We try the Apple Vision Pro, and the biggest tech trends of 2024 | TechRadar Podcast

TechRadar is taking the tech chat that happens on our Zooms, at our desks, and in the halls, and moving it to an official space: The TechRadar Podcast.

We know, it's not the most original name, but this deep discussion among tech experts on topics ranging from CES 2024 highlights to AI and a live demo of Apple Vision Pro is the kind of insightful consumer electronics and technology commentary you come to TechRadar for each and every day (because we know you visit us constantly).

For this inaugural episode, we brought together team leaders for some of our biggest channels, including smart home expert and Managing Editor, Lifestyle Josephine Watson, Senior Phones Editor Alex Walker-Todd, the uber-fit Fitness, Wellness, and Wearables Editor Matt Evans, and podcast host and Editor at Large Lance Ulanoff. We're joined this week by @Thetechchap (we affectionately call him "Tech Chap" or "Tom").

00:00 intro
00:15 GUEST
01:10 Apple Vision Pro Case
02:46 Apple Vision Pro impressions
05:55 Apple Vision Pro used in a hospital
07:19 Apple Vision Pro straps - not so comfortable?
08:28 Josephine's first Apple Vision pro experience
11:39 WOW
12:45 Apple Vision Pro guest mode explained
16:55 Apple Vision pro availability in the UK
18:31 CES - Rabbit r1, BMW AR experience, smart lights
31:40 smart ring aimed fundamentally for women
35:10 creepy smart ring
35:45 Samsung Galaxy Ring - we tried it
57:05 The outlook