WATCH Russian & Chinese warships on first ever joint patrol mission in Pacific

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russian and chinese navy vessels have completed their first joint patrol mission in the pacific ocean covering a distance of over 1 700 nautical miles around 3 100km in a week russia s defense...

Russia is ready to boost coal & gas supplies to China, but says problems with transportation remain

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beijing has been in talks with moscow on increasing fossil fuel deliveries to china however despite russia s readiness to cooperate transportation problems may hinder the efforts the russian...

Nothing to hide, nothing to fear: RT’s Keiser Report probes Bank of England warning that bitcoin could cause financial meltdown

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the bank of england has warned investors this week that bitcoin could cause a collapse of the financial system while a recent reuters report slammed the uk as the bank scam capital of the world max k

Pros outweigh cons: FDA weighs risks of side effects & hospitalizations of Pfizer jab in 5-11-year-olds

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the fda says the benefits of the pfizer vaccine in preteens outweigh the risks but that excess hospitalizations because of the jab may exceed the prevented hospitalizations due to covid 19 if the...

India to become $10 TRILLION economy by 2030 – minister

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economic growth in india is accelerating as the pandemic has led to the revival of the nation s health sector and increased exports minister of petroleum and natural gas of india hardeep singh puri...

Alec Baldwin told he was handling ‘cold gun’ before fatal on-set shooting – police report

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moments before a fatal shooting on the set of an upcoming western rust the film s assistant director shouted cold gun before passing a prop firearm to star alec baldwin indicating it was not loaded...

US drone strike in northwest Syria killed ‘senior Al-Qaeda leader’ – CENTCOM

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the us central command centcom has announced it used a predator drone to kill abdul hamid al matar described as senior al qaeda leader in northwestern syria the us military claimed no civilians...

EU postpones free trade talks with Australia for second time in wake of simmering multibillion-dollar submarine deal row

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the european union has postponed its trade negotiations with australia for the second time a month after canberra decided to ditch a deal with france for nuclear powered submarines in favor of that...

SCOTUS to hear Texas abortion ban challenge, but refuses to block law

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the supreme court has declined to block texas near total abortion ban ahead of the judges next month considering a challenge mounted by the department of justice to the law supreme court justice sonia

Baldwin firearm contained ‘live’ round, union says in email, following report actor got furious over being given ‘hot gun’

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a prop masters union spokesperson has said that the gun actor alec baldwin fired on the rust movie set that killed the film s cinematographer and injured its director contained a live round ldquo a

Progressives’ bete noire Neera Tanden named White House staff secretary to chorus of raised eyebrows

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former hillary clinton adviser neera tanden a controversial figure loathed by many progressive democrats has been promoted to white house staff secretary finally securing a job in president joe...

US hits second largest deficit ever at $2.77 trillion after 2 years of pandemic spending

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the us budget deficit totaled 2 77 trillion for fiscal year 2021 falling just short of the previous year s record breaking numbers but still in line with the massive spending during the covid 19...

Stronger European defense strategy will also strengthen NATO, French minister tells alliance leaders

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the french minister for defense has told nato leaders not to be afraid of a new european defense scheme insisting that the initiative which is still being debated would make the alliance stronger...

Russian OnlyFans pornstar ‘Lola Bunny’ forced to apologize after flashing boobs next to Red Square’s iconic St. Basil’s Cathedral

RT 2021-10-22

a video showing a russian onlyfans star has gone viral after she was filmed flashing her breasts near st basil s the world famous cathedral on moscow s red square the model later apologized...

After decades of political strife & upheaval, Russia has developed ‘herd immunity’ to ‘extremism’ & ‘damaging’ revolutions – Putin

RT 2021-10-22

an abundance of negative experiences in modern history has enabled russia and its people to become immune to societal shocks and society is now resistant to extremism and political upheaval...

Don’t mess with Marines: US veteran single-handedly halts attempted ARMED robbery in the blink of an eye (VIDEO)

RT 2021-10-22

a sheriff s office in arizona has released a video of an impressive incident at a convenience store in which a marine veteran appeared in the right place at the right time coolly taking down...

At least seven people dead & others injured after explosion at gunpowder production facility near Russian city of Ryazan

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an explosion and fire at the gunpowder production department of a factory near the russian city of ryazan has killed at least seven people and injured others it has been reported the fate of other...

Biden says US ‘committed’ to defending Taiwan from China, signaling break with decades-long ‘strategic ambiguity’ policy

RT 2021-10-22

president joe biden has vowed to defend taiwan militarily in the event of a chinese invasion claiming washington has a commitment to do so despite having no defense pact with the island breaking...

More than HALF of Americans polled say they’ve been personally affected by supply shortages in US, new survey shows

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a majority of americans surveyed said they have personally faced shortages in common consumer goods according to a new poll which comes amid ongoing supply chain issues linked to covid 19 and a...

National School Board Association head talked to White House for WEEKS before asking to rein in ‘domestic terrorist’ parents

RT 2021-10-22

leaders of the us national school board association failed to consult their own board and were in touch with the white house before publishing a letter with a call to label unruly parents as...

End of capitalism, transgender kids, NATO, reverse racism, WWII, censorship and more: what Putin spoke about at Valdai

RT 2021-10-22

russian president vladimir putin s appearance at the 2021 valdai discussion club rivaled his famous annual press conferences clocking in at over 3 hours here are some of the topics that he touched...

Hunter Biden sought to sell ‘analysis’ of Russian businessman Deripaska for $55,000, emails show

RT 2021-10-22

back when joe biden was us vice president his son hunter tried to sell refined analysis of networks of russian elites including aluminum magnate oleg deripaska whose new york and dc properties were...

Haitian gang leader claiming to have US missionary hostages threatens to kill ‘these Americans’ in YouTube video

RT 2021-10-22

a man claiming to be with the gang behind the kidnapping of over a dozen us missionaries has threatened to kill the hostages if the millions in demanded ransom is not paid the man speaking in the...

Federal Reserve bans stock trading, other investments for top officials after controversies

RT 2021-10-21

the federal reserve board has announced a set of new regulations for their policymakers and top staff including a ban on individual stock trading the us rsquo central bank released a statement on thur

‘Not in treaty’: Hungary’s Orban sides with Poland, rejects EU law primacy ahead of bloc’s summit

RT 2021-10-21

hungarian prime minister viktor orban has once again challenged the idea of the primacy of eu law accusing brussels of attempts to infringe upon the rights of the national governments as he arrived...

Putin rejects Security Council veto reform, says UN would ‘die same day,’ turn into ‘debate club’

RT 2021-10-21

russian president vladimir putin has pushed back on his turkish colleague s proposal to remove the veto power of un security council permanent members saying it would turn the world body into...

Turkey busts ‘Mossad espionage network’, arrests 15 men for spying on Palestinians & foreign students – reports

RT 2021-10-21

turkey s intelligence agency reportedly cracked a mossad spy ring in an operation earlier this month exposing five cells and arresting 15 men suspected of conducting covert activities on foreign...

WATCH: Russia & post-Soviet allies stage MAJOR military drills near Afghan border

RT 2021-10-21

more than 4 000 personnel and over 500 pieces of military hardware were deployed in the sandy mountainous area bordering afghanistan the drills are being held in order to be better prepared for...

States that do not play by EU rules do not get ‘benefits of Europe’, France tells Poland amid row over law primacy

RT 2021-10-21

countries that do not respect brussels rules cannot reap the benefits of europe according to french european affairs minister clement beaune referring to poland s heated spat with the eu on whose...

Zelensky’s honeymoon over? Increasingly authoritarian Ukrainian leader & ruling party suffer huge drop in popularity, poll finds

RT 2021-10-21

the popularity rating of ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky has plummeted almost 10 in just one month and his party servant of the people would come in second place if an election were held...

India to stockpile gas & coal to avoid future energy crunch

RT 2021-10-21

new delhi is reportedly mulling the idea of maintaining strategic reserves of natural gas and imported coal to prevent future supply shortages amid the growing global energy crisis india is...

Iran begins air drills, featuring both manned and unmanned aircraft, as it complains about ‘Zionist presence’ on borders

RT 2021-10-21

iran has kicked off its latest military drill this time exhibiting army air force units including both manned and unmanned aircrafts amid ongoing concern from tehran about the presence of zionists...

Letting Ukraine join NATO would be a dangerous escalation with Russia. But it would also be a disaster for Kiev & the West itself

RT 2021-10-21

russia s position on ukraine s hopes of joining nato is well known it s a red line that if crossed would have profound repercussions for moscow kiev and the whole military bloc active measures have...

At least 3 killed, 30+ injured after massive gas explosion erupts in northern China (VIDEOS)

RT 2021-10-21

a powerful gas explosion tore through a street in the chinese city of shenyang reducing nearby buildings to rubble and injuring dozens at least 3 people were killed in the blast the massive blast erup

FDA approves ‘mix & match’ vaccine booster shot regimen for ALL US-authorized jabs

RT 2021-10-21

the us food and drug administration has authorized a mix and match approach to covid 19 vaccine booster shots allowing for combinations of different vaccine formulations while extending booster...

All the money in America won’t bring children back, US must just leave Afghanistan in peace – Kabul drone strike victim’s brother

RT 2021-10-21

the us is admitting error by offering compensation for the lives of innocent children killed by a drone strike in kabul but no amount of money will ease their family s pain the aggrieved brother of...

‘I’m here to talk to his master’: Chappelle protesters & supporters clash during Netflix walkout demonstration

RT 2021-10-21

protesters against dave chappelle s latest netflix special which critics claimed was transphobic have faced off with the comedian s supporters during an employee walkout at the streaming giant s...

‘Ze, zir, zirs’: US State Department takes time to celebrate and educate on International Pronouns Day

RT 2021-10-20

the us state department has left critics wondering about its priorities after its twitter account took time to educate people on the use of preferred pronouns while marking international pronouns...

‘I own you’: NFL quarterback slams ‘woke cancel culture’ in passionate self-defense after yelling at fiery Chicago crowd (VIDEO)

RT 2021-10-20

an nfl quarterback has taken aim at woke cancel culture that shrinks people after an explosive exchange with rival fans warning that society is in danger of becoming too soft in his 22nd win out of

Newcastle ask fans to avoid ‘Arabic or Middle-East-inspired clothes’ to curb ‘risk of causing offence, cultural inappropriateness’

RT 2021-10-20

saudi owned newcastle have left many fans baffled after formally requesting that their supporters refrain from a repeat of wearing traditional arabic clothing or middle east inspired head coverings...

‘Alien’ mosquitos from East Asia taking over Italy could be vector for viruses – study

RT 2021-10-20

an invasive species of mosquito from east asia is slowly spreading throughout italy and could serve as a vector for viruses according to a new scientific report an article in the parasites vectors sc

Multinational oil and gas giant Total accused of playing down threat of global warming since late 1980s – report

RT 2021-10-20

a report published in the peer reviewed global environment change journal has blasted oil and gas company total for promoting doubt regarding the scientific basis for global warming accusing it of...

US Navy base in Bethesda on lockdown after reports of active shooter & bomb threat

RT 2021-10-20

a naval base in bethesda maryland has been put on lockdown after receiving a tip off by phone that there was a bomb in one of its buildings there are also reports of an active shooter threat at the...

Boom Bust looks at a possible criminal investigation into Amazon’s market dominance

RT 2021-10-20

us house lawmakers are threatening to seek a criminal investigation of amazon saying the tech giant has one final chance to correct previous testimony by executives about its competition practices br

SpaceX will launch Elon Musk to become world’s first TRILLIONAIRE – Morgan Stanley

RT 2021-10-20

elon musk could soon become the world s first trillionaire as the projects led by the businessman such as tesla and spacex are experiencing rapid growth morgan stanley says though tesla cars produc

Lack of ‘basic firefighting knowledge,’ failed drills & poor leadership blamed for loss of US Navy warship to five-day fire

RT 2021-10-20

the loss of a us navy ship to a massive blaze was a completely avoidable catastrophe but management lapses on multiple levels including the failure to activate a firefighting system made the task...

Twin explosions hit army bus in Damascus, killing over a dozen people

RT 2021-10-20

at least 13 people have been killed after a bus was mangled in a suspected terrorist attack as it crossed a bridge in damascus syria two explosive devices were set off obliterating the vehicle...

Brazilian lawmakers to recommend HOMICIDE charges for President Bolsonaro over handling of Covid-19, leaked Senate report says

RT 2021-10-20

a panel of brazilian lawmakers could recommend a litany of charges against president jair bolsonaro including homicide in relation to his government s response to the covid 19 pandemic according to...

Cops arrest footballer in France for prostitution of minor after girl alleges he paid for sex following ‘stolen car’ row – report

RT 2021-10-20

an unnamed footballer for french side nimes has reportedly been arrested following allegations by a minor that he paid her for sex as part of an investigation that is said to have been sparked by a...

North Korea says it tested NEW type of submarine-launched ballistic missile with ‘advanced’ guidance & control system

RT 2021-10-20

pyongyang has tested a novel submarine launched missile system north korean state media said the launch became north korea s first of its kind since 2019 it comes amid talks between the us south...