WATCH protesters return & FACE OFF with riot police at White House after causing lockdown

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demonstrators have gathered around the white house for the second time in one day to protest the police killing of george floyd standing off with a riot squad guarding the building as some hurl...

Crowds BESIEGE Minneapolis 5th Precinct as police & National Guard fail to enforce curfew (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

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protesters in minneapolis have surrounded a police station amid ongoing unrest over the killing of george floyd by law enforcement as a curfew imposed by the city government goes unenforced and...

WATCH protesters besiege CNN’s Atlanta headquarters, set POLICE CAR on fire & vandalize huge network logo

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an angry group of protesters marched on cnn s headquarters in atlanta after police dispersed a rally elsewhere in the city smashing windows setting fire to squad cars and defacing a company logo...

WATCH protesters SHUT DOWN San Jose freeway as George Floyd rallies sweep the country (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

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a large group of demonstrators have swarmed a major highway in san jose and shut down traffic to protest the police killing of george floyd as similar actions are sparked in cities across the...

Trump says ‘can’t allow anarchy & chaos’ in Minneapolis after speaking with family of George Floyd

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us president donald trump said he had been in touch with the family of george floyd a minneapolis man killed in police custody but urged for an end to lawless anarchy and rioting sparked by his death

Death & taxes: Big Tech lobbies not to pay much tax after making a killing on Covid-19 pandemic

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as the rest of the world is locked at home and companies go bankrupt big tech is enjoying a pandemic m a spending spree due to record valuations richer than ever they resist the pressure from...

Breaking their silence: Why has US sport been rocked by a series of child abuse scandals?

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the world of us sport has been left stunned by a string of scandals after hundreds of elite athletes came forward to reveal they were sexually abused by coaches senior team members or doctors when...

MSNBC reporter takes heat for calling Minneapolis unrest ‘NOT UNRULY’ in front of BURNING buildings

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msnbc host and emmy nominee ali velshi faced an avalanche of online criticism after he described the ongoing minneapolis unrest as not generally speaking unruly while reporting live from a burning...

‘Halving social distancing’: Ireland to relax rules only if rate of infections comes down

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irish pm leo varadkar raised the prospect on friday of halving social distancing rules from two meters to one if the rate of coronavirus infections comes down further the move would be a potential...

GUNFIRE heard as massive Denver solidarity demonstration for George Floyd turns violent (VIDEO)

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multiple shots were fired just outside the colorado state capitol in denver where scores of people expressed their outrage over the death of an unarmed black man at the hands of police in minnesota...

‘When the looting starts, the shooting starts’: Trump says military is ready to act against Minneapolis ‘THUGS’

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us president donald trump has vowed decisive action to quell unrest in minneapolis sparked by the police killing of an unarmed black man threatening to get the military involved if the city s mayor...

WATCH Minneapolis police ABANDON 3rd precinct as protesters celebrate & TORCH it

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a police headquarters in minneapolis is engulfed in flames after protesters breached the building and set it ablaze amid riots over a recent police killing officers have fled the scene having lost...

Minneapolis ‘WAR ZONE’: Protesters take over POLICE STATION amid clashes, fires & clouds of tear gas (VIDEOS)

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precinct is down pic twitter com lcs90udf2o mdash sophia narwitz sophnar0747 may 29 2020 it s a war zone protestors and police clash fires everywhere chaos pic twitter com juyx11rtzk mdash so

LOOTING & ARSON rage through St. Paul & Minneapolis as emergency declared over escalating police brutality protests (VIDEOS)

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chaotic scenes continue to unfold in minnesota s twin cities as stirred up crowds smash storefronts loot merchandise and clash with law enforcement following a police killing of an unarmed african...

FBI seeks more proof of ‘criminal excessive force’ in George Floyd killing as outraged public demands immediate arrests

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the fbi and local prosecutors say they need more evidence before they can file charges against officers involved in the death of george floyd in minneapolis angry residents claim investigators are...

NSA urges email providers to update software warning that ‘Russian military hackers’ already gained ‘dream access’ to them

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the notorious us spy agency nsa has issued a rare warning to exim mail server owners calling on them to update the operating system and claiming that otherwise russian military cyber actors could...

Minnesota rolls out National Guard to stop riots & looting, ‘ensure safety’ of peaceful protests over George Floyd killing

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minnesota governor tim walz has called in national guard units after law enforcement failed to provide safety in minneapolis as furious protests over the police killing of george floyd erupted into...

Cuomo desperately doles out celebs to sell new face mask executive order amid nursing home deaths debacle

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with new york governor andrew cuomo facing scrutiny over his treatment of nursing homes during his covid 19 response he turned to celebrities chris rock and rosie perez to help him sell his latest...

IKEA values vs Polish traditions: Manager faces up to TWO YEARS behind bars after firing employee opposing pro-LGBT event

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an ikea hr manager has been charged in poland with violating the religious rights of a bible citing employee who was fired after refusing to endorse a pro lgbt event now the manager could end up...

‘Election process will become badly tainted & laughingstock’: Trump doubles down on mail-in voting in heated tweet

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after being fact checked by twitter on his assertion that mail in voting leads to fraud president donald trump doubled down on his stance and directed his anger right at twitter ldquo so ridiculous to

Meteorite or rocket? Armenia baffled by large celestial body initially mistaken for FIREWORKS (VIDEO)

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a bright flash has lit up the night skies over western armenia leaving local residents and scientists wondering about the origins of a mysterious object that looked like a fireworks explosion a...

Silicon Valley unicorns & fracking are part of Fed’s money-laundering scheme – RT’s Keiser Report

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the way tech startups and shale firms operate burning billions in cash every day could be proof that they exist only as a part of a money laundering operation on a countrywide scale according to rt...

‘We can re-open restaurants and shops, but can’t invite spectators’: French Open boss not happy with behind-closed-doors plan

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french tennis federation fft head jean francois vilotte has spoken out against the idea of staging the 2020 french open without spectators stressing that he can promise the implementation of all...

‘Unmitigated disaster’: Fury as UK suffers highest rate of excess deaths per million in the world during Covid-19 crisis

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the uk has suffered the highest rate of excess deaths per million in the world among countries with comparable data during the covid 19 pandemic provoking outrage from britons still reeling from...

China & US should respect each other’s core interests, Premier Li Keqiang says as parliament closes meeting

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china and the united states should respect each other rsquo s core interests and manage their differences premier li keqiang said on thursday li also warned that a decoupling of the two states...

German economy may shrink by over 9% this year due to coronavirus crisis

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europe s biggest economy germany may decline by 9 3 percent in 2020 according to the worst case scenario outlined by one of the country s largest economic think tanks the ifo institute the munich ba

Arizona sues Google for ‘misleading’ users by secretly tracking their personal data on smartphones

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google has been accused of collecting data on people s whereabouts and their searches even when they disabled these options on their mobile devices the lawsuit filed by arizona attorney general...

Minneapolis police investigate ‘homicide’ amid reports of ‘looter shot dead by pawn shop owner’

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a suspected looter has reportedly been shot and killed in minneapolis after a protest over police brutality escalated into a full blown riot with a law enforcement spokesman confirming one homicide...

WATCH crowd smash ATMs amid looting & intense street clashes in Minneapolis (VIDEO)

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as chaos erupted on the streets of minneapolis following an anti police brutality demonstration looters have tried to break into outdoor teller machines at a bank near the protest area captured in...

Building set ABLAZE in Minneapolis as police struggle to contain anti-brutality protests (VIDEOS)

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demonstrators have set fire to a building in minnesota amid chaotic protests over the police killing of an unarmed black man this week with dramatic scenes of clashes looting and now arson emerging...

LOOTERS ransack shops as Minneapolis descends into chaos after police killing of black man (VIDEOS)

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gangs of looters have cleared out a number of shops in minneapolis as hectic protests over a police killing of an unarmed black man escalate into riots with violent clashes erupting between...

US could conduct live NUCLEAR test ‘within months’ if Trump orders it

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the us could carry out a live nuclear test within months should the president request it a senior pentagon official said suggesting geopolitical issues presumably referring to moscow and beijing...

Goats and BREAST MILK protein may be key to fighting Covid-19, Russian scientists suggest

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the coronavirus seems to be affecting babies less than other populations and russian scientists suggest this may be due to proteins in breast milk that protects their immune system now they are...

Cuomo blames nursing homes for following his Covid-19 order that KILLED PATIENTS - after removing it from website

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new york governor andrew cuomo has stealthily attempted to rewrite history deleting his controversial order requiring nursing homes to admit covid 19 patients from the state health website and...

SpaceX launch canceled due to bad weather only minutes before planned takeoff

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the planned nasa spacex launch out of kennedy space center in florida to the international space station was nixed on wednesday due to bad weather thunderstorms and cloudy skies threatened the...

Come on! Dominic Cummings’ name didn’t trend on Twitter… because of anti-porn filters

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he may have remained relentlessly in the news for the past week but boris johnson s embattled chief adviser dominic cummings still hasn t managed to trend on twitter despite being the subject of...

‘Inaccurate, divisive’: British TV show roasted after using gender of world leaders to explain contrasting Covid-19 death tolls

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a british morning television show suffered a backlash from viewers after using unfair comparisons to suggest countries with female leaders have done a better job than their male counterparts to...

Italy and Belgium join France in rejecting hydroxychloroquine for Covid-19 treatment

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italy and belgium have joined france in moving to ban the use of the controversial hydroxychloroquine to treat covid 19 patients as questions continue to mount over its safety on wednesday france

Trump threatens to SHUT DOWN social media after spat with Twitter over mail-in voting criticism

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the us president has threatened to heavily regulate or even shut down social media platforms that silence conservative voices after twitter marked his posts with a fact check notice implying they...

France BANS hydroxychloroquine as study says medicine Trump took makes death from Covid-19 more likely

RT 2020-5-27

france has clamped down on the much talked about drug that many have taken against covid 19 including us president donald trump a new study showed that the treatment increases the risk of death...