Gigabyte unleashes Aorus Radeon RX 5700 XT with Silent Mode

techradar قبل ساعة و 3 دقيقة

gigabyte rolls out another rx 5700 xt this time with a higher boost clock more ports...

Best laptop

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these are the best laptops on the market today

Best computer

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it might be time to get yourself one of the best computers

Best console games you can play on a phone or tablet

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from gta to limbo these are the 30 best console games you can play on your mobile

Best gaming headset 2019: the best PS4 and Xbox One headsets this year

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you won t go wrong with any of these gaming headsets whatever your budget or console of...

Windows 10 search fix will stop it sometimes hogging disk or CPU resources

techradar قبل 10 ساعة و 6 دقيقة

some folks have been turning off windows 10 s search indexer due to thorny performance...

Smart home devices market in MEA to increase 34.48% to $7.8b this year

techradar قبل 10 ساعة و 48 دقيقة

plenty of growth opportunities but lot of work such as raising awareness end user...

Camera app hints at 8K video, 108MP photos for the Galaxy S11

techradar قبل 12 ساعة و 35 دقيقة

updates to the samsung camera app look to be laying the foundations for the next galaxy...

Disney Plus will fix the aspect ratio on The Simpsons in 2020

techradar 2019-11-16

the simpsons is currently streaming in 16 9 widescreen but a 4 3 option for older...

Samsung and LG phones at risk from Qualcomm security flaw

techradar 2019-11-16

researchers uncover new vulnerabilities in qualcomm cpus

Disney Plus and Hulu – should you get both?

techradar 2019-11-16

we compare disney plus and hulu for their price content offerings and whether you...

MacBook Pro 16-inch is powerful enough to drive two 6K monitors

techradar 2019-11-16

apple s latest and largest macbook pro is muscly enough to do more with high resolution...

Anthem is reportedly getting a major overhaul

techradar 2019-11-16

bioware is reportedly planning a big update for its troubled game anthem

The best smart speakers

techradar 2019-11-16

our pick of the best smart speakers

Star Wars crossover sees Stormtrooper skin added to Fortnite

techradar 2019-11-16

fortnite is celebrating star wars jedi fallen order with some stormtrooper skins this...

Hackers spoofing US postal service to trap victims

techradar 2019-11-16

proofpoint has discovered a new phishing campaign that targeted businesses in the...

Huawei Mate X goes on sale in China and sells out first batch in minutes

techradar 2019-11-16

the huawei mate x finally goes on sale in china and reportedly sells out of its first...

3D printers have made bulletproof cubes – vests and tank armor next?

techradar 2019-11-15

uses of such strong and light material could extend across all manner of industries...

Disney Plus: our 4-day verdict, the best shows, movies and how to sign up

techradar 2019-11-15

how to sign up to disney plus what we think exclusive content and more explained

Honor 10 Lite - one of the best cheap phones available - is now less than £150

techradar 2019-11-15

almost the entire honor range of handsets has been discounted in the uk

Labour pledges free broadband for all the UK

techradar 2019-11-15

labour believes public ownership is the way forward

Get £75 cashback on these already brilliantly priced iPhone XR deals

techradar 2019-11-15

black friday 2019 already feels like a race to the bottom on iphone xr deals

Xiaomi could have a clamshell foldable phone to rival the Motorola Razr

techradar 2019-11-15

patents filed by xiaomi show a clamshell foldable phone like the motorola razr but with...

Instagram has finally started hiding like counts in India

techradar 2019-11-15

the feature called private like counts has been tested in a bunch of countries

New on Netflix this week: The Toys That Made Us: Season 3, The Crown: Season 3, Klaus + more

techradar 2019-11-15

your guide to everything new on netflix australia this week november 11 17

Spotify is currently testing the display of real-time lyrics during song playback

techradar 2019-11-15

spotify has confirmed it is currently testing real time lyrics in its mobile app in...

Best RAM 2019: the top memory for your PC

techradar 2019-11-15

picking out ram can be confusing but to help speed your computer check out this guide...

The best Dell laptops 2019

techradar 2019-11-14

dell is renowned for its well built generously specced laptops and these are the best...

Intel Xe graphics card leaks, and it might not even be for PC gaming

techradar 2019-11-14

some new information about intel xe graphics cards has surfaced and it looks like these...

Buying a .org domain could get much more expensive

techradar 2019-11-14

ethos capital will acquire public interest registry and the former non profit domain...

The best iPhones

techradar 2019-11-14

check out our rankings of the best iphones

The best headphones

techradar 2019-11-14

check out our pick of the best headphones in every style and at every price point

Hacking group built its own VPN

techradar 2019-11-14

apt33 built a private vpn to hide its illicit activity but in doing so the group made...

The largest iPad Pro 10.5 is down to $599 at Walmart right now

techradar 2019-11-14

looking for an ipad this is one of the best pre black friday deals you ll be able to find

Google just made finding YouTube videos much less of a headache – how to try it

techradar 2019-11-14

you can finally sort youtube channels and playlists by date and popularity in the...

Bose SoundSport earbuds get huge $65 discount in Walmart Black Friday deal

techradar 2019-11-14

need some new running headphones this unbelievable black friday deal could be your best...

HP adopts mobile phone-style contracts for 3D printing service

techradar 2019-11-14

hp says you don t need to buy a 3d printer use ours instead for a fee of course

Halo: Reach could be out for PC on December 3 (and Xbox One later today)

techradar 2019-11-14

that s according to the official product listing on the microsoft store

Ransomware tests local governments

techradar 2019-11-14

ransomware attacks in the uk are on the rise how can local governments best prepare for...