Bowers & Wilkins launches premium Px8 wireless headphones

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the bowers wilkins px8 are over ear wireless cans that come in your choice of black or tan color schemes they feature 40mm dynamic full range carbon cone drive units that b w claims reduce...

Russia demands an explanation after Apple removes its Facebook competitor from the App Store

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vk said on its website that its apps which include mail ru vk music and youla classifieds are blocked by apple but continue to work on devices that already have them installed however it did warn...

Someone hacked Fast Company and sent obscene, racist Apple News push alerts

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the apple news push notifications from fast company contained racist slurs and obscene language some twitter users captured screenshots of the messages two were sent about one minute apart

SSD price slump shows no end in sight

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a new report from analysts at trendforce suggests nand flash prices will drop by 15 20 percent in q4 2022 likely dragging down ssd prices prices could bottom out around the end of this year but the...

Nintendo superfan spent 7 years building this classic Mario game inside Super Mario Maker 2

techspot 2022-9-27

two dozen stages are based on the visual styling and gameplay from super mario world 14 are from super mario bros 3 and the last two have the look and feel of an original super mario bros level six...

HBO drops the first full Last of Us trailer, featuring Clickers and plenty of grimness

techspot 2022-9-27

the dialogue free trailer recreates the grim atmosphere of the games with joel and ellie played by game of thrones alumni pedro pascal and bella ramsay crossing the devasted landscape of the us...

AMD Ryzen 9 7950X Review: The New Performance King

techspot 2022-9-27

the ryzen 9 7950x is the new performance king and the jack of all trades apart from maybe power consumption and pricing of course the zen 4 flagship can do everything exceptionally well

Cyberpunk 2077 resurgence hits over one million unique players per day after Edgerunners debut

techspot 2022-9-27

cyberpunk 2077 redeemed itself somewhat after several small and two enormous patches however many players had moved on to other games annoyed at the fiasco by that time

AV1 codec version 3.5 greatly improves CPU encoding performance

techspot 2022-9-26

just four years after its initial release in march 2018 the aomedia video 1 av1 codec is becoming a very appealing competitor to h 264 and hevc h 265 as the most used video standard in the industry...

House of the Dragon beats The Rings of Power on pirate sites

techspot 2022-9-26

house of the dragon and the lord of the rings the rings of power are the two great powerhouses of modern tv fantasy drama both shows have amassed a remarkable amount of viewers on legit streaming...

Meet the... SQL Processing Unit?

techspot 2022-9-26

all this innovation we are seeing centers on new ways to access that data a k a the cloud and the speed with which we can convert massive amounts of data into something useful not to diminish the...

This Netgear USB adapter adds plug-and-play Wi-Fi 6E to PCs

techspot 2022-9-24

netgear recently introduced a usb adapter that makes windows pcs compatible with wi fi 6e networks the attachment could significantly boost bandwidth and connection reliability while everybody...

Project Caviar: Google is promoting new royalty-free audio and video codecs

techspot 2022-9-23

google has a plan to compete with the most recent and popular standards for audio and video contents controlled by dolby and it is internally known as project caviar during a presentation held...

SpaceX wants to put Starlink Internet on school buses so kids can do homework

techspot 2022-9-23

spacex further noted that the overwhelming majority of participating students will not have access to high speed broadband at home according to cited figures an estimated 17 million students in the...

Microsoft is expanding in China with more jobs and upgrades despite rising international tensions

techspot 2022-9-23

microsoft employs more than 9 000 people full time in china around 80 of whom are research and development specialists and engineering technicians the company has announced that its recruitment...

Steam revamps its Stats page with real-time & weekly top-sellers charts

techspot 2022-9-23

valve writes that the new steam charts section provides a better overview of what is hot on the service right now the top selling games chart is based on total revenue so not only does it include...

Activision publishes Modern Warfare II open beta system requirements

techspot 2022-9-23

activision and infinity ward recently released the system requirements for the call of duty modern warfare ii open multiplayer beta which starts this weekend customers who pre ordered the game can...

AMD CEO plans to negotiate 2nm & 3nm chip supplies with TSMC soon

techspot 2022-9-23

recently amd unveiled its new ryzen 7000 series processors and the upcoming rdna 3 graphics card architecture team red is notably shrinking the process node size to an impressive 5nm compared to...

Python affected by 15-year-old bug that keeps on giving

techspot 2022-9-22

being one of the most popular programming languages in the world python is both an opportunity and a risk for programs and the open source software supply chain case in point researchers are...

Instagram working on feature to prevent users from viewing unsolicited nudes

techspot 2022-9-22

instagram parent meta confirmed to the verge that it is developing a nudity protection feature for the photo and video sharing platform researcher alessandro paluzzi tweeted a screengrab of the...

These third-party RTX 4000 cards include one so big it could fit four Mini-ITX cards inside

techspot 2022-9-22

nvidia aib partners including asus msi colorful and others not evga obviously have been showing off their takes on the rtx 4090 4080 16gb and rtx 4080 12gb formerly known as the rtx 4070 probably

GTA 6 leakers may be the target of an FBI investigation

techspot 2022-9-21

this past weekend rockstar games parent company take two interactive suffered a major security breach which resulted in hours of gta 6 gameplay leaking online rockstar confirmed shortly after that...

Amazon updates Fire HD 8 tablets with faster hexa-core processor and longer battery life

techspot 2022-9-21

the new fire hd 8 is powered by a refreshed hexa core processor that is up to 30 percent faster than the chip in the previous generation slate it is mated to 2gb of ram and either 32gb or 64gb of...

Privacy survey shows most people read the T&Cs, would sell their personal data

techspot 2022-9-21

analytics firm exploding topics which surfaces rapidly growing topics before they take off set out to discover just how much people were aware of the data tech giants held on them it surveyed 1 617...

Microsoft rolls out Windows 11 22H2 update with new Start menu, gaming, and security features

techspot 2022-9-21

the most noticeable changes the update brings are in the start menu some of which former windows 10 users will be happy to see being able to drag icons from the menu and drop them onto the taskbar...

AMD confirms big power-efficiency gains with RDNA3 GPUs coming November 3

techspot 2022-9-21

around the same time nvidia announced the price and launch dates of its new rtx 4000 series graphics cards this week amd confirmed it plans to reveal and launch its rdna3 gpus on november 3 the...

Nvidia wants to make modding ray tracing into classic games easier with RTX Remix, starting with Portal

techspot 2022-9-21

on tuesday nvidia unveiled rtx remix a platform to help modders add ray tracing features to directx 8 and directx 9 games the feature will also allow users to improve the textures of older games...

Nvidia DLSS 3 will provide up to four times more FPS, exclusive to RTX 40 series

techspot 2022-9-21

alongside the new rtx 40 series gpus nvidia also announced the third generation of its deep learning super sampling dlss technology which can deliver up to four times the performance compared to...

Wearables remain in a slump as global market continues to face lingering challenges

techspot 2022-9-20

idc believes slowing demand is a result of a combination of factors including fear surrounding recession rising inflation increased consumer spending in non tech categories and coming down from...

Spotify launches audiobook business with 300,000 titles and à la carte pricing

techspot 2022-9-20

books will show up in search and curated recommendations with a lock icon on the play button meaning they need to be bought in order to listen to

The Taliban is banning PUBG and TikTok in Afghanistan for being violent and immoral

techspot 2022-9-20

the ban is one of several implemented by the taliban since it returned to power in afghanistan in august last year following the collapse of the us backed government and the withdrawal of american...

This card could let users stream PC games to the Nintendo Switch

techspot 2022-9-20

at the 2022 tokyo game show tassei demonstrated a hardware attachment for streaming pc games to a nintendo switch over wi fi the device called the steam card looks promising but tassei still needs...

Take-Two floods internet with copyright strikes following GTA 6 leak

techspot 2022-9-19

the internet almost imploded yesterday when someone with the username teapotuberhacker who claims to be the same hacker behind the massive uber breach that occurred last week posted a slew of...

Massive GTA 6 leak with over 90 videos & screenshots posted online by the Uber hacker

techspot 2022-9-18

a zip file was posted to the gtaforums around five hours ago at the time of writing with the message here are 90 footage clips from gta 6 its possible i could leak more data soon gta 5 and 6 source...

PSVR 1 games will not work immediately on PSVR 2

techspot 2022-9-17

in 2016 sony released its first entry into the vr world with the psvr hoping to capture the same interest and excitement that competitors such as the oculus rift and htc vive had managed to find...

AT&T walks back promise to support 3.45GHz on older phones

techspot 2022-9-16

as ars technica recounts at t last month told cnet that it would be releasing a software update to allow select older handsets to leverage its newly acquired 3 45ghz c band spectrum

Google and the US government partner to make open source chips

techspot 2022-9-16

a new agreement between the us department of commerce and google could spark a surge of new chip designs and innovations according to the doc the google nist partnership answers one of the most...

Nike developed a robot to clean and repair worn out sneakers

techspot 2022-9-15

after loading a shoe into the machine it creates a 3d model to pinpoint areas on the upper the sidewalls and the outsole that need cleaning customers can also select patches to cover worn areas on...

Asrock launches 34-inch curved gaming monitor with built-in Wi-Fi antenna

techspot 2022-9-15

asrock has entered the gaming monitor market with two phantom gaming models the most interesting of these is the 34 inch pg34wq15r2b which follows in a long line of inspirational monitor names

Ethereum finally switches to proof-of-stake, ending GPU mining

techspot 2022-9-15

ethereum has finally switched its consensus mechanism from proof of work pow to proof of stake pos the upgrade known as the merge has been in the works for the better part of a decade and brings...

FIFA 23 and other EA titles will come with controversial "kernel-mode" anti-cheat software

techspot 2022-9-15

the latest game publisher to add kernel level cheat protections is ea the new ea anti cheat eaac debuts in the upcoming fifa 23 for pc later this month senior director of game security anti cheat...

Researchers publicly warn that multiple HP firmware vulnerabilities remain unpatched after a year

techspot 2022-9-14

at the black hat 2022 conference last month enterprise security firm binarly disclosed six tracked vulnerabilities in several hp product lines including elitebooks in a blog post last week it...

The US government is strengthening China export bans on chipmaking devices

techspot 2022-9-14

the biden administration is preparing new harsher restrictions against the chipmaking industry in china after a series of so called is informed letters sent earlier this year to a few us companies...

AI-generated images are drawing bans from some art communities

techspot 2022-9-13

last year newgrounds banned images created with artbreeder and recently revised their guidelines to prohibit ai generated art in its art portal the site did say that there are some use cases where...

Virtual computer built inside Minecraft can now play Minecraft

techspot 2022-9-13

last year sammyuri a minecraft redstone builder created a virtual computer inside minecraft using the power of redstone one of the more advanced elements in minecraft they were able to build an...

Magnetic levitation: Maglev car tests reach 140mph

techspot 2022-9-13

chinese media recently reported that a 2 8 ton car levitated 35mm above a modified section of highway in eastern china a separate test hit a maximum speed of 230kph about 143mph researchers think...

Hideo Kojima almost included a boss battle in Metal Gear Solid 3 that lasted two weeks

techspot 2022-9-13

as reported by kotaku the latest episode of did you know gaming discusses content that had been cut from the metal gear solid series based on old interviews and books it includes weapons that were...

Steam users warned of sophisticated browser-in-the-browser phishing attack

techspot 2022-9-13

the attacks highlighted by group ib via bleeping computer use the browser in the browser technique to make a phishing lure appear genuine the process starts when a target usually a competitive or...

Apple increases iPhone 14 battery replacement cost by 43%

techspot 2022-9-12

a battery replacement for the iphone se any generation is even cheaper at 49

Intel says Raptor Lake CPUs include chip with 6 GHz stock, have set 8 GHz overclocking world record

techspot 2022-9-12

team blue gave us a peek at raptor lake during the intel tech tour 2022 in israel one slide showed that intel is looking to beat rival amd in terms of clock speeds with raptor lake we know that the...