San Francisco robotaxis are causing false 911 calls and other chaos

techspot 2023-1-28

recent formal complaints to california regulators reveal strange incidents that have occurred since fully autonomous taxis started operating in san francisco and los angeles the cases mainly...

A hacker tried to sell the personal information of nearly every Austrian citizen, police say

techspot 2023-1-27

on wednesday austrian police announced the arrest of a hacker in the netherlands for selling the personal information of almost everyone living in austria the investigation involved collaboration...

Seagate: 30TB second-generation HAMR hard disks are almost here

techspot 2023-1-27

the future of magnetic storage will begin in the third quarter of 2023 as seagate has announced its latest plans to start mass production of second generation hamr based hard disks in its latest...

CEO quotes Martin Luther King Jr. in email announcing mass layoffs

techspot 2023-1-27

pagerduty a cloud computing company specializing in a saas incident response platform for it departments is joining the depressingly long list of tech firms laying off staff in these times of...

Sapphire Rapids 56-core Xeon workstation CPU is 47% faster than its predecessor

techspot 2023-1-27

the benchmark result originated from benchleaks with the w9 3495x scoring 36 990 points in the multi core stress test and 1 284 points in the single core test while the multi core results are...

Dead Space remake debuts tomorrow, first reviews are pretty positive

techspot 2023-1-27

one of the most anticipated games of the year ea motive has done incredible work with the dead space remake adding features and new impactful visuals

Hackers used legitimate remote help-desk tools to scam multiple US federal agencies

techspot 2023-1-27

in september 2022 the cisa performed audits on several fceb networks and found them to have been victim to a widespread financially motivated phishing campaign a month later security researchers at...

Not even the holiday rush could help the smartphone market

techspot 2023-1-27

a new report by the international data corporation idc covers overall smartphone shipments for both q4 2022 and 2022 as a whole according to the results q4 2022 demonstrated the worst decline for a...

CryptoAPI bug makes 99% of Windows servers vulnerable

techspot 2023-1-26

when it comes to dangerous cryptographic bugs on windows cryptoapi is the gift that keeps on giving the interface can be used by win32 programs to manage security and cryptographic practices like...

Forza Motorsport is coming later this year to PC, Xbox Series, and Game Pass

techspot 2023-1-26

vehicle art director gabe garcia said the advancements in their physics models are greater than forza 5 6 and 7 combined everything is rendered in 4k at 60 frames per second with real time ray tracing

GPU miners trickery: Watch out for painted memory on used graphics cards

techspot 2023-1-26

two brazilian youtube channels have uncovered signs that crypto miners are trying to sell used graphics cards by passing them off as more lightly used than they are a surprising new tactic is to...

Cloud division saves Microsoft from weak Xbox and Windows performance

techspot 2023-1-26

the 52 7 billion haul represented a modest two percent gain compared to the same period a year earlier net income however slid 12 percent year over year to 17 37 billion and diluted earnings per...

LastPass owner: hackers stole encrypted backups, too

techspot 2023-1-25

goto the company formerly know as logmein that acquired lastpass in 2021 released a new statement regarding the security breach it experienced back in august 2022 according to goto ceo paddy...

Relive the golden years of gaming this Friday when GoldenEye 007 makes its debut on the Nintendo Switch

techspot 2023-1-25

last september nintendo confirmed that goldeneye 007 was coming soon to the switch online n64 emulator since then fans have been waiting with bated breath for more info particularly when they could...

The first 5MB hard drive weighed approximately...

techspot 2023-1-25

5mb of storage provided the ability to keep 2 5 million pages of typed text

Data breach may have leaked classified law enforcement operations information to criminals

techspot 2023-1-24

on january 11 wired reported that a company called odin intelligence oi was involved in a data leak that might have revealed the addresses and names of thousands of criminal suspects it also...

Riot Games hacker has stolen League of Legends source code and anti-cheat program

techspot 2023-1-24

riot games in a series of tweets said their development environment was compromised via a social engineering attack last week the developer asked for patience as they work through the matter and...

Netflix boss says the service has never canceled a successful show

techspot 2023-1-24

the list of beloved shows canceled by netflix is a long and depressing one santa clarita diet altered carbon sense8 chilling adventures of sabrina glow warrior nun archive 81 and many more they...

Blizzard takes most of its games offline in China

techspot 2023-1-24

it was back in november when blizzard announced its agreement with netease that allowed it to publish games in mainland china since 2008 would expire on january 23 2023 after the two parties failed...

The Last of Us Part I sales skyrocket as PC launch draws near

techspot 2023-1-24

the last of us part i announced and released in 2022 was a remake of the original 2013 game developer naughty dog wanted to re release the game to bring it up to par with the last of us part ii the...

A small Chinese company has a solution to the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con drift

techspot 2023-1-23

for nintendo switch owners there are few problems bigger than the dreaded joy con drift also known as phantom input the japanese gaming giant has sold more than 114 million switch handhelds over...

Spotify to cut 6% of jobs in latest wave of tech layoffs

techspot 2023-1-23

spotify has become the latest tech company to announce organizational changes resulting in significant job cuts

GPU Pricing Update: Hardware Still Overpriced?

techspot 2023-1-23

our monthly gpu pricing update gives us the opportunity to revisit new card launches like the recent rtx 4070 ti see how those affect the overall market and where the best gpu deals are

Here are the severance packages tech giants are offering fired employees

techspot 2023-1-21

in the first three weeks of this year over 100 000 workers in the tech industry have lost their jobs a new report shows that severance packages vary greatly from one tech giant to another

Faulty Intel Ethernet controllers are dropping connections on some Raptor Lake motherboards

techspot 2023-1-21

according to research conducted by the team at techpowerup the issue is attributed to the i226 v controller when running in its default 2 5 gbe state the short duration connectivity drops occur at...

Pet fish commits credit card fraud on owner using a Nintendo Switch

techspot 2023-1-21

the entire heist started as an experiment to see if fish could complete pokemon scarlet and violet unassisted to do it japanese youtuber mutekimaru channel set up a webcam focused on his fish bowl...

Wizards of the Coast "sorry" after fans rejected the new Dungeons & Dragons game license

techspot 2023-1-20

wizards of the coast was ready to refresh its old open game license ogl for dungeons dragons inspired tabletop roleplaying games ttrpg however the updated document leaked and turned the ttrpg world...

Latest T-Mobile data breach impacts 37 million customers

techspot 2023-1-20

in a form 8 k filing with the us securities and exchange commission t mobile said it identified a bad actor obtaining data through a single api without authorization on january 5 2023 within a day...

Google parent Alphabet is laying off 12,000 employees

techspot 2023-1-20

alphabet chief executive officer sundar pichai told staff that the cuts which will impact jobs across all divisions of the organization come after a rigorous review of the business the ceo said he...

Ransomware victims are finally refusing to pay up

techspot 2023-1-20

according to data provided by blockchain analysis firm chainalysis ransomware revenues for 2022 have shrunk from 765 6 million to at least 456 8 million or a 40 3 drop year over year the volume of...

Thousands of PayPal accounts breached in credential stuffing attack

techspot 2023-1-20

paypal says the accounts were accessed by unauthorized parties who were able to guess user credentials most likely by utilizing massive data leaks from other sites it highlights the dangers that...

Researchers demonstrate improved system that "sees" humans through walls using Wi-Fi signals

techspot 2023-1-19

a team of researchers at carnegie mellon university has figured out how to see humans through walls using wi fi router signals again the system can detect human shapes in 3d and interpret movements...

Apple will offer you $970 for a $52,000 Mac Pro

techspot 2023-1-18

you might remember when apple unveiled the new mac pro at its wwdc event in 2019 designed for professionals 3d artists musicians video editors and other creatives it starts at 5 999 but those who...

Smartphone shipments dip to lowest seen in a decade, 17-percent decline from 2021

techspot 2023-1-18

smartphone vendors are licking their wounds after an all around lousy year in sales analysts at canalys estimate worldwide shipments for q4 2022 dipped 17 percent compared to 2021 full year sales...

Forspoken requires 150GB and needs a GTX 3070 for 1440p 30fps

techspot 2023-1-18

square enix revealed the final system requirements for its upcoming open world action rpg forspoken this week playstation 5 owners might also want to give the demo another spin as the publisher...

A firmware update made Secure Boot useless for hundreds of MSI motherboards

techspot 2023-1-17

according to a young security researcher msi last year released a firmware update which made many of its motherboards less secure than they should have been

Apple refreshes MacBook Pros with M2 Pro and M2 Max chips

techspot 2023-1-17

a pre production 16 inch macbook pro with m2 pro ran for 22 hours on a single charge during internal testing securing the title of longest battery life ever in a mac according to marketing boss...

NortonLifeLock warns of password manager breach after failing to reject mass login attempts

techspot 2023-1-16

credential stuffing is a type of attack where a malicious actor collects huge troves of stolen credentials usually comprising usernames emails and or passwords from previous data breaches from...

Has Nvidia won the AI training market?

techspot 2023-1-15

ai chips serve two functions ai builders first take a large or truly massive set of data and run complex software to look for patterns in that data those patterns are expressed as a model and so we...

Researchers have created a new and potentially dangerous encryption-breaking quantum algorithm

techspot 2023-1-14

tsinghua university professor long guili and his team claim to have developed a new qubit saving factorization algorithm that could spell trouble for cryptographic security standards in the not so...

Nvidia Broadcast app tries to simulate eye contact with the camera

techspot 2023-1-13

nvidia released nvidia broadcast 1 4 this week with a few new beta features to improve video appearances and one of them tries to solve an old video conferencing problem

Some Intel software can be downloaded in Russia again because of "warranty obligations"

techspot 2023-1-13

in february and march last year after russia invaded ukraine intel became one of the first companies to suspend all shipments to customers in the country this was followed by a suspension of all...

HDMI licensing administrator says the obscure HDMI Alt Mode specs are dead

techspot 2023-1-13

according to notebookcheck which spoke with hdmi licensing administrator la representatives at ces 2023 hdmi alt mode will not be updated to the latest audiovisual standards the technology was...

Congress refuses Army request to spend $400 million on Microsoft HoloLens-based headsets

techspot 2023-1-13

to recap microsoft was awarded a 480 million contract to provide the us army with integrated visual augmentation system ivas headsets in 2018 the devices combine high resolution night thermal and...

Nothing Phone (1) comes to the US as a $299 hamstrung beta

techspot 2023-1-12

nothing is quick to note that its handset might not work with all us carriers and since the software is still in beta in the faq for the beta program the company said 5g is not supported on at t t...

Corsair creates new PSU with side-mounted power connectors

techspot 2023-1-12

as reported by techpowerup and momomo us this new psu design will be useful where empty space is very valuable in the power supply compartment this is especially true with chassis where the hard...

The US Department of the Interior has a significant password issue

techspot 2023-1-12

the office of inspector general oversighting one of the most important federal agencies in the us government analyzed internal practices for password management and complexity the result is...

This $200 VR muzzle lets you strap a second bulky device to your head

techspot 2023-1-12

virtual reality accessory startup shiftfall unveiled a unique microphone that users can wear dubbed mutalk the mic looks similar to a vr headset but for your mouth playing vr games already looks...

Piranha Games will announce a new single-player MechWarrior game this year

techspot 2023-1-12

this week piranha games president russ bullock revealed that another mechwarrior game is in the works the new project will be more like the single player mechwarrior 5 than the multiplayer oriented...

Microsoft 365 Basic gets you 100GB of OneDrive, ad-free Outlook, but no desktop Office for $2 a month

techspot 2023-1-12

since 2011 microsoft 365 has provided a more affordable subscription based service for office apps expanding to include many additional features over the years microsoft 365 basic is a great middle...