Ukraine introduces earlier sunsets to spite Russia

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residents of eastern regions will be the most affected the ukrainian parliament has voted in favor of ending daylight savings time starting next year citing firstly national securi

Muslim federation lashes out at imam who advocated wife beating

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a podcast in which the cleric spoke about ways to rein in an unruly spouse has drawn a barrage of criticism the muslim spiritual board of russia has taken a stand against a cleric w

Russia and Hungary working to resume oil supplies – media

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ukraine recently banned the transit of russian crude through its territory moscow and budapest are trying to resume russian oil supplies to hungary after transit was blocked via the

Taiwan must pay for defense – Trump

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taipei doesn t give the us anything despite being immensely wealthy the former president has complained republican presidential candidate donald trump has indicated he would be

Chinese firms probed over mandatory pregnancy tests – media

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over 160 women were reportedly subjected to the practice which is illegal under the country s laws protecting women s rights more than a dozen companies in china have been sued for

Architects of Russophobia: How twin brothers defined their country’s anti-Russia policy

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why jaroslaw and lech kaczynski dedicated their political careers in poland to antagonizing moscow it rsquo s unlikely that the parents of twin brothers born shortly after the esta

NATO state’s president says bloc ‘extremely close’ to war with Russia

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poland s andrzej duda claims that the entire us led military bloc considers moscow to be its greatest threat polish president andrzej duda has warned of an imminent war between russ

India steps up operations in Jammu and Kashmir after deadly attack

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four soldiers were killed in a gunfight on monday amid increased terrorist activity in the region the indian army has intensified search operations to eliminate terrorists who have

Trump says he doesn’t ‘love sanctions’

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the former us leader believes washington s current policies are forcing everyone away from us us presidential candidate donald trump has expressed skepticism over sanctions but d

US rock band cancels tour after Trump assassination joke (VIDEO)

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jack black s bandmate said his birthday wish was don t miss trump next time us actor and musician jack black claimed he was ldquo blindsided rdquo by his bandmate kyle gass rs

Group of Democrats oppose virtual Biden nomination – media

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the dnc s early roll call scheme is no longer necessary the dissidents have said democrats should drop the plans to nominate us president joe biden by a virtual vote ahead of thei

Here’s why NATO no longer works

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the us bloc is accelerating the decline of the west history has seen many military alliances but none has ever had such a clear imbalance as nato when it comes to the security of

US Senator convicted in corruption trial

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bob menendez faces decades in prison for his role in a sprawling bribery scheme involving suitcases of gold and favors for the egyptian government us senator bob menendez has been c

‘Ukrainian connection’ possible in Trump shooting – opposition leader

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vladimir zelensky has a motive to see donald trump dead viktor medvedchuk has said the assassination attempt on us presidential candidate donald trump may have been tied to ukraine

Israel’s ultra-Orthodox Jews to receive draft notices in days

RT 2024-7-16

the idf wants to plug its manpower gaps with members of the country s most insular jewish community the israel defense forces idf has said it will begin sending initial draft or

Russia responds to Trump ally’s Ukraine proposal

RT 2024-7-16

it is too late to talk about autonomous zones the foreign ministry spokeswoman has said russian foreign ministry spokeswoman maria zakharova has dismissed the idea of creating l

Indian minister fires back at Russian oil trade critics  

RT 2024-7-16

in an interview with rt hardeep singh puri has explained how new delhi helped stabilize global energy prices india rsquo s energy cooperation with russia remains crucial for the

Researchers pinpoint potential Moon base site

RT 2024-7-16

radar data suggests the presence of a deep cave which could provide shelter from the harsh lunar environment the possible existence of a large cave at the bottom of a deep crater o

Groups blocking aid to Gaza got donations from US and Israel – media

RT 2024-7-16

west jerusalem has pledged to provide humanitarian assistance to the war torn enclave following international pressure several groups that have been blocking humanitarian aid delive

India seeks greater market access in Russia

RT 2024-7-16

new delhi is in talks with moscow on easing the non tariff barriers faced by its exporters the indian government is in discussions with russia on a potential easing of non tariff t

Zelensky ‘not afraid’ of Trump presidency

RT 2024-7-16

the ukrainian leader believes republicans will continue their support because party members respect him ukraine rsquo s vladimir zelensky has said he is not worried about donald tru

Trump makes first public appearance after assassination attempt (VIDEO)

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republican presidential nominee donald trump entered the hall with a bandage covering his ear former us president donald trump was greeted with thunderous applause and cheers as he

Biden defends his ‘put Trump in bullseye’ remark

RT 2024-7-16

the us president has claimed his opponent s rhetoric was more incendiary us president joe biden has dismissed any notion that his rhetoric might incite violence claiming that by ca

Biden orders security for Kennedy

RT 2024-7-16

rfk jr was finally granted secret service protection after an attempted assassination of donald trump independent us presidential candidate robert francis kennedy jr whose father

Poll reveals Ukrainians’ attitude to peace talks

RT 2024-7-16

almost 44 of respondents believe the time for negotiations with russia has come a significant portion of ukrainians support the idea of launching ldquo official peace talks rdquo

Top Biden security official apportions blame for Trump shooting

RT 2024-7-16

secret service failure played a part in the incident the homeland security head has said republican presidential candidate donald trump was nearly killed due to a ldquo failure

Russia has redefined its Asia strategy. Here’s how it will work

RT 2024-7-16

moscow is not interested in merely being a bystander in the china us conflict so it s branching out the most misguided way to develop russian policy in asia would be to focus it

Trump names running mate

RT 2024-7-15

jd vance will be the us republicans vice presidential candidate donald trump the republican candidate for us president in the upcoming november election has tapped jd vance as hi

‘Russia’s Google’ completes split from parent firm in West

RT 2024-7-15

just announced deal brings the country s top tech player yandex entirely under russian ownership yandex nv the dutch registered parent company of yandex has announced it has final

2024 Republican National Convention kicks off: What you need to know

RT 2024-7-15

donald trump is expected to officially become the gop s presidential candidate just days after an attempt on his life the 2024 republican national convention rnc where the party

Bobby Kennedy slams US Secret Service

RT 2024-7-15

bystanders reportedly tried to alert police of a gunman before shots were fired at donald trump at the weekend bobby kennedy iii a member of the famous american political dynasty

Italian police rescue Indian ‘farm slaves’

RT 2024-7-15

the labourers were hired to work 12 hour days seven days a week for about four dollars per hour police in italy announced they have freed 33 indian migrants from abusive conditions

Rare Siberian tiger shows off new cubs (VIDEO)

RT 2024-7-15

a zoo in central russia welcomed two litters of endangered big cat species in a single day a zoo in central russia welcomed two litters of rare tigers in one day earlier this month

School building collapse kills 22 in Nigeria

RT 2024-7-15

dozens were also injured in the incident a police spokesperson has said twenty two people were killed and 132 injured when a two story school building collapsed in central nigeria

‘I am supposed to be dead’ – Trump

RT 2024-7-15

the former us president has said he wants to unite the country after surviving an assassination attempt donald trump has said he is lucky to be alive after being targeted by a shoot

EU finds way to punish Orban for Moscow trip – Politico

RT 2024-7-15

the bloc s foreign ministers reportedly plan to snub a high profile summit in budapest european union leaders are planning to boycott a hungarian organized foreign affairs summit d

US must never be ‘a killing field’ – Biden

RT 2024-7-15

the president urged to lower the temperature of political rhetoric in the wake of the assassination attempt of donald trump toxic rhetoric and political tensions can lead to blood

Le Pen rails against political ‘violence’

RT 2024-7-15

marine le pen has condemned the attack on donald trump warning france is not safe from such violence either the french right wing politician and longtime leader of the national ral

The Trump shooter: What we know so far

RT 2024-7-14

the young gunman who almost killed the former president was reportedly bullied in high school the fbi has identified former us president donald trump rsquo s would be assassin as a

Melania Trump speaks up after attempt on her husband’s life

RT 2024-7-14

former first lady has condemned saturday s violent act at a campaign rally as a heinous crime former first lady melania trump on sunday condemned the attack on her husband as he a

‘Eliminate Him’: A look at the violent rhetoric against Donald Trump

RT 2024-7-14

before he was shot at a campaign rally former us president donald trump faced a barrage of threats from the left while the attempted assassination of donald trump has been roundly

Musk reveals two attempts on his life were foiled

RT 2024-7-14

the billionaire made the claim shortly after republican hopeful donald trump was shot and wounded during a campaign rally spacex and tesla ceo elon musk has opened up about two alle

‘One in a million’ PHOTO shows bullet passing Trump

RT 2024-7-14

the republican presidential hopeful was shot during a campaign rally in pennsylvania on saturday the new york times has published a photo appearing to show a bullet flying past dona

Trump pledges to fight ‘evil’

RT 2024-7-14

in a post on truth social the republican presidential hopeful urged americans to stand united following saturday s attempt on his life donald trump has vowed not to swerve from his

Ukrainian troops have withdrawn’ – KGB

RT 2024-7-14

the head of the belarusian security service says kiev has pulled back the forces it had amassed on the border in mid june the situation on the belarus ukraine border has been defuse

Russian broadcasters to boycott Paris Olympics — media

RT 2024-7-14

the decision comes after russian judo and wrestling competitors refused to take part in the games russian television channels and streaming services will not air this year rsquo s o

Biden reacts to attack on Trump

RT 2024-7-14

the us president said that he is praying for his political rival who has survived an assassination attempt us president joe biden has condemned the shooting of his reelection riva

Donald Trump injured in apparent assassination attempt

RT 2024-7-14

the former president was rushed to safety after gunshots were fired at his rally donald trump has been injured after gunshots were heard during his campaign speech in butler pennsy

Shots fired at Donald Trump rally

RT 2024-7-14

secret service agents have rushed former president off a stage during a campaign event in butler pennsylvania gunshots have reportedly been fired at a donald trump rally in pennsyl

Kremlin responds to Ukraine’s threats to assassinate Putin

RT 2024-7-14

the threat coming from the kiev regime is obvious president s spokesman dmitry peskov has said russia is aware of the dangers coming from the ldquo kiev regime rdquo including