the chinese currency now accounts for the largest share of forex trading the regulator reports the share of the chinese yuan on russia rsquo s foreign exchange market hit an all ti

More German troops arrive near Russian border

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berlin has deployed the first soldiers from a promised 4 800 strong force to lithuania germany has sent an advance military team to lithuania as part of plans for a full strength

EU applies both breaks and brakes on Kiev’s produce

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kiev s duty free access to bloc s market will be extended but caps will be placed on items such as honey eggs sugar and poultry eu lawmakers have reached an agreement to extend ki

Indian student dies in Ohio after being abducted by ‘drug gang’

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the kidnappers who took abdul arfath last month demanded 1 200 in ransom from his family a student from india who had moved to the us last year was found dead days after going miss

No Russian misinfo on X, but the West is influencing things there – Musk

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the platform is by far the best place online to correct untrue information the entrepreneur has argued the owner of x formerly twitter elon musk has rejected accusations th

The Modi factor: Tourists are flocking to Varanasi to witness the electoral battle

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india s pm hopes to re enter india s parliament with a majority on june 1 tour companies have been prompted to include his rallies and roadshows when yegor rsquo s fingers begin to

Putin is twice as popular as Biden in multiple Mideast and African states – poll

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the us is losing its influence in the region to china and russia according to al monitor premise survey moscow and beijing are already playing more important roles in the middle

Ukraine ‘losing the war’ – US Senate leader

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kiev is desperate for american funding senator chuck schumer has said lack of american funding is the reason ukraine is failing on the battlefield senate majority leader chuck s