FTC cracks down on distance-learning platforms conducting "data surveillance" on children

techspot قبل 12 ساعة و 12 دقيقة

the us federal trade commission ftc has announced a crackdown on online learning platforms that may be excessively gathering student data it says that this data collection is often mandatory...

The Best SSDs and PC Storage - 2022 Update

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fast storage has become a true commodity and hopefully it will only get bigger and faster from latest gen nvme ssds to traditional hdds our best storage picks are divided into six categories

European Central Bank president calls crypto worthless and "based on nothing"

techspot 2022-5-23

speaking on dutch television recently lagarde made her feelings on the subject very clear i have said all along the crypto assets are highly speculative very risky assets she explained my very...

Ethereum developer says proof of stake "Merge" is in final testing

techspot 2022-5-20

at a web3 event this week a core ethereum developer said he expects the cryptocurrency to move from its current proof of work model to proof of stake in august the so called merge will finish final...

Hitman 3 patch will add ray tracing and supersampling support

techspot 2022-5-20

patch 3 110 will also add support for adaptive supersampling tech including amd fidelityfx super resolution 1 0 and nvidia dlss unsurprisingly io interactive recommends enabling fsr or dlss when...

GIMP is the open source Adobe Photoshop alternative

techspot 2022-5-20

available for windows linux and macos gimp is a free photo editing tool with the ability to have masks layers color adjustments and a huge library of plug ins

Intel is building a $700 million data center research lab with a focus on immersion cooling

techspot 2022-5-20

the lab will also test and qualify intel data center products under the xeon and optane brands as well as intel agilex fpgas and xe architecture products customers and partners will also be able to...

Elon Musk addresses Twitter meme amid sexual harassment allegations

techspot 2022-5-20

yesterday musk posted a version of the still popular distracted boyfriend meme that included the ceo tesla and twitter

New Justice Department guidelines promise not to prosecute security researchers under anti-hacking laws

techspot 2022-5-20

the us department of justice doj or justice department issued a press release thursday clarifying the crimes falling under the computer fraud and abuse act cfaa the law was passed in 1984 and...

Epic Mega Sale buoyed by weekly free game giveaways

techspot 2022-5-19

for starters each epic games account will automatically receive a 25 percent off coupon that can be used during the sale the discount is good on single buys or on purchases with multiple games that...

Citrix partners with Microsoft on Windows 365 integration

techspot 2022-5-19

the problem stems from the fact that citrix built much of its early business on extending core capabilities for windows and many of those extensions were eventually subsumed by microsoft into...

Google Russia files for bankruptcy after authorities seize bank account

techspot 2022-5-19

reuters reports that the alphabet unit has been under pressure in russia for a while but the invasion of ukraine has seen authorities escalate the situation since then google has suspended all...

Acer announces a pair of portable, glasses-free stereoscopic 3D monitors

techspot 2022-5-19

the acer spatiallabs view and spatiallabs view pro are standalone 15 6 inch ips 4k displays 3 840 x 2 160 60hz capable of producing glasses free stereoscopic 3d imagery both have response times of...

CEOs and other top executives use the same terrible passwords as other people

techspot 2022-5-18

password manager giant nordpass download here with the help of cybersecurity researchers who analyzed over 290 million data breaches worldwide put together a list of passwords used by business...

Nvidia could launch the GTX 1630 to compete with entry-level AMD graphics cards

techspot 2022-5-18

according to videocardz the geforce gtx 1630 will replace the six year old gtx 1050 ti that means it would be the cheapest desktop graphics card to come from nvidia in years its entry level 3000...

AMD Radeon RX 6950 XT Review: The "Affordable" RTX 3090 Alternative

techspot 2022-5-18

the radeon rx 6950 xt flagship refresh gets a performance memory boost to 18 gbps gddr6 which should help amd in their halo product battle with nvidia

Apple expands accessibility features across all devices with Live Captions, gesture controls, and more

techspot 2022-5-17

although not due out until later this year apple has revealed several additions to the accessibility settings for macs iphones ipads and apple watches while the features are intended to help those...

Google opens Bay View, its first self-designed campus

techspot 2022-5-17

the search giant shared renderings of its futuristic campus in 2015 and the finished product looks a lot like what we initially saw years ago bay view is an all electric net water positive facility...

Apple now allows subscription apps to automatically charge you more

techspot 2022-5-17

the new app store rules state that subscriptions can now auto renew even when the prices have increased previously users needed to opt in to renew their subscriptions if there had been a recent...

Sony confirms PlayStation Plus relaunch games, perks and other details

techspot 2022-5-17

in march sony outlined its upcoming playstation plus tiers and prices but left a lot of blanks promising more details to come on monday it fulfilled its promise with an announcement listing dozens...

Researchers claim malware can be loaded onto iPhones that have been powered down

techspot 2022-5-16

the exploit is related to a feature in ios 15 that allows find my to work for several hours after a device has been turned off specifically chips used for bluetooth near field communication nfc and...

Researchers powered a computer for six months using nothing but algae

techspot 2022-5-16

new scientist reports that photosynthesis research group the howe lab from cambridge university was able to power a computer for six months using a colony of non toxic photosynthetic algae called...

The Ayaneo 2 packs an AMD Ryzen 7 6800U, could be twice as fast as Steam Deck

techspot 2022-5-16

ayaneo recently unveiled their next gen handheld gaming console the ayaneo 2 it features a compact form factor and a retro color scheme as well as some of the best specs you can find on the...

Under-pressure Netflix is working on livestreaming content

techspot 2022-5-16

deadline reports that netflix is currently exploring the launch of livestreaming and has confirmed that the capability is in the early stages of development the publication notes the feature could...

Nvidia GeForce RTX 40 series might get announced as early as July

techspot 2022-5-16

according to reliable gpu leaker kopite7kimi nvidia might release their geforce rtx 40 series in early q3 while just a rumor at this point it means that we could see an announcement of the eagerly...

WD plans to mass-produce 162-layer NAND by the end of the year, over 200 layers by 2024

techspot 2022-5-14

western digital together with partner kioxia just gave us a look at their roadmap for the next few years of nand development the company plans to introduce its 6th generation bics soon which will...

Visual Studio 2022 arrives with several improvements, download it here

techspot 2022-5-13

visual studio 2022 improves microsoft azure and github integration adds live share and xamarin for easy cloud based storage and the full suite of tools for c 20

Alan Wake Remastered heading to Nintendo Switch, AMC picks up TV series, sequel on track for 2023

techspot 2022-5-13

a remastered version featuring the base game as well as two dlc add ons the signal and the writer arrived on most major platforms in october 2021 a switch port however was noticeably absent

Scientists have grown plants in soil from the Moon for the first time

techspot 2022-5-13

according to a recently published study funded by nasa scientists have successfully grown plants in soil brought back from the moon

Samsung and LG showcase foldable and slidable OLED displays

techspot 2022-5-13

foldable devices are in a weird place right now some people are drawn to them as a novelty item after samsung and several other manufacturers mostly from china have managed to sell millions of them...

Disney+ added nearly 8 million new subscribers as Netflix scrambles

techspot 2022-5-12

despite the loss netflix maintains a significant lead over the competition with around 222 million paying customers on the books the company expects to shed a couple million more subs in the...

Astronomers share first image of the black hole at the center of the Milky Way

techspot 2022-5-12

the immense gravitational pull of the black hole bends the light around the edges creating the donut like shape visible in the image

Crypto crash: almost $1 trillion wiped off markets as Bitcoin hits lowest level since 2020

techspot 2022-5-12

terrausd ust the 11th largest cryptocurrency by market cap is an algorithmic stablecoin that uses a set of smart contracts to ensure its value stays as close to 1 as possible but after hovering at...

Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple will launch its first iPhone with USB-C in 2023

techspot 2022-5-12

apple analyst ming chi kuo tweeted wednesday that apple will release an iphone in the second half of 2023 possibly the iphone 15 that will use a usb c port instead of its proprietary lightning port...

Hackers are exploiting popular networking gear used in most Fortune 50 companies

techspot 2022-5-12

security researchers discovered a severe vulnerability in sensitive networking gear used by most of the top fortune 50 companies the flaw cve 2022 1388 has a severity rating of 9 8 out of 10 it...

Microsoft set to launch a line of accessibility-focused peripherals this fall

techspot 2022-5-11

on tuesday microsoft announced that it is working on an adaptive accessory line to make computing easier for those with disabilities it partnered with various accessibility groups and individuals...

Nearly 130,000 Teslas in the US to get OTA fix for overheating infotainment systems

techspot 2022-5-11

considering how central the infotainment system is to a tesla and most modern vehicles any software or hardware issue can pose a serious threat to driver and passenger safety however tesla...

Gigabyte reveals 55-inch 4K gaming monitor with Android OS, 120Hz refresh rate, and more

techspot 2022-5-10

the gigabyte s55u seems to offer something for all use cases the hdmi 2 1 spec makes it ideal for those who want to get the most from their playstation 5 or xbox series x s consoles it also uses...

The Best Tablets - 2022 Update

techspot 2022-5-10

whether you need a tablet for work or study content consumption web browsing or for your kids this guide has you covered from high end to budget ipad android or windows

Duke Nukem Forever build from 2001 appears online, full leak set for June

techspot 2022-5-9

fan site duke 4 has a solid summary of the 4chan thread where the intel originated which has since been archived according to the poster nearly every chapter in the game is present in some sort and...

Apple loses director of machine learning over return to in-person work policy

techspot 2022-5-9

workplace culture has evolved significantly across many organizations in the post pandemic era especially tech companies some prominent names like meta facebook slack twitter and more recently...

GeForce RTX 3060 vs Radeon RX 6600 XT: 50 Game Benchmark

techspot 2022-5-9

we compare the radeon rx 6600 xt and geforce rtx 3060 head to head to see how these two gpus stack up using the latest drivers in a wide range of games currently both of these gpus are selling for...

Intel could launch Arc Alchemist desktop cards around Computex, with competitive prices

techspot 2022-5-6

in less than a week amd will make one last push for the rdna 2 generation of gpus with updated rx 6000 series graphics cards meanwhile intel has been scrambling to get its desktop arc alchemist...

Firefox 100 lands with video playback improvements and better security

techspot 2022-5-6

firefox 100 enables video overlay and av1 video decoding hardware acceleration by default on windows with supported gpus adds floating scrollbars on linux and more

The 3-key Stack Overflow keyboard gets updated with RGB, hot-swappable switches

techspot 2022-5-6

the project started in the spring of last year when stack overflow kept showing a tongue in cheek pop up notifying users that they were almost out of free copies every time they used a keyboard...

Amazon turns choosing what to stream into a series of mini-games

techspot 2022-5-6

the free imdb what to watch app on fire tv turns the often arduous task of discovering and deciding what to watch into three mini games which will recommend movies and tv shows across multiple...

Genshin Impact is free to play, still projected to rake in $2 billion per year

techspot 2022-5-6

according to analytics firm sensor tower genshin impact dwarfed its competition by raking in 567 million in q1 2022 alone with an active user count that grew by 44 percent year over year it made...

The Day Before switches to Unreal Engine 5, gets delayed until 2023

techspot 2022-5-5

previously scheduled to launch on june 21 the game is now slated for march 1 2023

Russia asks prisoners to fill IT vacancies following worker exodus

techspot 2022-5-5

krebsonsecurity reports that the russian federal penitentiary service last month announced it planned to use incarcerated it specialists sentenced to forced labor as remote workers for domestic...

Intel Arc scavenger hunt prizes suggest the graphics cards will be expensive at launch

techspot 2022-5-4

intel launched its xe hpg the name arc was going by back then scavenger hunt on march 26 to gain more publicity and interest for its alchemist graphics cards it began with a video posted on twitter...