Bishop Mar Mari, also known as Mar Mari Emmanuel, is a prominent leader of an ultra-conservative sect of the Assyrian Orthodox Church [1]. He's based in Sydney, Australia.

Here's a summary of what we know about him:

* **Leader:** Bishop Mar Mari is a prominent figure within a specific branch of the Assyrian Orthodox Church.
* **Views:** He gained popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic for his critical stance on lockdowns and vaccines [1].
* **Recent Event:** Today, there were news reports of Bishop Mar Mari being stabbed during a live-streamed church service in Sydney. Thankfully, reports suggest his injuries are not life-threatening [2].

If you'd like to learn more about the attack, you can find news articles by searching for "Sydney church stabbing".
Public information currently available doesn't reveal the name of the attacker who stabbed Bishop Mar Mari [1, 2]. Investigations by law enforcement are likely ongoing, and releasing the suspect's name might be withheld for legal reasons.
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