‘Awakened by flashlight every 15 minutes’: Lawyer claims Ghislaine Maxwell’s jail conditions are worse than those of terrorists

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suspected madame of the late pedophile jeffrey epstein ghislaine maxwell has been subjected to exceedingly harsh prison conditions including invasive searches 24 hour surveillance and sleep...

AI apocalypse avoided? Neural networks now smart enough to know when they shouldn’t be trusted

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in a development that could scupper the plot of numerous sci fi movies about an artificial intelligence apocalypse scientists have created a neural network that is smart enough to know when it...

From Russia with wheat: Exports by global grain superpower on track to hit record high

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the volume of global wheat exports from russia in the 2020 2021 agricultural year which started july 1 is set to approach the historical record level of the 2017 2018 crop year a report by the...

Relaxed Covid-19 restrictions over Christmas ‘not a science-based approach,’ warns former UK cabinet secretary

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the former international trade secretary has criticised the relaxation of coronavirus restrictions for a five day period over christmas claiming that the move would not be guided by science veteran mp

CNN guest explains why a mayor who protected killer cop from going to jail has no place in Biden cabinet, gets cut SECONDS later

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a cnn interview on why progressives are unhappy with joe biden s possible cabinet picks was cut less than a minute after it began as the guest pointed out that one of the candidates had covered up...

‘Zombie mink rise to exact revenge’: Hordes of dead ‘corona’ animals in Denmark resurface from grave after mass cull

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danish tv has shown footage of dead mink resurfacing from the ground after millions of animals were culled due to fears over the coronavirus police explained that it was a natural phenomenon public...

YouTube suspends & demonetizes Trump-friendly OAN network on vague basis of ‘misleading Covid cure claims’

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youtube has slapped the one america news network oann with a week long suspension accusing the conservative channel of pushing covid 19 misinformation though no media reports have clarified what...

‘They’re obsessed with us’: Parler CEO rebuffs ‘hacking’ rumor, investor not surprised ‘liberal imbeciles’ on Twitter fell for it

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the ceo and a major stakeholder at parler have denied viral rumors the anti censorship platform fell victim to a cyber attack accusing journalistic hacks on twitter of propelling the fake claim on...

‘Alien super weapon? Xbox prototype?’ Internet sleuths uncover coordinates of ‘Utah monolith’ as netizens debate origin & purpose

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ever resourceful internet detectives have sussed out the alleged location of the puzzling kubrick like monolith discovered in the utah desert by state officials stoking debate online over how long...

‘Why Americans hate the media’: Blue-checks fawn over Biden’s socks after 4 years of unmitigated vitriol toward Trump

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a bloomberg reporter gushing over president elect joe biden s socks had social media seething as many suggesting the media establishment deserved the hate thrown its way for posting such...

Biden approved to receive President’s Daily Brief, gaining access to high-level intelligence – reports

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the white house has given the nod for president elect joe biden to receive the president s daily brief a classified intelligence document prepared for the commander in chief each day according to...

‘America’s BACK,’ Biden’s recycled Obama-era cabinet picks promise – and that’s the problem

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us president elect joe biden has officially unveiled his cabinet picks who introduced themselves in a hail of platitudes promising a return to the obama model of velvet gloved regime change and...

$6 million per life: Study calculates economic wreckage caused by US Covid-19 shutdowns

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with coronavirus lockdowns forcing businesses to shut their doors for months a team of researchers has attempted to find out how many lives the restrictions saved in the united states and just how...

Senior MEPs threaten to veto unbalanced Brexit deal

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luxembourgian mep christophe hansen who sits on the european parliament s international trade committee has warned michel barnier that senior meps are ready to block a brexit trade deal if it s not...

Everything on planet Earth will someday be priced in Bitcoin – Max Keiser

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as the price of bitcoin has been surging the hosts of keiser report max keiser and stacy herbert discuss how the biggest asset manager in the world blackrock is finally admitting that bitcoin will...

Saudi Aramco confirms Houthi attack on ‘critical’ oil facility, reports no casualties

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an official from saudi arabia s aramco oil company has confirmed that yemen s houthi rebels targeted one of its facilities in jeddah but said the attack did not halt the plant s output the official...

2020 goes ‘full Kubrick’: Mysterious MONOLITH discovered in Utah desert (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

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wildlife officials have stumbled upon a bizarre monolith like structure in the utah desert prompting the internet to pump out stanley kubrick jokes and lamentations about the weirdness of 2020 state w

‘We will never concede’! Trump doubles down on fraud claims after GSA green-lights power transfer, says lawsuits moving ahead

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us president donald trump has vowed to never concede the 2020 election despite the biden harris transition team being given the nod to begin the presidential hand off insisting his legal challenges...

‘The virus is doing this, not me’: Pennsylvania governor BANS alcohol on Thanksgiving eve to halt Covid-19 spread

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pennsylvanians looking to get tipsy at pre thanksgiving celebrations may be sorely disappointed after the governor ordered bars and restaurants to halt alcohol sales ahead of the holiday part of a...

‘F***ING INFURIATING’: LA adds outdoor dining to banned list as Covid-19 cases spike, pushes more restaurants to brink of failure

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los angeles county has tightened its crackdown on surging covid 19 cases by banning outdoor dining leaving many restaurateurs with little hope of survival after trying to tailor their businesses to...

Trump ‘recommends’ to move ahead on ‘initial transition protocols’ while vowing to STRONGLY challenge 2020 election results

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us president donald trump has called on the general services administration to do what needs to be done to initiate the presidential transition but pledged to continue fighting to contest the...

Define nudity? Outrage ensues as YouTube bans model Belle Delphine for sexual content while explicit music videos get a pass

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youtube has been accused of kowtowing to corporates after it banned british internet personality and erotic model belle delphine for violating sexual content policy but turned a blind eye to...

Biden signals US return to full-on globalism and foreign meddling by picking interventionist Anthony Blinken as secretary of state

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joe biden has named anthony blinken an advocate for isolating russia cozying up to china and intervening in syria as secretary of state cementing a foreign policy built on military forays and multi...

Biden puts Homeland Security in hands of Alejandro Mayorkas, the Cuban-American lawyer who championed citizenship for immigrants

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joe biden has tapped cuban born lawyer alejandro mayorkas to head the department of homeland security mayorkas previously served in the dhs under barack obama and has advocated a path to...

Sex Pistols rocker Johnny Rotten BITTEN ON PENIS by fleas after rescuing squirrels

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offering proof that no good deed goes unpunished british punk rock legend johnny rotten has revealed that he has been bitten by fleas on his penis after adopting squirrels at his home in los...

But will they need ‘freedom passes’? BoJo sets 4,000-fan limit on outdoor sports events after Covid-19 lockdown ends

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uk pm boris johnson has preemptively declared restrictions on outdoor sports matches for even the lowest risk areas ahead of the second lockdown s scheduled end he hasn t specified the requirements...

‘He didn’t break the law’: Russian football ethics official backs player ‘who was dropped by US team after refusing to take knee’

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a russian football official has backed russian american player valeri saramutin who has suggested he was dumped by us team austin bold partly because he refused to join the take a knee protests saram

Iceland offers rich foreigners refuge amid Covid-19 pandemic

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reykjavik has made changes to its remote work visa program for citizens beyond the european schengen area making iceland an appealing destination for anyone looking to escape global second wave...

US may hit more than 100 Chinese & Russian firms with trade restrictions over alleged military ties – report

RT 2020-11-23

the trump administration is planning to designate 89 chinese and 28 russian entities as military end users restricting american companies from doing business with them reuters reported citing a...

2 killed in stabbing rampage at church in San Jose, California

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two people have died and several others have sustained serious injuries in a knife attack that occurred at a church in san jose california the stabbing spree at grace baptist church located near the s

‘You’re such a D*CK’: New Jersey Gov. Murphy confronted by protesters as he dines with family at restaurant (VIDEO)

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a video has emerged showing protesters crashing new jersey governor phil murphy s family dinner at a local restaurant the governor has been advocating for the families to limit their public outings...

‘KrakenOnSteroids’: Sydney Powell says she ‘understands’ Trump’s lawyers distancing from her, vows to fight on

RT 2020-11-23

sidney powell one of the most vocal legal voices championing trump s campaign allegations of large scale election fraud has said she continues to stand by her claims after the president s legal...

Germany regrets US withdrawal from Open Skies Treaty & remains committed to it, Foreign Minister says

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the open skies treaty allowing military observation flights over the territories of signatory states is an import part of arms control and germany will abide by it despite the us withdrawal german...

ATP Finals: Gutsy Daniil Medvedev battles back brilliantly to beat Dominic Thiem and win maiden title in London

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russia s daniil medvedev ended the season in style by mounting a superb comeback to defeat austrian rival dominic thiem and capture a maiden atp finals title in london it was the perfect end to the...

Israel ratifies deal with UAE allowing first visa-free travel to Arab state

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israel has ratified a visa exemption agreement with the united arab emirates its first such deal with an arab state as rapprochement between the former foes continues at a rapid pace israeli ministe

‘Completely unprepared’: Private healthcare is gouging America and letting Covid-19 run rampant, physician and activist tells RT

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as long as health insurance firms and drug companies continue to gouge people the us will not be equipped to handle a pandemic physician dr margaret flowers has told rt s on contact with 12 milli

Previously unimaginable, Pep Guardiola could end up outstaying his welcome at Manchester City

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losing at the home of a bitter managerial rival to leave your team languishing in 12th in the table was not the ideal way for pep guardiola to mark his two year contract extension at manchester...

‘They could do so much’: Boxing icon Tyson turns social justice warrior as he urges Fury and Joshua to help destitute drug addicts

RT 2020-11-22

mike tyson has told champions tyson fury and anthony joshua that they should hold exhibition fights and give the money to the homeless and drug infected adding that he would fight them and calling...

UK Health Dept pilloried after issuing vague objection to Daily Mail article challenging govt’s Covid-19 narrative

RT 2020-11-22

a daily mail piece that poked holes in the uk government s approach to coronavirus prompted the country s department of health to cry foul but the complaint backfired after the government failed to...

Dutch slaughter 190,000 chickens following highly-contagious bird flu break-out at poultry farms

RT 2020-11-22

the netherlands has carried out a mass culling of chickens after at least two poultry farms detected a highly contagious strain of bird flu health workers killed around 100 000 hens at a poultry...