Microsoft DirectSR aims to unify competing upscaling technologies under a single DX12 graphics library

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nvidia amd and intel will soon have access to a unified api to bring the benefits of graphics upscaling to the entire pc gaming community microsoft recently announced the preview release of...

8BitDo announces IBM M-inspired retro mechanical keyboard, matching keypad sold separately

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it features a hot swappable pcb and ships with kailh box white switches v2 as well as dye sublimation pbt keycaps the integrated 2 000mah li ion rechargeable battery is reportedly good for up to...

Which iPad Model Is Right for You?

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with class leading hardware and software the apple ipad line has long been the default tablet recommendation for most people but with various model differences and sizes which one is right for you...

Microsoft aims to make Edge faster with the WebUI 2.0 project

techspot 2024-5-29

despite being part of every new windows installation since 2015 edge is still experiencing less than stellar popularity among pc users nevertheless microsoft is committed to investing significant...

Multi-day DDoS attack targets Internet Archive and Wayback Machine

techspot 2024-5-29

freeland said the attacks started on sunday and involve launching tens of thousands of fake information requests per second in an attempt to disrupt access to the site read entire article

Cracking the code: How researchers recovered millions from a decade-old, password-protected crypto wallet

techspot 2024-5-29

michael the owner of the locked down digital currency is based in europe and told wired he wished to remain anonymous he had used a password manager called roboform which generated a strong...

Microsoft shares first 12 games that use automatic super resolution out of the box

techspot 2024-5-28

as of this writing a dozen games fall into this category read entire article

UK Parliament approves law to strictly regulate Big Tech companies

techspot 2024-5-28

the uk parliament recently approved a new bill concerning digital markets and consumer rights designed to significantly impact it companies operating in the country the government sponsored digital...

MIT researchers develop active noise-canceling fabric using piezoelectric fiber

techspot 2024-5-28

the work presented in the journal advanced materials builds on earlier research to create a silk like fabric that can act as a microphone and amplify sound along the way the team realized their...

Elon Musk repeats claim that WhatsApp exports user data nightly, sparking online debate

techspot 2024-5-28

the situation began on the weekend when musk replied to a post that claimed among other things that whatsapp windows android ios exports user data nightly which is then analyzed and used for...

Ad blocker users say YouTube videos are skipping to the end, playing without audio

techspot 2024-5-28

youtube has long fought a battle against ad blockers including limiting the number of videos that users could watch and delaying video loading read entire article

Doom: The Dark Ages could be the next major title in the popular gaming franchise

techspot 2024-5-27

developer id software and publisher bethesda softworks have been busy working on a new game in the doom franchise for at least four years this upcoming first person shooter is expected to be...

Popular recording software used in courtrooms infected by password-stealing backdoor

techspot 2024-5-27

justice av solutions javs provides software products to more than 10 000 courtrooms in the us and around the world the 35 year old company was recently affected by a dangerous supply chain attack...

The buckets of AI and where Nvidia is crushing it

techspot 2024-5-27

we have had a lot of ai news lately product launches from openai google and microsoft now we are just waiting for apple and its upcoming wwdc conference just last week we wrote about how much of...

Valve confirms your Steam account cannot be transferred to anyone after you die

techspot 2024-5-27

the confirmation came from the steam support staff earlier this month when resetera forum user delete12345 asked steam support if he can put his steam library in his will unfortunately for him the...

AMD: Increasing compute efficiency by 30x is nice, but what about 100x?

techspot 2024-5-26

everywhere you look there is a new ai service to improve your personal or work life google search now incorporates its gemini ai for summarizing search results but this comes at a cost of tenfold...

IT admins can now delay Windows 11 feature updates for businesses

techspot 2024-5-25

windows update for business allows it administrators to define specific system updates as optional instead of required the change enables admins and users to delay updates by a few days or install...

Atari buys Intellivision, bringing an end to the original console war

techspot 2024-5-24

atari sa has announced the acquisition of the intellivision brand a deal with historical implications likely to be leveraged to bring even more classic video games to nostalgic players and modern...

PC gamers face higher hardware costs as tariffs on Chinese goods set to return

techspot 2024-5-24

it was back in 2018 when then president trump told the office of the us trade representative ustr to create tariffs of up to 25 on chinese manufactured goods the 437 affected products included...

Windows 11 24H2 enters Release Preview channel, adding HDR backgrounds, Sudo, 7z, and more

techspot 2024-5-24

windows 11 24h2 is now available to users in the release preview channel this update includes new features such as native support for 7z hdr backgrounds wi fi 7 and more the new build closely...

VMware price hike forces Australian company with 24,000 virtual machines to jump ship

techspot 2024-5-23

computershare is an australian corporation that provides financial products to stock exchanges and investor services around the world it was significantly involved with vmware virtualization...

AI companies sign new voluntary commitments pledging AI safety

techspot 2024-5-23

some of the most important companies working with ai algorithms and services have signed a new voluntary agreement to promote ai safety making their operations more transparent and trustworthy the...

Nvidia could begin releasing AI PC chips next year

techspot 2024-5-23

in a recent interview with bloomberg dell and nvidia hinted at unveiling big plans for products in the emerging ai pc market in 2025 the latter company has touted the ai capabilities of its gpus...

From Nvidia to The Trump Organization: The best and worst reputable companies in 2024

techspot 2024-5-23

the latest annual survey of corporate images by the harris poll and axios surveyed 16 500 americans about the reputations of companies participants were first asked to name two companies with the...

Windows PowerToys adds Advanced Paste with AI features

techspot 2024-5-23

powertoys now allows you to convert any copied text into various formats such as plain text markdown or json additionally you can enable an ai powered paste feature which requires an openai api key...

DEA busts the head of $100M drug-selling platform Incognito Market

techspot 2024-5-23

authorities suspect lin of operating one of the largest drug rings on the internet the 23 year old began his illegal enterprise in october 2020 when he was just a teenager since then incognito...

Dell showcases hybrid AI approach, merging cloud and on-premises solutions

techspot 2024-5-22

because businesses still have most of their data stored within their own it facilities 83 according to dell it makes sense to bring the ai to the data as opposed to moving their data to the cloud...

DDR6 RAM could double the data rate of the fastest DDR5 modules

techspot 2024-5-22

ddr6 ram modules will feature significant internal changes enabling unprecedented speed rates according to a recently leaked presentation by ram controller manufacturer synopsys ddr6 is set to...

Amazon looks set to launch a paid-for, generative AI-powered Alexa this year

techspot 2024-5-22

reports that amazon is considering introducing a subscription based alexa tier featuring the latest generative ai tech have been swirling for years amazon hopes that such a version will be able to...

Mozilla is adding vertical tabs, profile management, and local AI to Firefox

techspot 2024-5-22

over the next year mozilla promises to finally listen to user feedback and add the most requested features to its firefox browser according to a recent post by a mozilla community manager on the...

Humane, maker of the critically savaged Ai Pin, is looking to sell the company for $750 million - $1 billion

techspot 2024-5-22

humane founded in 2018 by iphone alumni imran chaudhri and bethany bongiorno hailed the ai pin as a technical marvel following its announcement in november 2023 the screenless square device can be...

Microsoft Edge will use AI to translate and dub YouTube and other video content in real time

techspot 2024-5-22

microsoft unveiled this week an ai based video translation feature that will soon soon come to edge the feature will automatically generate foreign language transcriptions and dubs for videos on an...

Vanishing act: A quarter of all web pages that existed between 2013 and 2023 are gone

techspot 2024-5-21

furthermore a quarter of all web pages that existed during that same period between 2013 and 2023 were no longer accessible as of last october in most cases this was due to individual pages being...

This 8KB USB drive will outlive you and your grandkids

techspot 2024-5-21

meet the blaustahl storage device a usb flash drive that can only store 8kb of data but boasts an incredible lifespan of over 200 years unlike conventional nand flash memory found in most usb...

Hertz gets caught charging multiple Tesla renters for not returning the EVs with a full tank of gas

techspot 2024-5-21

even though it is obvious that teslas do not use gasoline the customer had difficulty convincing hertz customer service reps to reverse the charge the company finally apologized for the incident...

College students find exploit to run laundromat machines for free or add money to an account without paying

techspot 2024-5-20

two california college students stumbled upon a way to get free laundry services by exploiting a security vulnerability the bug affects over a million internet connected laundry machines operated...

Fake OS update screens let procrastinators buy extra break time

techspot 2024-5-20

x user matty mctech recently shared a pro tool for procrastinators and pranksters alike white screen is a handy website that lets visitors go full screen with an array of static colors which could...

Dangerous nostalgia: Taking Windows XP online will result in auto-installed viruses in a matter of minutes

techspot 2024-5-20

to prove how dangerous it can be to use old and deprecated operating systems without any antivirus program firewall or routers in 2024 youtuber eric parker performed a proof of concept experiment...

The future of gaming monitors? TCL unveils 1,000Hz 4K display

techspot 2024-5-20

the refresh rate race has gone into overdrive in the last few years with monitors able to reach 540hz such as the asus rog swift pro pg248qp which we loved hitting the market read entire article

New AI headphone prototype filters out noise, focuses on voices

techspot 2024-5-18

most active noise canceling headphones work by producing sound waves to counteract lower frequency environmental rumbles like engine drones but they end up canceling all sound in those frequencies...

Microsoft plans to make the next Call of Duty a day-one release on Xbox Game Pass

techspot 2024-5-18

the enormously successful call of duty franchise has entertained first person shooter fans on all platforms since 2003 the title is one of the main reasons microsoft fought tooth and nail for...

Ampere announces monstrous 256-core 3nm CPU, teams up with Qualcomm for AI

techspot 2024-5-17

the ampereone is an arm compatible chip designed for cloud native workloads ai inferencing databases web servers and media delivery it aims to strike a balance between high performance and power...

Asus issues apology, promises changes after RMA and repair cost outrage

techspot 2024-5-17

it was late last week when gamers nexus published a video titled asus scammed us host stephen burke explains how the channel had returned an asus rog ally handheld bought to review to asus so it...

AT&T wants to turn every smartphone into a satellite phone by no later than 2030

techspot 2024-5-17

on wednesday at t and ast spacemobile announced they entered an official commercial partnership extending to 2030 the two companies have worked together since 2018 under a memorandum of...

Intel Thunderbolt Share aims to simplify connection and resource sharing between multiple PCs

techspot 2024-5-16

intel recently introduced thunderbolt share a new software solution designed to enable novel pc to pc experiences that are secure feature rich and easier to achieve with thunderbolt share intel...

Android 15 new privacy push includes theft detection and secret app locker

techspot 2024-5-16

dubbed theft detection lock this new safeguard uses motion sensors to recognize the telltale jerks and tugs of someone snatching your device out of your hands or off a table when it detects those...

International Monetary Fund warns AI "tsunami" could impact 6 out of 10 jobs in advanced economies

techspot 2024-5-16

georgieva the managing director of the international monetary fund made the ominous forecast at an event organized by the swiss institute of international studies she said the impact of ai will be...

Samsung mocks Apple, again, with UnCrush video in response to controversial iPad Pro ad

techspot 2024-5-16

apple showed off the crush ad at its let loose ipad event earlier this month the commercial showed a giant press being slowly lowered crushing a number of musical instruments classical sculptures...

Telegram boss throws accusations at Signal, claims rival has ties to US government

techspot 2024-5-16

writing on his own telegram channel durov said that twitter founder jack dorsey had uncovered that the leaders of signal are activists used by the us state department read entire article

AMD launches Ryzen 7 8700F and Ryzen 5 8400F "Hawk Point" CPUs: budget processors lacking iGPUs

techspot 2024-5-15

both the chips are aimed at gamers on a budget and come with relatively affordable price tags while the 8700f is priced at 269 the 8400f costs just 169 however the affordability comes with a...