Trial of Germany’s CureVac vaccine shows only 47% effect against Covid-19, falling short of great expectations

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praised just recently as hope for the unvaccinated world a covid 19 vaccine developed by germany s curevac is only 47 effective against the coronavirus as its stock collapsed the company blamed new...

Texas allows residents to possess handguns with no license after Gov. Abbott signs controversial ‘constitutional carry’ bill

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texans will soon be permitted to carry handguns without a license with governor greg abbott signing a bill into law that scraps most of the state s permit requirements despite vocal opposition from...

Sergio Ramos is leaving Real Madrid – and legend alerts huge clubs to his fitness by doing hill runs half naked in gloves (VIDEO)

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while real madrid were preparing to shock football fans by announcing the almost immediate departure of sergio ramos the spain stalwart showed his stamina by running up a slope in little more than...

Brussels to assess if Hungary’s new ban on sharing LGBT content with under-18s breaches EU law – von der Leyen

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the president of the european commission has announced the body is looking into whether hungary s ban on the sharing of homosexual and transgender content to those under 18 years of age is a breach...

‘It makes me sick’: Golf bombshell Paige Spiranac claims she ‘might throw up’ over picking tour hulk Bryson DeChambeau for US Open

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golf beefcake bryson dechambeau will win the 2021 us open according to former professional and social media stunner paige spiranac but the tipster temptress admits she was pained not to pick jon...

EU states recommend loosening of Covid travel restrictions for Americans

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member states of the european union eu decided on wednesday to begin loosening restrictions for travelers from the united states since the start of the covid 19 pandemic travel restrictions in the eu

Putin takes to stage for press conference after discussions with American counterpart Joe Biden & his team in Switzerland

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russian president vladimir putin is now addressing journalists in geneva after a wide ranging sit down discussion with us president joe biden as part of the american leader s first overseas trip...

Johnson & Johnson unlikely to hit second quarter EU target, slowing down vaccine rollout

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a spokesman for the eu commission has cast doubts on whether johnson johnson will be able to reach its vaccination targets following the scrapping of millions of doses due to contamination in light of

Hardcore regulations? Russian government could control access to porn under new proposals designed to protect underage children

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russian lovers of adult content could soon be forced to ask their government for permission before they can access saucy snaps and spicy clips online with a public services portal acting as the...

Russia-US summit begins in Geneva as Putin & Biden sit down to start talks; agenda includes Ukraine, hacking, climate & Syria

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discussions between russian president vladimir putin and his american counterpart joe biden have begun in the swiss city of geneva where the two are meeting for the first time since the us leader s...

Depleted gas stocks force Europe to use more coal

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with power demand recovering from the pandemic european utilities are using more coal as natural gas inventories are unusually low for this time of the year due to a cold snap in late winter and...

Fitch Ratings upgrades Russia’s economic outlook for 2021

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international rating agency fitch has raised its forecast for russia s economic growth this year from 3 3 to 3 7 saying gdp growth will accelerate to 5 5 in the second half of 2021 according to the

India strips Twitter of legal immunity for ‘3rd party content’ amid row over new regulation – reports

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new delhi has reportedly revoked twitter s shield against prosecution for illegal user content saying the platform failed to comply with new regulations as police filed their first case against the...

Cuomo declares Covid-19 measures over, praises rule-following constituents after 70% get at least one vaccine shot

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new york governor andrew cuomo sang his own praises as he cancelled virtually all of the state s virus related restrictions which plagued businesses and residents for more than a year but not...

VIDEO shows car bomb tear through Colombian military base, leaving at least 36 injured

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two large explosions rocked a military base and left dozens wounded in the colombian city of cucuta the defense minister confirmed calling the car bombing a vile terrorist act the blasts hit a fac

Arizona governor BANS public universities from demanding students get Covid-19 vaccines, wear masks in class

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governor doug ducey has issued an executive order barring arizona public colleges and universities from demanding covid 19 vaccinations and documents or forcing students to get tested or wear masks...

Reports of Israeli strikes in Gaza, 1st under new government & after ceasefire that ended 11-day war (VIDEOS)

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israeli forces have launched airstrikes on the gaza strip according to reports the first offensive since a new coalition government took power coming just weeks after an 11 day conflict with the...

‘We’ve been waiting a lifetime’: Ex-Finland star says ‘pressure is on Russia’ as he talks national pride ahead of Euro 2020 clash

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finland fans have been waiting a lifetime for their euro 2020 adventure and the team head into their group b clash against russia in st petersburg with all the pressure on the hosts according to...

‘Racist’ songs & alleged sexual abuse: Four German soldiers recalled from NATO mission in Lithuania over ‘misconduct’

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four bundeswehr soldiers were called back from a nato enhanced forward presence mission in lithuania amid allegations they were involved in racist and extremist actsm as well as alleged sexual...

Easing of Scotland’s Covid-19 lockdown to be delayed by 3 weeks to boost vaccinations, Sturgeon says

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scotland s covid 19 lockdown will not be eased for another three weeks first minister nicola sturgeon has warned saying that more people must be vaccinated against the virus first under the government

$235 for a rack of lamb? Russian communist leader slams major St. Petersburg economic forum for catering to ‘exorbitant wealth’

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veteran russian communist leader gennady zyuganov has blasted the flashy st petersburg international economic forum held earlier this month raging that it was simply an ostentatious party for the...

‘BBC stooge’ heckled & chased by anti-lockdown protesters in Westminster in harrowing VIDEO

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bbc newsnight political editor nicholas watt faced palpable hostility at an anti lockdown rally on downing street and had to flee behind the police barrier from hecklers chasing him and calling him...

Dust Bowl of money: RT’s Keiser Report looks into the man-made disaster that has destroyed the global monetary system

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rt s keiser report visits the bitcoin 2021 conference in miami to discuss current mass migration in the us the likes of which hasn t been seen since the dust bowl of the 1930s when farmers from the...

Fox 26 Houston reporter accuses network of ‘muzzling’ her & others, teases release of recordings from Project Veritas

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ivory hecker a reporter with the houston affiliate of fox news fired a surprising broadside at the network accusing it of suppressing reporting that didn t fit the desired narrative and promising...

Britain agrees broad terms of post-Brexit trade agreement with Australia

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the uk and australia have agreed on the broad terms of a free trade deal as the british government seeks to expand commercial activity after leaving the european union the terms of the deal were...

Stop hyping up ‘China threat theory,’ Beijing tells NATO, which labeled it ‘systemic challenge’ to security

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china has accused nato of slander and attempting to whip up conflict after the bloc s members released a joint statement admonishing beijing s actions on the world stage the 30 nation military bloc...

Biden’s DOJ asks Supreme Court to reimpose death sentence for Boston Marathon bomber, despite pledge to end capital punishment

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the us justice department is calling on the nation s highest court to revive the death penalty for the surviving boston marathon bomber despite president joe biden s previous vows to end capital...

One dead, 2 wounded after shootout erupts over masking rules in Georgia store

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a store clerk was fatally shot and a suspected assailant and a police officer injured after a dispute over a face mask requirement escalated into a firefight inside a store in georgia after getting...

It’s not us, it’s you: Obama blames MSM and social media for Americans retreating to echo chambers

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former president barack obama has pointed a finger at media and social networks arguing they are to blame for growing divisions among americans even as he himself admitted that divide grew under...

US federal judge charges MARSHALS amid row over refusal to reveal Covid-19 vaccination status

RT 2021-6-15

a federal judge in south dakota is on the warpath against the us marshals service that provides courtroom security accusing them of kidnapping and criminal contempt after they refused to disclose...

‘Did you miss any paychecks?’ Former Biden adviser roasted after saying Americans should have ‘sacrificed more’ during pandemic

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andy slavitt a former pandemic adviser for president joe biden said americans did not sacrifice enough throughout the covid crisis and could have done more to save lives stoking outrage among...

McConnell promises to block Biden from filling Supreme Court vacancy if Republicans take control of Senate

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sen mitch mcconnell r kentucky has promised to fight against president joe biden appointing a new supreme court justice in 2024 just as rumors swirl that stephen breyer could step away from the bench

‘Did they have any choice?’ Goalkeeping legend Peter Schmeichel says Denmark were threatened with forfeit after Eriksen nightmare

RT 2021-6-14

denmark legend peter schmeichel has claimed that denmark were given the option of a 3 0 forfeit after christian eriksen collapsed on the pitch against finland and his son kasper has spoken after...

American unilateralism & intervention is driving global instability, not Russian actions, Putin says ahead of summit with Biden

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while washington constantly talks of the need for international harmony it has rarely played a positive role in it in recent years russian president vladimir putin has said stressing that stability...

Fewer nukes stockpiled in 2021, but more of them primed for launch, as US and Russia upgrade arsenals, arms watchdog reports

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in 2020 the world s nuclear powers have decreased the overall number of nuclear weapons in their possession but more of them than a year ago are now ready to be fired at short notice according to a...

Buildup of inert gases at Chinese nuclear facility, French partner firm says after reports of US investigating possible leak

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the french energy giant edf has confirmed it has been informed of a buildup of inert gases at its nuclear power station in china and called on its chinese partner to present all the data regarding...

Evergreen Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon set to rejoin former club Parma 20 YEARS after he left them to link up with Juventus

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gianluigi buffon 43 who is widely regarded as one of the finest goalkeepers of all time is set to sign a two year deal to return to former club parma in a move which comes two decades after he...

One killed and two injured after man drives into group of Minneapolis protesters (VIDEOS)

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a woman was killed and two others injured on sunday after a driver ploughed his car into a group of people protesting the police shooting of a black man winston smith in minneapolis after videos foll

Iran’s navy launches new indigenous destroyer and minehunter (VIDEO)

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iran has welcomed two new vessels to its navy the iranian made dena destroyer and shahin minehunter during a ceremony at bandar abbas port the launch comes after iran sailed two warships into the...

Lack of investment could push crude price to $200 a barrel – Nigerian National Oil Corporation

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crude oil prices could rise to 200 per barrel as international oil companies curb their investments in new exploration and production the nigerian national oil corporation said the effect of investmen

Russia tops list of countries most affected by cryptocurrency threats – report

RT 2021-6-14

the rising demand for cryptocurrencies has a direct influence on the growth of cryptocurrency threats which started in the second half of 2020 and continued in 2021 says global leader in...

Bitcoin spikes as Elon Musk denies ‘market manipulation’ & says Tesla to resume crypto transactions when mining becomes ‘clean’

RT 2021-6-14

bitcoin has jumped to over 39 000 ironically after tesla ceo elon musk tweeted to deny accusations of market manipulation with his tweets he also said that tesla will resume accepting the...

South Africa discards 2 MILLION doses of J&J Covid-19 vaccine because of US Baltimore plant contamination – health watchdog

RT 2021-6-14

south african health authorities have ditched a whopping 2 million doses of johnson johnson s janssen covid 19 vaccine because materials for their production came from a us factory in baltimore hit...

White House walks back Biden comment on hacker swaps, says he’s willing for US & Russia to punish their own cybercriminals – media

RT 2021-6-14

the white house has reportedly clarified a comment that seemed to express openness to a hacker extradition pact with russia saying president joe biden instead aims for each country to hold its own...

AOC accuses Dems of fueling ‘right-wing vitriol’ with Ilhan Omar attacks as Pelosi declares ‘end of subject’

RT 2021-6-13

rep alexandria ocasio cortez d new york has once again criticized her fellow democrats for promoting right wing vitriol by turning on rep ilhan omar d minnesota for seemingly comparing the us and...

Serbian warrior Djokovic battles back to beat Tsitsipas in French Open final thriller and match 52-year landmark

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novak djokovic s remarkable powers of recovery came to the fore once again as the serb battled back from two sets down to beat stefanos tsitsipas in a five set french open final thriller making a...

Biden calls for access to Wuhan labs to determine whether Covid-19 was result of ‘experiment gone awry’

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us president joe biden revealed on sunday that he and other leaders in the g7 spoke about gaining access to the laboratories in wuhan china to determine whether covid 19 was the result of a chinese...

‘Painful to watch’: Joe Biden apparently gets lost at G7 summit, wanders into cafe

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us president joe biden was seen wandering around a cafe in cornwall england before his wife stepped in and led him away conservatives who have long questioned biden s mental acuity called the video...

England fans IGNORE desperate plea and JEER players taking knee ahead of Croatia match at Euro 2020

RT 2021-6-13

sections of england supporters defied a pre match plea from the football association and jeered as three lions players took a knee before the start of their euro 2020 game with croatia at wembley...

Eriksen didn’t have Covid and wasn’t vaccinated, says Inter Milan director, as Denmark star recovers from terrifying collapse

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christian eriksen had not contracted covid 19 and was not vaccinated against the virus according to the director of the danish star s club team inter milan eriksen 29 fell to the turf towards the en